[These pages concern interesting correspondence between our translators and project managers at KENAX, mostly concerning the famous Jade Dynasty translation project.]

French Files Instructions Word

So here is the answer – ignore it. If in English for some reason there are « » around some word, and in French they are same – don’t change. But as usual quote marks in the files ordinary “” can be used.

Next, I asked about conversions – in some files translators converted yards, inches etc. to centimeters and meters. I asked what is the common agreement about it. Here is the answer.

In France we use metric values so miles, inches, yards, etc. don’t mean anything for us. I have seen the conversions too and I don’t really know what to think.

Basically we are forced to use “meters” instead of “yards”, etc.

Anyway, as usual we can prevent any trouble by keeping consistency: either we convert all the amounts like 1,09 yards become 1 meter or we just convert all the metric units like 1 yard becomes 1 meter. The important thing is to avoid doing both. As long as we stick with either one or the other we should be fine with the quest instructions.

So I would summarize it like this – since there are many non metric measurements, and not all of them correspond to metric system, i.e. if yard is quite close to meter, inch is not close to cm, and 100 inches are NOT one yard, it makes more sense to mathematically convert, just how did translators in few files. So if you see numbers, you can take a fast look that they were converted and not just word yard/inch was replaced by meter/cm.



Your hours are reasonable.
But we usually pay every two weeks, not every two days. Unless it is very crucial for you. My request was for hours report, not for an invoice.
Please let me know if it is ok for you to get paid once in two weeks.

PS: got the file, I am waiting for proofread files, today during the day I will get them.

” Of course I could get paid like usual, once in two weeks. I just didn’t know the procedure. by the way, do you want me to do a hour report and send it to you? and I want to know if it’s alright to use decimal in hours like I used in the invoice. ”

files received.

As to “what proofreaders are telling” – it is usually reflected in my comments. Right now I have only one translator for German who makes sure to inform me about things, for French I am still looking for this kind of bright person. So I usually just scroll down the files to see what changed – and comment here accordingly.


I just wanted to let you know that I have finished installing Transit and reading the instructions.

Also, I forgot to share this information with you : I will be translating documents only into French so no need to send me instructions for the german language!!



My apologies. There is a link to the recent French guidelines in the “useful links” document.
You can ask Karel for files.



You wrote in your application that you have some IT knowledge. Can you please let me know details? We have other work, but it requires fast and extensive learning as well as being comfortable with technical issues.


yes, of course.
I majored in Information Technology for two years at a private school. And passed the exams from NCC education LTd, Uk. I’m holding two diplomas.

IDCS (International Diploma in Computer Studies)
IADCS (International Advanced Diploma in Computer Studies)

So, I have general knowledge about electronic commence, programming, Business communication and Business organization and networking.

Please find more information about the diplomas at


ok, thanks.
1.One clarification about brackets.
I meant also < >. In the way as they are.
You can see my doubts from the file German 18j, line 142 and other.
I think there were just issue.
So, question, should the text in those remain untranslated?

2. We will accept quotations marks, but do we have to check on spaces around them, as for ?,! and other usual for French.

3. Any special requirement for translator? Cause I have friend of my, she is French, a student. I think she is study on language course or some thing like that. If you want I can ask her.

4.I am out of work.


I have some complicated computer work I could use your help with. Would you be available? Please email me directly at [email protected].

Your name
Your website



1. Yes, here these are brackets. I think that in these segments yes, to translate. But I will not remove the red marking and will let translator take a look. The untranslatable strings are either surrounded with &word& or like this: $word.

2. No. No spaces. Again, in one file I saw some special characters in the source with French quotes and spaces, in this case we keep same thing in the French.

3. We need like hell French translators, but – they must be native in French; available full and over full time in the next two weeks; have quite a low rate as it’s a budget project; to pass a small sample submission. If your friend is native in French+full time available starting immediately, you can paste me here her rate and if it’s good enough, I will give you a link to the sample submission.

4. I hope you mean you’re just taking a break, not that you are quitting, are you?


Dear, .
I came up this one idea:
What if you put me and
to work in pair?
What do I mean is that if you assign me with 2 files I can do them and when sent to
to re-vet.
Same for
In the more or less free days we can do it.
That will give us:
-saving time for training things for me and for
, because you don’t have to write both of us separately if you find something wrong.
-double check on thing, so you likely will receive much better quallity.
-we will be able to resolve many thing within ourselves in the conversation, because two head is always better then one.

Please let me know about this idea.


No, no 🙂
I am not on a break and definitely I am not quitting 🙂
What I was telling is that I have no files to do.

My friend is native French.

I ll ask her.

About : 2. No. No spaces. Again, in one file I saw some special characters in the source with French quotes and spaces, in this case we keep same thing in the French.

Please let me know the line and file to better understand.


Okay, you calmed me down 🙂

Look you did great work on files 18h and j, but 18b just doesn’t want to get back to me. You left there most of the cells without adding line breaks, and I just don’t have time to do it. Please add line breaks, I know it’s annoying seeing this file again, but what can I do.

I did until line 69, please continue from there.

And for some reason, I can’t download the comments file to it. All others – no problem, this one no. please attach the comments again.


Sorry to bother you again. I’m working on a different file, and am unsure about something, which isn’t that clear (to me) from the instructions.

If, for example, you have a segment that looks like this in the original:

<><><>Nestun<>Tai Chi Sutra

Should it be translated as:

<><>Sutra de tai chi <>Nestun<>

or some other way? I’m having a hard time figuring out where exactly the code is supposed to go, i.e. if ‘Nestun’ needs to stay in between code indicators or not, in this case.

Any clarification you can provide on this matter would be greatly appreciated. I read the relevant section in the instructions, of course, but I am still unsure.



I knew those line break will back to me and bite me straight into my neck!
I was wrong , when I thought I can recognize them.
Input line does not help at all.
I am attaching a small file for you.
One column is wrapped, another with added line breaks.But you see no difference in the input line.
I have been trough the search in the internet and Help, but all I got it is /n combination to search for break lines.
But problem is that it marked all cell and you can hardly understand where exactly the break was.
I have compared you correction and seen what you have done.
Logically, it is possible to understand where it should be.
So I ll do it.

The comments to the 18b are also attached.


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