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Send your book manuscript proposal by email to 7,000 literary agents, book publishers and publishing companies.

Send your Book Manuscript Proposal by Email to 7,000 Literary Agents, Book Publishers and Publishing Companies

Got a great book idea youíd like to submit to literary agents, book publishers and publishing companies? Iíve already gone down this road when submitting my world travel stories and can spare you the countless hours I spent compiling their contacts. Many agents and publishing companies now accept submissions by email, which is much more convenient than the traditional method by snail mail. But even digging up email addresses or submitting through webforms can be overly time consuming. Not only can I send your manuscript proposal to 6,980 literary agents, publishers and publishing companies, but Iíll help you write up your proposal in a format they require and which will ensure your greatest success.

  • the list has an easy unsubscribe option, so you can be sure that all of them are interested in receiving your manuscript proposal. Literary agents, publishers or publishing companies who would like to be on this list may do so for free here.
  • the agents and publishers can specify what material they specialize and are interested in receiving, to help you target your proposal.
  • each email is sent individually through our secure server to ensure delivery to all of the recipients.
  • Iíll take a look at your proposal and help you prepare it according to the industryís standards to achieve the greatest success.
  • youíll receive a free information package how to check the reputation of any literary agents, publishers or publishing companies who respond positively to your submission.

Read the testimonies of translators who have tried a similar service I offer. The world is full of avid readers who would love to bury themselves in your stories. Submit your cover letter in one easy sweep for only $49. Write to me so that we can start putting together your manuscript proposal!

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Types of Literary Agents, Publishers and Publishing Companies Who Are Interested in Receiving your Manuscript Proposal, Where They are Located, and the Type of Manuscripts They are Interested In

translation agencies, man with laptop.The types of literary agents, publishers, publishing companies and the types of manuscripts they receive are as varied as the subjects you may find on the bookshelf. Many agents and publishers prefer to focus on a particular genre. This section describes some of the more popular book subjects and locations where these agents and publishers are located, or the popularity of searches by those submitting manuscripts. Although some literary agents and publishers have expressed interest in receiving manuscript proposals focusing on certain subjects, many are happy to receive submissions in quite a broad range of genres.

Many writers seek literary agents and publishers based in New York, and there are many requests for Christian and childrenís books, but there is also a fair amount of demand for literary crime fiction to be promoted by publishers based in the UK (United Kingdom) and California. Many writers are looking for a guide to how to submit religious fiction, while many new and first time authors search for a British directory of literary agents and publishing companies. Australia is another popular country where authors seek to publish thrillers, memoirs, mystery books and fiction. Denver, Oklahoma, Winchester and Minneapolis are popular locations where writers like to submit fantasy books, science fiction, while childrens books and African stories are often submitted to the best franchise agents and publishers who focus on entertainment and who are located in Arizona and Texas. Phoenix, Los Angeles, Minnesota and Colorado are the top locations sought for credo and other legitimate literature, while Canada, Surrey and Mississippi are often investigated by new authors. Womenís fiction and reference are often submitted to Memphis, Missouri, Boston, Chicago, Bristol and Australian and Canadian publishing services. Sports is a frequent subject in the United Kingdom and academic, Catholic, poetry and non fiction (non-fiction) material is frequently submitted to US book publishers. A publisher also often receives manuscript submissions relating to school material, textbook or short story. There is a broad list of publishers who receive regular submissions on humor books, or online ebook from independent authors. Music is also a popular theme.

Those are the most popular subjects submitted to literary agents, publishers and publishing companies, and the most common destinations where such companies are sought, but you should never limit yourself and feel free to send your proposal to all 7,000 literary agents, publishers and publishing companies on my list. You never know who will be inspired most by your writing, and where the best offer comes from. Make sure to carefully research the reputation of all companies who have responded positively to your submission.
Best of luck and happy writing!

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