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General Info
This application form is the entry page to login or register into the translator and HR (Human Resources) database of KENAX Outsourcing.
Once logged in, you will be sent an email of your login details, be able to fill in the translators application form and other forms, submit translation samples to active tenders, and view comments by other translators concerning the payment reputation and practices of various translating agencies.
We look forward to you becoming a valued member of our growing team of translators and other remote personnel.

Below is an explanation of the translation links at the top of this page:

 Translation Service The US based website of our translation service. Same company but a duplication on the web for the purposes of search engine optimization.
 Translation Agency The main translation website where you should find all important information.
 Translation Resources Many useful translation resources, such as links to online dictionaries in various languages and which we plan to continue to develop.
 Translation Tips Useful translation tips how to help you with your translation work.
 Information for Translators Translator information such as how to get paid, when you can expect to receive work and other useful translation information.
 Translation Programs Links to various translation related programs, some of which are freely downloadable.
 Translation agencies
 payment reputation

Once logged in through this page, you will gain access to the comments regarding translation agencies and companies, submitted by various translators. The link on the left takes you to a more detailed explanation of this concept, where you will also find where to submit your own comments through the Translation Agency Payment Reputation Submit Form.