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well, I think it would not be difficult for me to find examples of good humans who have done good, but I don't think there would be too much sense pulling examples out of a hat. All I can say is that I'm glad I left Prague because it was making me jaded. People seemed to be getting increasingly selfish, inflated, uncaring, gossipping, and all sorts of qualities I found rather repulsive. I'm glad I've gotten a taste of the muslim world because people down here seem normally genuine and caring. Not overtly, but normally, and its nice. I also feel that God has blessed me with a compassionate and caring heart. If I did not have that I would probably be just as jaded and synical etc. as the rest. I crossed the border recently to the Greek side of Cyprus and it is like night and day when comparing the people. I think the consumerism of the west has made people more selfish, with new technology creating within them a demand of instant gratification - the "right here, right now" generation. It is the natural human and animal instinct for self preservation which is creating all the greed and destruction of the planet, against God's prescribed way. I agree with you that people are like a virus and could be eradicated. I find myself a greater lover of trees than of people. Anyway, God has also given me a conviction for and sense of justice and I'll try to do what I can, no matter how small. I wouldn't be able to enjoy my life so much if I just went on "business as usual" while knowing that my free reign and uncaring consumption is contributing to the destruction of nature or to the suffering of people in the third world. But its been interesting discussing! If I find a nice island somewhere with genuine caring people, I'll invite you and hopefully cleanse off some of that poopy Prague jadedness. Took me a few years to get that poison out of my system.


There is nothing wrong with the world. Take a look. The world is a fantastic and beautiful place. It's the humans that are fcking it up. fck “global warming”. Humans are destroying what there is. End of discussion. Human rights. What is that shit? No, seriously. Humans first had religion. "god, gave us the planet, so we can do what we want with it." And now humans have invented for themselves "human rights" Humans have NO rights. Tell me why they should. I expect what humans mean, when the talk about "human rights" is their own rights not to be exploited by other humans, while they themselves are allowed to exploit any thing they want. That is wrong. That does not make sense. And another thing. Try name me ONE good thing humans have ever done. I will quantify that with. Name me something good humans have done for non humans. So shit like, finding a cure for cancer is out. Also you cannot use something like, Oh humans have saved the rare/endangered Patagonian blue legged frog. A. Because there is no such thing and B. the fcker shouldn't be endangered in the first place! So, go on name me something good humans have done. EVER. Humans are a cancer. Humans need to be culled. In this, it is very probable that Nature WILL take it's course. Humans have to go. Simple as that. Now. Whether it is by humans own hand or not, is somewhat immaterial, no? If the rich do it? Or Nature? fck Humans. They are scum.  There is not much I can add to that. Happy New Year. S.




I understand the feeling of isolation, but in many ways, it is self imposed in my case. I like to be alone. Of course, I like to hang out, but my favorite moments are the retreat into myself.


Happy new year to you too dude. Actually got drunk that night, which is becoming a rather rare occasion.

Yah, I enjoyed bringing people together. Kind of felt like a big family, not sure. But the last few years before I left, perhaps it was paranoia, but just wasn't into it so much. Seemed like people just cared about each other less or something. Maybe it was my perception, don't know. But the magic years was definitely nice.

Freedom of thought? Sometimes I wonder where my thoughts come from. Thoughts popping into my head as if from outside myself, and I only make the decision if I go for it or not. We could become slaves to our own frustrations. The more I learn the more I think I'm better off assuming I know nothing, and just keep learning like a little baby.

Well, took me a while to respond to your email. Didn't really know what to say. Hopefully this isn't an overly shoddy and pathetic attempt. latergator


What frightens me the most now is the world's militarization and the economy's dependence on conflict. The world is a powder keg with psychopaths at the button. Even amongst friends it is difficult to get fair, un-gossiped, treatment. Why do people continue to sabotage each other? For a long time I thought that we could liberate ourselves through knowledge or music or the arts but then I found that there are few people less politicized than "artists" or "intellectuals" for that matter. Is there any real freedom beyond personal and private contemplation? My thoughts are whole in themselves, legitimate, and don't need third party verification. At the same time I try to respect other people's beliefs as long as they are not using them to reduce me in some way. I know that you were always very social in Prague and tried to bring people together. I had so many good times at your place or playing volleyball, etc. I miss those days in Prague even though there were lots of people who did not treat me as fairly as you did, especially in the music scene or my stint at the University of New York where I was fired, reasons unstated, shortly after 9/11. Paranoia is one of the reasons I try to rely on my true thoughts. If we base any behavior or opinion on unverifiable information then we may always be disappointed when it contradicts our reality. This turns into superstition where we re-create what we have been taught or taught ourselves to believe. Happy New Year!




> > When you think about it, it's almost like DUH. You'd think the

> government was

> > behind a cover up and I think it would be impossible for at least

> some scientists to

> > consider this effect.


well sure but when some lone person somewhere makes a theory, if it goes against industry, then everyone will toe the corporate line and deny it, or try to cover it up. Because in the end the vast bulk of scientific development is funded by industry. Then, 15 or 25 years later when the truth is undeniable that person looks like a total genius. Doesn't help at the time though. Its happened so often through history I can't even count.


> > That entire system needs to be changed: the strong bond between

> politics

> > and the lobby groups needs to be severed; the industrial military

> machine needs to

> > be bound under scrutinising chains; and there needs to be set up

> some third party

> > organisation which will study what is best for society and promote

> it. Instead of

> > the media brainwashing us to spend and consume more, there should

> be shows

> > and advertisements encouraging people to go for walks in the

> forest, bike to work,

> > help out their neighbour, send some money to Africa, etc. etc.

> Right now it is just

> > a rampant capitalist system where those with money have free reign

> to stupidify

> > everyone into overconsuming the planet, to make the rich boys

> richer.


yeah that's totally true. My personal opinion is that it won't change until either growing soy beans becomes more lucrative than cows (which is entirely possible, there is a lot of change going on in agriculture) or until there is such a fundamental shift in the economics of the entire planet that the 'old boys' (oil, beef, cars, etc.) lose their power.


I've been reading recently about genetically modifying agriculture so that it can grown in saltier water. Or heck, what's wrong with seaweed? It is so full of healthy stuff, and the entire ocean can become our farm. I think technology will be developing at an increasingly faster rate and changes will become faster and more radical. But I guess human greed will capitalise on certain technological advances faster than the good that can come out of it. Just look at the genius Einstein who truly thought that nuclear power can or will be used for peaceful means.


Which is also happening. The US auto industry received a bailout, but it is in order to enact an "organized bankruptcy" rather than to help revitalize the industry. Which I think is good,


Yah, time to shift energy elsewhere. like convert roads to biking lanes. I guess there has to be a slow shift towards green, and the government has to think of ways to tax people other than on gas, cigarettes and alcohol. And people should shift away from consuming everything to death to fund the factories to give themselves jobs, and towards less consumption and self sustaining, local contributing green cottage industries or something like that.


I think the basis of the problem - as you say - is greed. Having an economy based on buying ever bigger and newer homes and cars is bound to collapse eventually. Sooner or later maximum density is achieved, and there is nowhere to go but down. This has happened, but the reason we are seeing such a drastic decline now is because in 2004 and 2005 the spike in home building, buying and prices was so exaggerated because everyone wanted to get their little piece. I hate using cliches, but the 'bubble' was overblown by so many people adding their little bit of air that when it burst it blew big. The fundamental problem is, and I think it is not over, is that the US is the paradigm. People around the world look there and want to live that way. So the things that the US, and the UK before them, did to get rich and powerful are being emulated. But the fact that those things are wrong and bad remains; deforestation, slavery, corruption, pollution, deliberately creating an underclass in order to have an endless supply of cheap labour, war, etc.


Well, not sure anyone was deliberately creating an underclass but that the smarter or more sly, bigger bastards and starving ambitious lot clawed their way to greater fame and wealth, while the meeker and content with simple things were simply left behind. I agree with capitalism because it motivates people and can lead to experimentation and new ideas, but it should be combined responsibly with socialism, like Canada, vs. the states. And it should be applied on a global basis, otherwise the factories just move to places they can pollute and exploit the people. The world is just getting to small for all of us and it is time to create a world government, social standards across borders, etc. etc. And fair trade. endless discussion. Hope I can contribute some good and help the process towards better.


Change is coming slowly and inevitably. It would be less painful if those in power now just gave way gracefully, acknowledging the relentless tide of the future, but they will not. They will fight to keep their backward vision alive as long as possible.


Or they will be like the communists in Russia and Czech, who use their influence, power and money to stay on top, and shift with the times. The little people will always remain that way, even in times of great upheavel and social revolution.


Wood fibre from residue and biomass waste is going to replace cotton as the main source of textiles and cloth, for example. The discovery that growing cotton is just so much more expensive AND taxing on the soil, while new developments in technology makes wood residue (this is not forests, mind you, this is the fall down at the mill and what is left behind after logging) actually BETTER for such uses than cotton. Cedar chips, for example, are already the #1 choice for surgical gowns.


Heck, and let's get back to the discussion of hemp. 5 times greater yield in five months on the same plot of land as trees can produce during their 60 year lifecycle. That was an interesting and quite believable conspiracy theory how the industry at the time (in conjunction with their buddies who owned the media) successfully created a religious scare away from dope. This crop can potentially save the planet. Big long list of reasons. But also dope smokers tend to think more and become anti establishment. But I think the anti-industry reasons prevailed at the time.


> > Yes, infrasture investments can be lofty, but do we really need

> all those roads?


Well I wish we really didn't but for now we do. Plus it is going to be infrastructure spending that will save the economies of countries around the planet, most notably the US, Canada and China. Its what finally ended the Great Depression, except that time it took 30 years to put into place. This time they are doing it right now, in order to create real jobs and stimulate business for manufacturers and suppliers of all kinds.


Yah, studied some of that in economics and looks like they are using classic Keynesian demand side economics to spend the way out of the depression. They're learning. I just believe Greenspan. Thing should just pan out. Will dip down for a while, but not the end of the universe. Things don't ALWAYS have to be going up.


> > Furthermore, as a tech-head, I'm interested in developments and I

> definitely see a

> > shift in that direction. Perhaps combine with wind power. You

> could

> > have shipping lanes between all these farms, and the whales could

> go to the

> > surface without problems. This is just an example. Quite

> interesting concepts are

> > on the table and much of it seems feasible. The technology will

> enable it to

> > become profitable.


There's problems with those too, most specifically with harnessing the ocean currents. It turns out the windmill things cause massive problems with ocean life. There is a plan to put some turbines in at the Bay of Fundy, to generate electricity from those huge tide movements without harming ocean life.


I hear a radical theory that industry is already working towards mining the move. Helium 3 I think it is. Billions of years of sun radiation soaking into the soil. One ton of that shit can apparently power a major city for a year or something. Should be economically profitable in about 20 years. Lots of stuff will probably start to happen, and should be interesting.


> > We just need to get away from stinky gas and coal, and

> > clearing too many forests. I think the simple act of lining all

> streets with trees and

> > planting grass on every roof would make a radical difference.


Yeah that is starting to happen. Planting native weed species on city roofs for example. But again the problem is the idiots already in place in government license offices, the builders etc. Remember when we were on the dinner cruise, and coming into the harbour Vladimir and Mirek were talking about the new addition to the Convention Centre? it has that kind of roof, three different kinds of native seaside weeds have been planted, it will keep that huge flat roof from reflecting heat, it will help insulate the building, it is extremely low maintenance, it has a system to gather the grey water then use it to water the weeds during dry summer months, etc etc. It looks pretty from above etc etc. its a win-win. Those two fckers were going on and ON about how stupid an idea it is. Because they are looking backwards, and relate it to old efforts to plant grass on roofs with goats grazing on them. Lots of problems happened with that, but this is not the same thing at all. The YWCA on Burrard St. planted low maintenance vegies and was able to keep one of the food banks downtown, or soup kitchens or whatever, fully stocked all summer. So its not a stupid idea at all and more cities around the world are doing it.


Or just the fact that global warming is caused to a large degree by these monolith concrete jungles which reflect the sun and the pavement emanates massive heat. Dome shaped rooves are apparently much better. I think planting trees on ever street and grass on every roof should do an amazing difference. Just in terms of heat reflection, and I'm not even talkin about pollution absorption and oxygen generator man! Or I guess conversion of CO2 to oxygen.


> > We've hit our limit on this planet and naturally now there will be

> this big shift and

> > trend towards conservation, new technologies, and new ways of

> doing things.


The unfortunate thing is that humanity is stupid and often not forward looking. We only change when our previous way of being becomes impossible. Like when the industrial revolution collapsed, it didn't mean the end of industry it just meant the end of the way they were doing it at the time. But it didn't end until people were dying in factories and from the coal smoke and from overwork . . . until it became economically unfeasible to continue the old way.


I guess one of the problems is that, who is going to forward think, and then enact it? If any politician came along with great ideas and said we should start thinking about the future, or our children will pay, I bet ya most people will say, "Hey, I love my children, but I want to live now and not invest into some future generation, who just pierce their noses and paint their lips black. fck them! Don't raise my taxes. I worked my arse off my entire life, let my kids fend for themselves, like I had to...". Possibly the root of the problem all summed up.




I used google translate to automatically translate your article. It wasn't super great, but I understood it. There are apparently better automatic translators out there, and you can experiment if you like. I do not have the resources to get this translated into many languages (google translate can do that). But I've been reading about the cause of the crisis, discussing it with several friends, and also posting articles on my web. Your article seems interesting, but there are many dimensions to the world economy. I think the Euro is picking up steam to replace the USD, China is now moving towards freeing up its currency, after WWI the Germans purposefully implemented hyperinflation to reduce their currency to nothing and avoid paying war reparations... lot of interesting thing to discuss. Worse than this will be the extreme weather patterns resulting from global warming, which will costs much harm to poor people around the world. I believe many things will start to happen now and that great changes will come. Hopefully not a bloody revolution, which tends to happen when people get desperate.

Were you interested in developing my software?


I think this can be interesting for you. I found article on the web about the reasons of the world's financial crisis. Article is on Russian. I wish, if it is possible on charity basis, translate it to other languages and publish on the web-boards. I believe if more and more people read it then they are be ready for terrible consequences of crisis. I believe we can stop it together. The source of article is here: The article is too big for translating by me and I'm not sure in my quality. But I ready to publish it on usa's and europe's web-boards.




oh yes, one thing you said put a thought in my mind and I think deserves an answer. You said "guns don't kill people, but stupid people who pick up guns do". I agree with that, and its the same thing with 'religion'. It's stupid people who have used this as a tool for their own means. Except I would not compare religion to a gun but rather a plowshare that a stupid person has picked up and used as a weapon or a pick ax, and beaten someone with it in a field. A child can pick up a gun and easily pull the trigger, but it takes brute force and dedication to pick up a heavy ploughshare and beat someone senselessly with it, to death. The entire New Testament and preachings of Jesus constantly stress to turn and offer the other cheek if someone slaps you, give your tunic if someone steals your scarf, love your enemies, etc. etc. Obviously only perverted man can contort this message to a doctrine of death and murder. Same with the Jihad of the Muslims, who will take one small line in the Khoran and totally blow it out of context, using it for their own ends. The Catholics kill the Protestants, the Sunni kill the Shia. The Sunni are arguing against the Shia over who should succeed after Mohammed. Muslims believe in the same God of Abraham, and believe that Jesus is a profit, just not the son of God. But this slight difference is apparently enough to fuel a hate war against them in the west. It's the big boys at the top who use whatever tools are at their disposal to fuel war, keep their ammo plants humming, colonialise new territories, etc. etc. Religion by itself does not cause this, but just stupid people after their own selfish means.




Yes, and I read an interesting angle that global warming does more than just dry out crops and the obvious effects, but it adds power to the world's weather system. Like overcharging a battery. It gets stronger and stronger, moody swings, extreme climates, because the warmth puts more water vapour into the atmosphere, feeding the insatiable tempest. The shit's really gonna hit the fan. I can now see prophesy in Revelation unravelling on so many different levels, and it's only going to reaaaaaal ugly. We're still living in paradise, comparitively. What humans nature doesn't kill, the rest of the humans will do a damn good job to themselves and others. In turbulent times like this, I think people will look with increasing envy as I'm parked somewhere on a safe and secluded island, and my flexibility to move elsewhere if I can forsee things happen. A Tsunami wouldn't be very forseeable, for example.


I can't be bothered to find that email where we were talking about crumbling infrastructure (I'm still pretty tired from the Truck Logger's convention last week, then having to bust my ass to get the Reporter out yesterday). Thought you would find this interesting. Our snow here is melting and its back to balmy, dreary warmth (lots of fog this week). Eastern Canada is in a deep freeze. 100,000 people in Toronto lost power for a couple of days, yesterday there was still a zone that was out, the city sent people from door to door to make sure people weren't freezing to death inside. An old copper (100 year old) water main in Montreal burst, turning streets into half-meter of frozen lakes. Multiply that all across eastern Canada and the northeast of US which are the oldest and most populated. Not to mention London, Europe and parts of Asia. All this old, old infrastructure sometimes using materials that were never meant to last this long and were not created to withstand all these weird flashes of odd weather (winds, cold, floods, hot, . . .)




I totally also think we are in for a big banana of trouble, and think it is coming both sooner and worse than people expect. No great calamity all at once, with the romance of everyone working together for survival and learning to live with the new reality. I see a whole bunch of niggling, annoying breakdowns circling around the planet as these weather systems and other challenges roam about. I think it would be very interesting to know what governments have paid for emergency repairs in the past five years: Katrina, the flood in Europe, the flood in London, etc etc compared to say the past 50 years. Sure, countries come to the aid of each other now, but in another few years when the destruction gets too much everyone is going to start saying, "hey, I got my own problems man!" One zone will be flooded while another will be absolutely dry, then suddenly all will switch and more and more destruction. It's already happening in places like India where they have unprecedented drought then all of the sudden it rains like five feet it 36 hours! Just saving those people is going to become governments' full time job, never mind Olympics and World's Fair and other shenanigans.


charity in times of crisis? Yah, right. From my experience with humans, they're selfish uncaring bastards and will behave like rats in a corner scratching and clawing, killing without a flinch, to save their own ass. Just look at the test they did recently, duplicating the test in the 1960s or something, and confrming the response of some "disturbing" two thirds of us who are mindless soulless guppies and listen to authority figures without a qualm while electrocuting some poor bugger in the next room. If they think they can get away with it, and more so if they can profit from it, they'll do it in a flinch. That is why in times of trouble you have these mobs which roam the streets, break into homes, steal from the rich, rape the pretty. Raising fists into the air like they finally get to feel powerful. Like something exciting is finally happening in their dreary, meaningless lives. Look at the recent events in Greece. When the shit comes down and so many people will have a tough time paying rent etc., some small incident will set off a powder keg and there'll be riots everywhere. What nature wont destroy the humans will do a fine job of taking care of the rest, and shoot themselves in the hip at the same time. For who's going to be able to hire them after everything is so destroyed? In times like these, as the bible says, "The violent will kill the violent". That's when I want to be as far from any urban area as possible. People on small islands would probably generally take care of each other. I need to start saving up some cash. I'm glad that my sources of income and customers are spread out like a fine net, and my costs so low, and that I'm not dependent on some single employer who can make me redundant at any moment. Must be horrible for the common person and can see things will get scary indeed. The rich will just bury themselves in their massive forts and hide.

Oh, and concerning the floods and droughts, another biproduct of global warming is it melts glaciers. Which not only reflect light from their white surface to keep things cooler, but store water during the winter, slowly seeping things out during the summer. Moderating things. Now all this water is increasingly being stored in the atmosphere, so such extremes are expected. They say the Swiss alps will be bone dry in not too long. Isnt India near Everest and all that mountain range?


The Mayan calendar comes to the end of a long cycle on December 12, 2012. (there's probably better links explaining this) The Mayans were world leaders of astronomy 4,000 years ago. they knew the earth revolved around the sun along with the other planets, they charted the stars to a level of accuracy still used today, and they put great stock in the various solstices and equinoxes. The Farmer's Almanac for this year predicts an unusual rise in solar activity, which always impacts our weather. I think what a lot of people might be missing is that there is likely a bad combination of a lot of changes happening at approximately the same time; climate change due to human activity, a regular cycle of warming, more solar activity, . . . all working together to create havoc. My attitude is living simply, not being totally dependent on all these 'conveniences' we are constantly being sold as essential, being able to feed oneself with basic ingredients (seeds, nuts, hardy vegetables, all parts of the animal not just the juicy steaks), being used to normal hard work (carrying a heavy pack full of supplies up a big hill instead of just automatically getting into the car), and letting go of greed and jealousy (third world countries racing to destroy their own ecosystems so they can afford a lifestyle like ours in the west as soon as possible).


I recently thought of another movie idea. Hope to run into a group of people some day and do a lot of filming, and then submit them to film festivals, for fun. But it's like a Star Trek episode where they come down to a planet, see that people are living in nature etc., and immediately pass them off as some primitive race. Things develop, until one of the crew eats a snickers bar or something and casually throws it away, when one of the locals immediately runs up and they all get together to deal with this waste of plastic or something. And then the story slowly unfolds and they explain how they were once a great and wasteful civilisation, until they practically made themselves extinct, so for their own survival they learned how to go backwards and live like the ancient First Nations People and live with respect to and harmony with nature and everything surrounding.

Read some news recently that they're making test flights using biofuel, and that one of the most hopeful biofuels comes from algae. I guess that means the ocean could take care of that. We'll see. Anyway, would be cool to be able to run my truck on that one day. Apparently these old diesel engines can do that and don't require modification. Then I'd be super duper green.


At the Truck Loggers Convention last week someone got up and said, "20% of the planet (us) is using 80% of the resources. as the 80% that is currently 'behind' tries to move forward, obviously the pressure on the planet is only going to be greater. We need to get smarter in how we use the resources, and stop leaving so much waste." I think in times of crisis real genius comes forward, I just hope it happens before there is too much loss of life and land.


yah, I'm aware of that statistic for quite a while. They've already calculated that there isn't enough iron ore left on the planet to give every Chinese person a vehicle. But plastic cars are around the corner, apparently. With their big manufacturing base feeding the world, the Chinese have already started a black market where poor people around the world are steeling sewer covers and selling the iron to the Chinese, so they can convert it to something else. In Prague recently it has increasingly begun to happen that the beautiful metal railings over people's windows, and banisters and such have been ripped off and sold. There's simply too many of us and it is becoming give and take. Shift to biofuel? Food prices increases. Put some wave generators in the ocean? Whales run into problems. Another China person buys a car? Car prices go up in the west and more people switch to bicycles, like the Chinese have been doing forever. Give and take.


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