[These pages concern interesting correspondence between our translators and project managers at KENAX, mostly concerning the famous Jade Dynasty translation project.]

English Translation Work French

Please find attached 2 more files.


received. There is no need to open a new ticket for each file, just that ticket got too long for y internet connection.

How did you delete the N/AAAAs? Replaced them with Empty space both in English and target?


Here the files for Issue resolving only.

16a 15 mins
16b 5 mins
16c 5 mins
16g 5 mins

” Okay, seems like you’ve got some files? perhaps we should assign some to others? This was in the beginning, before everyone started learning about the guidelines, so should probably be all proofread. hope there will be time for everything.

Here 19ef. 20 mins. 🙂


You spellcheck them faster then I open messages 🙂
and see you on Saturday evening. If I will finish before you message me, I will just upload here few files.



Files received, How is your availability tomorrow and day after tomorrow? I am expecting many files to return form vetting and they will all need to be spellchecked.

Please let me know.

” , once you’re finished with section 7 (minus bcd), can you continue with 1cd? I believe you should already have it, packed with 2-5. If not, let me know right away.

“:)But before for a rule, that upload of vetted you write with new ticket.
Yes, CTRL+F, search for N/AAAA and replace with nothing.



Well, just ended something today and nothing planned for the next 2 days, I’ll be glad to help.

Kind Colmant


Ok, I’m about to finsih the last 7-file and will deal with 1cd straight afterwards.


Ulrich, can you fix/translate the file I attached and then upload it to the Translation site? The translator has stupidly messed up the tags and it will be hard work to fix it. Hope you can do it fast.

The translation site is

and the password is 001



I am available to proof files.


I just wanted to let you know that I did not spellcheck the last file I sent (17 repetitions). I was asked not to translate untranslated segments, and spellchecking with the English text would have been too time consuming.


Yeah, we have work. Can you proofread 10f and 10h for us?
Same site.





how about 17 reps? I put you name up on GS for that file.


Ok, I´ll start tomorrow morning.


Hi Karel

I just uploaded 17 repetitions and I sent you an email with the details regarding this file.


I have uploaded all the files to the server, except comments to the one of them. I will do it in the morning. Ready for new tasks.
I have also done the hour report. Do you need it now or should I send it to you later?



Some more spellchecked files.
In 15n some of the English words “Quest” were left as “quest” in the German text, which is very odd, because it is a dictionary word. I have translated them. I hope that was ok.

15m 10 mins
15n 15 mins
11i 20 mins
11j 10 mins

” If you got a message asking you translate a file, sorry, discard it. False alarm.

I only received your message tonight, so I will work on the file tomorrow morning, hope that’s still good.

Best Uli” Of course. Thanks.

“The last ones of today’s batch!

20 mins together.

Good night 🙂

” Yes, that’s an awful lot, especially if they all need to be proofread thoroughly, and as I’m not sure how much time I’ll be able to spend on proofing tomorrow (I usually don’t work Saturdays)… I’ll do my best and let you know. ”

Your files for today are

Please be careful, these are very important files.
I think in one of them you may see /r in the middle of the sentences. /r means “line break” in the game code. It means that if you have a sentence:
Every day I really/rlike to go to school/rand meet my friends.
It will eventually look in the game like this:
Every day I really
like to go to school
and meet my friends.

For this reason there are usually no spaces around the /r. But see according to the source. The /r should be located in the sentence like in English: If there are 3 of the /r located in an English sentence, they should be 3 in target, and similarly distributed. I don’t want you to check the meaning, but just see that if they split the English sentence to 3 parts, that it’s similar in target, and not like this:
Every day I really like to go to school and meet my friends./r/r/r
This may happen only of translator did not work correctly with tags during the translation stage. In such case leave a comment and try to distribute the /rs yourself. If not sure, leave a comment for proofreader.

But it’s only few segments, these are easy files.

Please confirm.



Files received. Please let me know how is your availability for today. Whatever gets assigned today needs to be done immediately. So let me know when do you have time.

One more thing. If you find + (plus) marks in the files, you should list them in the issue table, not only in the sheet itself. They are very important and go to second proofreading. It should be organized.


Thank you for letting me know.


I have received files.


Is it right translation
And if in french text a dot should be placed after MIN and MAX…because in some cells it is used, and in other-not. I’m not sure what should be corrected.
” Tefack, how’s your progress on 18b?

” another question…
I don’t know what LV in English means, so I’m not sure if it is command or not and therefore if it can be translated into NV or not.


LV=level, in French niveu. So NV is correct.
ATK is attack, in French attaque, and ATQ is correct. These things are not commands, but abbreviations of some game parameters (level, attack power etc) and the SHOULD be translated.
As to periods after min and max – I don’t know. Probably it is not so important. I see that there is only one sentence where it is without a period, so I guess add there a period.
Here ar some of the common abbreviations in French:



Level – Niveau

Stun Res – Res. Etourdir
Paralyze Res – Res. Paralysie
Sleep Res – Res. Sommeil
Weaken Res – Res. Affaiblir
Silence Res. – Res. Silence


I have finished vetting
” How are you for files ? Will you need more soon?

This could prove to be a lengthy procedure (not sure yet). Is it going to be invoiced like a new translation?


if a translator did not follow the guidelines and did something wrong, your charge may be fully deducted from their amount. It also tax our resources just to have to manage something like this.
But I see you are charging 30$/hour. Okay, I will try to get someone else to do this. Sorry. Training my crew at the moment.


It would be very good to arrange things like this beforehand. I had already started working on this file, was just wondering, so I dropped this message in between asking if it’s going to be regarded as a new translation.
Next time, please make sure to make absolutely everything 100 % clear right from the beginning to avoid situations like this.


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