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Greek into English Translation Project

July 11, 2009


This Job is Completed and No Longer Active


One client needs a high quality translation from Greek into English of about 56 pages or 21,000 words, due early Sunday morning GMT time, July 12.
We can use several translators but would need at least one quality translator to control quality and unify terminology and style. This would assume working late Saturday night and into the morning, so assumes a premium charge (for the quality control translator).
You may view a sample of the document here.

If you would be interested in taking part in this project, please answer the questions below and send them by email here.

- are you familiar with this subject and do you believe you can provide a quality job (customer requires quality native English and you will be tested*)? We can also help you with terminology etc.:
- your price for translation (preferably in Euro per target word):
- how many words you think you can translate until the deadline (preferably well before that to give the proofreader time to control your work):
- your proofreading and quality control rate, assuming you will have to do a bulk of this work between late Saturday night (tonight) and tomorrow Sunday morning (if you would be interested in this responsibility). You can state an hourly or per word rate. If the quality of the translation requires more work, the per word rate can be adjusted and a portion of that charged to the translator (if the case is justified):

Please send your CV and any other credentials.

* How we test new translators: since this is such a rush job and there is little time to test you (if we have not had experience with you before), there are several options. One is you provide a small translation sample of the section you are assigned and wait for feedback from us before continuing. The other is you are confident of your quality, provide the translation sample and continue translating (this is preferred due to the lack of time). If problems are found with your translation we may ask you to stop translating (or indicate what needs to be changed) and pay you for what you have translated so far minus what it costs to bring up the quality of your provided translation to the required standard. But we can be reasonable in this case since the customer should pay a premium rate for such a quick and high quality


Correspondence with translators


> require rush job until tomorrow Sunday morning, can divide among several

> translators, need high quality native English, and at least one

> translator to quality control until the morning. Subject is technical in

> nature, possibly electrical related.




I would love to help you out in this project but I am fully booked until this coming Wednesday, July 15th. I wish you best of luck in finding the best resources. If for any reason the customer decides to alter their deadline then let me know; I can help out with the terminology, style and quality assurance part of the project.




i am familiar with this subject. Rate -00.08 euros/ target word. Can take about 2500 words.




Dear Sir or Madam, I am familiar with the subject, up to a certain extent, and I believe I can provide quality work (I will maybe need some help with a few terms, but not with the majority of them). I can translate at least 2000-3000 words until the deadline ( I give you my minimum rate, because, as you mentioned, the proofreader will also need time) at a price of 0,04 euro per word. As for the proofreading ability, I can have the same rate, and even a bit faster. Just for your information, I have studied Business Administration (therefore I am familiar with the subject) and I hold a CPE Cambridge with B degree, and a TOEFL IBT with 109/120 (internet based). Thank you for your time and attention. I am looking forward to hearing from you.


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