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Marketing Job Position

As explained in this following link, KENAX Global operates on a central server and virtual office, where many project managers from different time zones can log in and help make things run efficiently 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We communicate with all our translators in English, but such a system cuts us off from providing our services to clients who prefer not to communicate in English. For this purpose we are looking for representatives for each language. Someone who would approach such companies from a marketing point of view and be responsible for communicating with them in their own language. They would translate the customers' concerns to us, we would get the job done, and this representative would handle all communication necessary with the customer.
In line with our usual strategy to remain competitive, we are looking for such representatives in less expensive countries. You do not need to be a native speaker of the language(s) you will be communicating in, but your written level of that language should at least sound professional and serious, and we will certainly test you in this.
Our proposal is something in the order of 3$/hour as a base salary for the general communication part, and 6$ an hour while looking for customers. Plus internet expenses if they are not too much. For both positions you would not get paid until you actually find some work for us, so this position would be a longer term investment, and something you can do on the side with a present job. If you prove yourself capable as a project manager, we can also offer you that position. Otherwise, if you find us a lot of work, we can also discuss the possibility of you earning a percentage of that.
Basically you would be collecting email addresses of companies located in countries where they speak the language you can handle. We would use our translators to prepare a well sounding approach letter, and set up an email address for you on our server so that you could deal with your customers directly.

translating agency