[These pages concern interesting correspondence between our translators and project managers at KENAX, mostly concerning the famous Jade Dynasty translation project.]

Instructions French German Translator

I understood from your and other translators’ feedback to the proofreader’s comments that the capitalization issue requires more clarification and examples. I am going to request that from the Lead Translator today.

I will let you know when guidelines will be updated.

” thanks! ”

Let me try access your questions one by one.

1. There is a male character named You in several files. When it’s just a “you”, you translate it as Ihr etc, how was agreed in the German guidelines (please download from CS).

2. You obviously do experience problems with hyphens. From now on, whenever you want to insert a hyphen, insert either “.hhh.” or “°°°“. In both cases you can record a macro to insert it in one click. We will replace them back with hyphens on the proofreading stage.

Usually, we do not recommend deactivating tag protection, but it can be done to fix the hyphens. Go to View->Display/Hide Attributes->Display Full Tags + “deactivate tag protection”. Correct the hyphens, and IMMEDIATELY deselect “deactivate tag protection” and switch to “short tags” view.

Just please make sure that you don’t begin translating with the tags unprotected.

To record a macro you go to Options->Record macro->Choose the keyboard shortcut and macro name-> go to target segment and type .hhh. -> go back to Options ->Stop recording macro.

Yes, it’s not easy to switch to Transit from Trados. Take your time and ask me here anything that concerns you.



That is very good indeed.
Please find bellow Transit installation instructions and mass-e-mail updates sent recently by Karel. There may be issues which do not appear in the main instructions.
Recently, arose issue of capitalization of terms in French translation. To your attention, only proper names should be capitalized.

Once you have Transit installed, please address Karel directly and request to assign you files.


Welcome to our team. Here you can address me with any questions, Transit issues etc.
I do not have any experience with Apple computers, so the only thing I can do is to forward the short beginners guide we prepared. I guess you will need to experiment little to find alternatives to the usual short cuts. If you already have Transit installed, you can skip the first part.

The other file contains mass mails Karel sent with various updates.


I do not know if inserting hyphens solves the problem. You can tell if it does, if when you Alt+Ins, the hyphen doesn’t disappear/become a tag. In any case, replacing hyphens with .hhh. or “°°°“ is suitable and easy to do. You can record a macro for that, so that you will be able to insert with only one click.
To record a macro you go to Options->Record macro->Choose the keyboard shortcut and macro name-> go to target segment and type .hhh. -> go back to Options ->Stop recording macro.

Let me know if this helps.


Are you a French or German translator?

There is a file 9t.u in the German section.
Please let me know ASAP if you are a French translator.


sorry I forgot this detail : I am a French translator.

I already got the answer from Karel.



Thank you very much for your prompt reply and the documents. I will read these instructions and hope that it will answer all my questions, which are quite many.



It would help if you let me know into which language will you be translating. There are detailed guidelines for each language.

Please let me know if it’s German or French.


You send the finalized files to Karel. If you have any comments to the file, Glossary issues and so forth, you can upload a word file here for me, and i will forward it to the lead translator.


Sorry, it’s German.


Thank you so much for you help.
Well, now there’s something left I’m a bit confused about.
When translating Transit it automatically puts the words that previously have already been translated into the target window… Okay, fine so far.

Now the thing is, that all the words that contain a Hyphen show a tag instead of a Hyphen… Do I always have to “deactivate tag protection” in order to fix them? This problem is throughout the entire text.
What also makes me confused is, when I select “Display Full Tags”, those tags (that actually should be Hyphens) become Hyphens again. But as soon as I deselect “Display Full Tags” it shows the tags again… So the Hyphens seem to be there but “hidden” in/behind the tags.
Well, I hope I don’t have to switch between selecting and deselecting “Display Full Tags” to fix the Hyphen-problem every time I come across a word that contains a Hyphen.

Thank you very much!


Thank you very much.
I have been selected for the language combination Eng-Fr.

Here are my answers to your questions:

– Tags represent commands (software) or other special characters (script), for instance numerical values, which are part of the video game.
They are protected and mean, for instance, that the word they surround should appear in a different font (or in bold…).
These tags should always be placed around the same word(s) within the sentence, event if the word order is different in the target language.

– In case I’m not sure of a translation/segment/section/phrase etc., I can skip it (only if it’s really too difficult) by NOT pressing ALT INS in order that the segment is marked as “not translated” and can be forwarded to someone else.
I can also try to translate it and add a + sign after the word(s) I’m not totally sure of.

– The style should be formal and neutral (glossary for the gender of items & skills).

– Text limitation means that the text is limited in lengh (number of characters). Certain cells need to have the same number of lines in the source and target languages. Names of people are limited to 31 characters and the NPC texts are limited to 255 characters.

For any questions or issues, I can always contact you to discuss the matter and/or propose a personnal solution, as long as everyone follows the same instructions and that the client has been informed and confirmed the proposition.

I hope everything is clear.
I would also have a few questions for you:
– We aren’t supposed to translate anything inside the brackets? (I will see when I start translating, but I would not have thought that the client would want that…)
– How many other translators are working on this project?
– If I understood correctly “Jade Dynasty Ascension” is the second game (equivalent of “Jade Dynasty 2”) but has the first version been translated or not? If yes, where is it possible to see/play the French version of the first “Jade Dynasty”?
– I’ve downloaded and installed the game, but I couldn’t try it yet because the servers seem to be totally inactive… do you perhaps know what I can do to play the game?

I hope I will be able to play soon to discover the game a little more 🙂



So many names may be confusing! I’m glad you found the right one :-)))
had uploaded a new file with comments to glossary proposals, the grand majority were yours, so please take a look.


You can start very soon – the project is in progress. There are two steps you need to pass before you can be assigned any files – familiarizing fith project instructions and installing Transit.

The next step for translators is to read all the project instructions we have online and to answer the orientation questions on the bottom of the first page.

Instructions and information on the project online:
Main menu – summary and links to instructions on all relevant subjects:

Additional details (when you follow links in Main Menu, that’s where you get): http://001yourtranslationservice.com/translations/projects/2010/01.31_English-to-French-and-German-details2.html

New instructions (when you follow links in Main Menu, that’s where you get): http://001yourtranslationservice.com/translations/projects/2010/10001/video-game-translation_new-instructions.html#New_glossary_instructions

Help with Transit: http://001yourtranslationservice.com/translating/translation-tips/working-with-Transit-PE.html

Since you did not inform me what is your target language, I insert info for both German and French. Of course, you need to read only the one which refers to your target language:

French-specific guidelines: http://001yourtranslationservice.com/translations/projects/2010/10001/video-game_French-localization-guidelines.html

German specific guidelines are attached.

Once you are done reading, please post you answers here. I will check (I do it immediately) that the key issues are clear. Then I will post you the download and the step-by step instruction for Transit we’ve prepared.


I just got your answer to the other ticket. I will send the file to Karel again — sorry for any inconvenience. Will you forward the above comments on file 11d to the lead translator? In the future, I will attach text files, so they will be easier to handle for you.


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