[These pages concern interesting correspondence between our translators and project managers at KENAX, mostly concerning the famous Jade Dynasty translation project.]

German English Words

I would like to assign you the next assignment. Not vetting this time.

What i would like you to do, is to go over ALL English origins files, and prepare for me a table with all files which contain many tags, strings and game commands.

In many cases game strings and commands are adjacent to words. When the file is spellchecked, Excel marks these kind of “glued” words as misspelled.

If you will paste these words to Word, you will see that it marks them misspelled.

Please take as example files 17s and 17t, 18b, 18h.

Please go all over the files, and write out for me all names of files which contain such MULTIPLE problematic strings. Most of the files can have few strings, but I mean really difficult files like ones mentioned above.

These files you will list will be sent for different spellchecking procedure then the normal files.

Please let me know if you understand what I mean.


Ok, I have checked on the instruction of Karel.
This is the point I was worried about.
Sometimes /r is a sign of a line break. But :
“Note: You will notice that some cells have line breaks without using \r. The number of line breaks in these cells must be kept the same or else errors will be produced.”.

This from instruction and please check out on File German 18b (vetted), line 3. Text starts differently(in the source first goes an empty line).

And line 55, please have a look at line 4th of the cell 55 in the target. Can you see the difference?
And breaking of line you wont see in the input line, at least I cant.

I think it needs formatting.To keep the same starting lines.



I will train you, I am checking if we can pay to Webmoney with foreign credit card or bank account. I haven’t found this information on the English site of Webmoney.

Once I’m sure, I will message you. If you know yourself how it works, please let me know.


I forgot to mention, that for the spellchecking we recommend either to copy out the English if you are doing it in Excel, or to copy the French to Word – to speed up the process.

Additionally, when done please let me know of your hours.



I hope you received my response about your hours in the other ticket.
As to Chinese characters – ignore them, but if they are in the middle of the sentence just see that they are located same as in english.


I thought I sent you a message on CS.

In any case, I uploaded files for your reference to the translators file server (from which you usually download your assigned files).

Go to the server -> folder “FTP” -> subfolder “Files for repairing”. Your file is Proofread_and_compaired_8g.rar.

It contains the proofread file in excel format and a word file where are visible changes which the proofreader made.

I hope it helps.


Please let me know If I should mark plus in the cases like :

^ffcb4a+1%%(same English and German)example you can find:
German 18h , line 7.

or : “Staub der Leere+1” german and “Dust of Void+1”.

In the German 18h, line 13.

Please note ,that those files (18 h, j) were not proofread yet.


Can I know where what country are you situated in now?

This is for question to the tech.upport of Webmoney team.
I can start working today at 11 GMT. Till then I think we can figure out how I’m gonna get paid.


thanks for the files.
Can you explain me again what CS is ? I think I never received all the instructions messages, because at the beginning they were forwarded to me by my associate.
Many thanks anyway



Can you please also confirm that period after max “max.” it is a usual way in German.


As far as I understand the tech.support you can supplement your account in your country and then send WMZ to me.


Please remind me about “-.”. Somehow I think that I can correct these things by myself, but I hardly can found from where I am knowing that.
Can you please confirm whether should I correct it myself with deleting or should I mark it for proofreader.


I’m ready to start traning, I’m providing you with a link which may help you.
Actually I never did it before, so I don’t have enough information about transactions and payments. If you have any difficulty in using this service/payment, please let me know which is more preferable for you and I’ll make a research to understand if it is avaliable in my country, I think it will be easier.
Regards, Mary


I will take a look on everything, only I would like you to look again on file 9b.

It was full of hyphens mess. There is a reason for that – translators did not follow instructions. But all I did was just Ctrl+F for –, and asked to replace with -. And run this command over the file until no double-triple hyphens were left.
It resolved 70% of the locations where you marked “hyphen”.

I would like you to resolve this kinds of things yourself when possible.

All is left to do is to go over the file again and to spot the remaining strange ones. What is clearly “lost” – to delete, if extra spaces between hyphen and words – to correct, what is not sure (hyphens turned to dashes etc) – to comment.

I send the partially corrected file back – please go over it and leave as few comments as possible. I did until line 131.


It is not a strict rule in this case. German words separated by hyphen are usually capitalized and don’t have a space between them and hyphen. 90% of double hyphens are from mistakes of translators. Unless there is a double hyphen in source. Whatever looks like normal German is probably a normal German. These kinds of decisions we can take ourselves.
In some cases it is not perfectly clear it the hyphen is on the right place or not. You can go over the 131 lines I corrected and see what I left and what non.


Please mark red, and see how is in other cells.
I have to re-vet over 10 files today, and I am a bit behind schedule. Try to do as much as you can.


On one side /r is normal – it means line break in the game commands. On the other side I thought Karel had filtered them out. If you can work with them – you can, just make sure that you don’t add extra space after the /r. If it is disturbing, you can write to Karel and ask him to filter it out for you.

To help you decide about formal-informal I attach a similar commands file (proofread in excel). May-be it can help you decide.



I had read this. Unfortunately it does not state clearly if the bank account can be foreign. I don’t know where else can I read about this.


CS=Communication System. You login with

_K and password is your last name.

I attach useful links page, there is a link to CS.


I’m ready for a work!


If you mean where are located bank accounts which would finance the wallets, I believe there is an account in European Union, I think Czech Republic. Is it possible to open a WBZ account in EU?


— everything is formal in the file you sent me. So I will do the same and keep it consistent.


What is WBZ? If you meant WMZ than yes! Tech.staff told me “you can open an account even at USA and put money in with a credit card.”


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