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Payment for your Translation Articles

Do you have some translating tips in your language combination(s) which you would like to share with others? Or perhaps some amusing translation related stories you would like to tell? Even some previous translations into English (if not translation related, then at least interesting)! Post such text on our site and and we will link to your pages from it to help increase traffic to your website..

Search engine optimization is the main way we look for customers. You can check out the link to the left to see how well we are successful at this. Having links to your CV or webpages from a high traffic website relating to translations can greatly benefit your rankings and help you find your own customers.

If you have anything you would like to submit to us, just send it to us by email. It can be in almost any format, as we will convert it ourselves for the web. Right now we are mostly interested in articles written in English, but other languages are also possible.

translating agency