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I have managed my agency since 1991, when I started in Prague. I donít like the stress of an office environment, or commuting to and from work, for which reason I have developed my business as a virtual office. Now both translators and project managers can work from the comfort of their homes, on their own schedules.

I have a passion for travel and since my work is strictly through the internet, I designed my own caravan, put solar panels on roof and have traveled loosely around Europe since 2006. I can get internet by different means, such as through a mobile phone or by special wifi antenna.

I was so impressed by this freedom that I decided to help others and started my One Laptop per Village Africa charity project to teach Africans how to become self sufficient through the internet.

I collected the 6,000+ email addresses of literary agents and publishing companies when submitting stories of my above travels. Parts of the list were purchased while the remaining was scoured from the web.

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