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French to English Translation Consultation Project

December 11, 2009

Ongoing Project - Seeking Translators

Project Description

These are for projects I myself translate for other agencies and require help with either in the form of consultation with terminology, proofreading, or translations to increase my capacity. Because this is work for other agencies, unfortunately, my budget is not very high, but over time I plan to increase my price, especially once I find my own customers, so in turn I hope to offer more to the translators.


Project Details


I most often like to work in Transit (reasons given below), a translation memory tool. You can download this software for free through the Transit Star Termstar Instructions page. It is an easy program to use and I can help you set it up. Other times a proofread in Word may be possible, or simply consultation help with terminology. Below are further instructions how this cooperation might work.


If you would be interested in taking part in these projects, please send me an email and answer the below questions:


- your native language (your English does not need to be native but good enough for me to proofread it):

- your general price for translation per source word in Euro (you can adjust your price each time depending on the difficulty of the text):

- your general proofreading price per word:

- your hourly rate for proofreading or consultation:

- what time zone you are located on:

- your preferred subjects of translation:


If we come to an agreement I will put your email on a shortlist and approach you every time a project comes in, which I hope will be on a continual basis. You can adjust your price each time based on the text, or just ignore the email if you are busy.


Once on the shortlist I would encourage you to practice with Transit using this first project as an example. I can help you with the software if you have any problems.


Looking forward to working together!



Reasons why I choose to translate most of these projects in Transit:


Some Instructions for Past Projects


The below instructions were for the first project and will be tweaked over time. Because my French was rather rusty at that time I had to skip over a lot of sentences, although I took my best crack at them and occasionally made some changes to them. When I skipped over them I did not mark them as Translated, in which case the translator who controlled/fixed them would get his/her full translation rate. I also used google translate to help me get an idea of the meaning, so essentially every sentence was already translated to some degree. The translators expressed that they liked this system.

Once the translator translated those segments I left as Untranslated (a feature of Transit), they would go back to the beginning and proofread the entire document, including what I had translated and felt confident enough to mark as Translated. They would charge an hourly rate for this, but because they were also proofreading their own translation, which should be included in their translation rate, we worked out some amicable compromise.


Correspondence with the customer and translators concerning these French to English translation projects by French to English Translations Translator.

To be approached by regular work in the future, please fill in our online translator application form.

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