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(email correspondence with translators on French to English translation projects)


processing the accounting and wrapping things up for this project. Took a second look at your changes and I'd like to say the following:

- because this is my first time translating from French and it's rather rusty, I used google translate to help me with the understanding, but inevitably it wasn't always accurate. In any case, it seemed to me that many of your changes were more cosmetic, other times I would have to disagree with your changes, while other times they seemed good. I needed someone to go through it and check the meaning against the original, for which Transit can come in handy.


I can send you the final French to English translation if you would like to see it but I passed it on to several other translators after you and believe a fair amount of changes were still made.

In any case I am still interested in working on future projects and this one was rather hectic. I imagine it should get better over time. I'd like to find out what areas you feel most confident in and so on. How did you find it working in Transit?

What was your charge for this? It did not seem that you made so many changes.


I have very carefully read and made my alterations.


I did not replace the word "Notary", although I would have preferred "Solicitor" instead.

To the word "copartageants"- which repeats itself constantly in the whole document, I believe that the word "Co-owners" is an acceptable translation. Thank you for providing me the words in red, which made it easier on my research, without neglecting other passages nevertheless. Furthermore, I would like to express my appreciation for the accurate and correct French to English translation done. (Without underestimating the extra polishing.) Please find attached my edited file and let me know if I managed to attach the right one. ( I am a bit confused with the new program files)




okay, received the first file. Seems the other proofreader may not be able to work on both files. Just so you know I plan to work on this all day tomorrow. I am sending you the Transit and Word files. I will be online tonight to answer all your questions. Tomorrow I will proofread and combine everything, but I guess 4,400 words could be a lot for me, so if you have the capacity to polish the 701 file (first) it will free up some time for me tomorrow to focus on quality. What I am most interested in is terminology, but if you spend some time polishing the file it will help. But if you polish and make changes, you will need to do it in Transit. Otherwise you can make terminological notes in Word or whatever and I will transfer them manually into Transit tomorrow. This is my first job in this language combination. Hopefully next time everything will be better organised. Just trying to do a good job for the customer.


okay, I will be on standby. For now I am still waiting for the first documents to come in. I will send you the exported Word files along with Transit. In case I have not already mentioned, you can remove the funny characters from view in Transit, as explained on my website instructions. Funny to have received your last letter at the same time as a friend of mine from Cyprus.


I thing the first option would be easier, without excluding the second one which would offer a panoramic view of the document. I believe I could work in the Transit program, having a Word document as a reassuring for me backup copy (which I will print) I will be available all day, and I will let you know as soon as I need to break our connection.


that is cool, for I lived in Cyprus for two years. Which option of the two do you prefer, how do you want to proceed, and until when tonight will you be available? Presently I am in Bulgaria.


Thank you for your early e-mail. I live in Cyprus, an island in the Mediterranean. We are part of the European Community and our time zone is GMT+2:00.(same as Athens, Bucharest and Istanbul) I feel confident translating from French to English. If however, I find out any expressions or phrases which I am not sure of, please be assured that I will let you know and feel free to question any issue.


so it is Sunday now and I'd like to organise the consultation. What time zone are you on? Sorry I may have to repeat questions to you but I haven't downloaded all the mail to my computer yet and am operating through gmail, because I'm operating through my mobile phone. But I see from this new feature I installed on gmail that you must be in North America. I expect to start receiving files my European afternoon, and figure there are several options open to us: 1) I go over and proofread the files, or quickly scan, picking out spots I am not sure about and would like to confirm, and send you those individual "hot spots". But I would need to know by what time I should send these hotspots to give you time to work on it. Since I would be narrowing things down for you, I assume you would not require a lot of time to research the terminology. I myself am doing a lot of research. AND/OR: 2) I send you the complete files and you read through them quickly, picking out potential weak spots and making comments. I can either export the text from Transit into Word, and send you everything that way, but personally I find this slower, because you would always have to search through the original to find the French text, whereas in Transit you would always see the original as you scroll through the translation. Also, if you would make changes and add comments to the Word file, I would not be able to import them back into Transit and would have to manually transfer the changes. But for the purposes of consulting and making comments, this does not necessarily need to pose a problem. So to ask you a repeat question, because I am dealing with several translators and cannot remember everything, how confident do you feel in this subject area? For me it is important to deliver something that sounds native and uses correct legalese French to English terminology and phraseology. I've been spending a lot of time on proz kudoz. I just want to do a great job because I feel there could be a lot of work from this customer, not to mention others. If I impress it enough and say I have put a good team together, perhaps it will send me all its French to English translations. While I continue to seek more customers in this language combination. I like putting together teams and a well functioning system. Have a nice Sunday!


Thank you for your reply. I am relieved to hear that the project has been assigned. Tomorrow I will be available all day long. But please do not feel obliged to provide any consultation work if you do not have any. Thank you for spending so much time for me.


I've already farmed out the entire project but am trying to nurse translators to become familiar with the software for future projects, as I'd like to work towards a constant stream of work. Okay, I will try to prepare you some consultation work for Sunday. Until what time Sunday will you be available? We will be working on it during the day.


I will be available on Sunday but not Monday, so it would be my pleasure to be of service to you for tomorrow. Please let me know if you need me to go on with this project, as I feel I have been given the responsibility of the project. Do you still want me to undertake it? And if yes, when is it due? If you do, please let me know, and I will oblige.


the symbols are used by the program for formatting purposes, when it later converts the text back into Word. You should not be able to erase them, but they are important for formatting. For example: The dog jumped over the <<fence . Perhaps "fence" is a larger font. But I am finding that the phrase order of French and English is very similar, unlike Czech where it might be: The fence what dog jumped over. Therefore you can practically just ignore the symbols. I am. I also think that many of them got introduced because I was using google to help me translate. I generally just ignore them. Will you be available Monday, possibly Sunday, for consultation of specific French to English terminology? It would be great if you will be able to use the software for future projects. It do not think it will be necessary for the consultation phase of this project.


Thank you for your quick response. I have been through all the first instructions, and managed to open the file which seems broken by too many symbols and characters; I feel I need to invest time which I believe I do not have right now. Although I believe I am familiar with this subject, I do not feel at ease to work with the new translating tool which I am sure will be a strong help in French to English translation when I get to know it. I promise I will try it and get to use it for future projects? I will be at your service though if I can be of any assistance to you.


the Quick Instructions (about five simple points) in the weblink I sent you should be enough to get you up and running, although it is better to read the entire text. It's really not complicated once you work in it. I've already farmed out this project but I would be interested in getting you set up for future projects. My plan is to get a steady stream of work for many of us. For this project I am still looking for consultants for specific terminology. Are you well familiar with this subject?


I am sorry to say that I find the program Transit Satellite PE a bit complicated as I need time to get acquainted with it; time which I may use to translate directly. Please let me know how I could be useful to you.


your price is good and I am working towards getting a constant stream of work in this language combination, so the subjects would vary. I'd like to put you on my shortlist of French to English translators, so please install the software so that we can move forward. I'll copy some of the text for this particular project below.


Thank you for your preference. I need though to have a “look” at the file to be translated, and it seems I have to do a lot of installing and configuring before I see this famous file. Please let me see the text as a normal word document, agree about the price tag, and then I could try and learn the whereabouts of this new –for me- translating program. Waiting for a prompt reply, please accept dear ,




I already used Star Transit (free one) but I am not an expert. - my regular charge for translation in Euro per source word: 0.08 EUR psw, with some decreasing prices if the volume is large and depending on the project. - my price per hour for this type of work: I never work per hour. What is your standard price? I need to research on this. - my native language and how well I rate my English (it does not need to be native as I will be proofreading it all): I am native French and my english is fluent My Czech is inexistant. Sorry!




okay, punched your details into the accounting:






Total owe


Balance due











Personally I like to pay sooner but unfortunately I do not have a good reserve at the moment and must wait until the customer pays me, although I will be getting a larger payment from the same customer at the beginning of January, if you are in a bind. Otherwise this customer will pay end of January. It has agreed to pay by Moneybookers, in which case I am able to forward payment immediately. Can you accept payment through these means?


I realise the project was a bit hectic but it was my first time in this language combination, the text was rather legalese, and I ran into some problems with the formatting etc.

Would you be interested in working on future projects? They should get smoother I imagine.


Sorry, I realised that I should have quoted you in euros - total amount would therefore be 85 euros.


In consideration of the fact of the missing text, for this job we can just call it an even USD 125 (USD 35 per hour for proofreading French to English @ 3.5 hours).


can you tell me your charge per word (and currency, preferably in Euro) for proofreading this? I'd like to know if I earned anything. It was quite stressful but hopefully things will run smoother next time.


Thanks for your query. I charge 0.05 euros/source word. I am a native speaker of English and I rate my English as excellent. I have done loads of legal translations such as the one you are mentioning. As indicated, I am busy with another French to English translation project and only had that time slot to do the proofreading. Please find attached the document with the missing text.


here is the attachment. I'm stressed out about getting this handed in on time and I must have copied the French instead of the English in the hurry. I wish you would have just told me earlier or respond faster to your emails. I will try to find someone to do the small translation.


So far you have sent me two documents in French. I was given to understand that you needed help with proofreading. Could you please send me the texts in English as I have no time to do outright translations right now.


just checking up on your progress. Just checked and formatted the rest and need to send to the customer within an hour.


Ok that is noted. The problem is that every time I reached a certain section, Word completely shut down and I guess during recovery this is when it was erased. Could you please put that text in a separate document and send it?


also, I'm going through the first file and there is a massive section which you left out, starting from around the top of page 5, until half way through page 7 (somehow you erased it). Please proof that section as well so I can add it in. Do you have the original still?


sorry for the mixup, but I forgot one small file. It's about a paragraph (attached). Do you think you have time to squeeze this one in?


Also I did not touch the formatting of your document in any way. Please take note of that. If you were to accept my changes in word, you would see that the formatting is exactly the same as your original.


As we had agreed, I would be working in word. I am very proficient in the use of this programme and I assure you that this document was problematic. I would urge you to please go into that document - the one you send me - and I am quite sure you will encounter the same problem.


This is one of the reasons why I prefer to work through Transit. I don't know what you did but not only did you erase a large section but the formatting is totally screwed up in a lot of the file and it will take me a while to resort it. What software are you using? Hope we can work out something better next time.


          I thought I attached it. It's the attached .gif file.


please send what you've accomplished so far so that I can begin to implement the changes.


attaching the files. You can make the changes in the Word files, and the Transit file is there to help you see the source text next to the target. I am attaching the original Word files as well. Just do a search (ctrl f) for the + character to find those areas I am not sure about. If the + is after a word it means I am unsure about the word. If it is after a comma or a period, it means I am uncertain about the entire phrase or sentence. If you lack time I would like you to focus on the individual words and French to English terminology and I will try to get someone else to look at the entire sentence cases, although I am having problems finding someone. I need to hand this in by around 4pm GMT time today and still need time to proofread and prepare the files, so ideally if you could get it done within the next couple of hours. Thank you very much for your help.


Can I send it in word and what time do you need it by?


I'm ready to send you the files right now. The total number of words is 4,400 but I realise that would probably be too much for you considering you have a project at the moment. If this will be too much it would suffice to only focus on those parts I am unsure about and which I have marked with a + character. I need to know what format to send you the file in (as per my question below).


*Before I commit myself*, I need to clearly understand the number of words that require proofreading and when you will send the document.


so are you saying you are not able to help me today? If you can please answer my questions below. This project is due this afternoon and I do not feel very confident about it. Any French to English terminological help you could provide would be greatly appreciated.


I am always on my email unless I have a job I am working on, like right now.


I have not received a response yet for this letter and wondering if you received it. I am running out of time as I need to hand this in this afternoon. I will send this from my other email address as well. How often do you check your email or is there a better way to contact you, such as through Skype or some messenger?


What time is good for you and how much time can you dedicate? I am waiting for one translator to wake up to go through it all but I have a few terminological issues, which are marked with a + so that you could find them easily. Do you have Transit installed? If so then by searching for the + character you will immediately see the original text lined up with the target. If you do not have time to install it I can copy paste the words into a Word file, but this will take away valuable time from proofreading now (or I could just export it all into Word and send you the source and target documents. Perhaps you could look at it quickly now and give me some terminological tips, so that I can implement them, and then I would send you further consultation points after the French to English translator proofreads the documents?


it's due Monday afternoon and I'll be working on proofreading it, so at most I think I would just need to consult with you concerning specific terminology. Probably not a lot of time required.


this is the first response I've received from you after your initial one. No, I do not see any text below. Now we are in the proofreading stage. Are you available to help tomorrow Monday? What time zone are you on? Trying to bring this job to good completion to ensure a steady stream or work for all of us in the future.


Sunday will be too tight for me, I am working on another French to English project at the moment which is due Monday. Is it possible that I could start working on it for Tuesday?


>>>>>>> sounds fantastic.




the project is completed and now I am just cleaning up shop. I am going through my email inbox and am currently on C, so I have not got to your emails yet and expect to soon.

I briefly looked at your emails and you have a good price, so I am sure I would have approached you to help on the project. Did you not receive those emails? Would you like to be approached with future projects?


How are you today?. I hope all is cool. You promised getting back to me yesterday but I waited all day long in vain. What happened?.Did you succeed in downloading the file from your phone to your computer? Please bear in mind that I am still very much interested in working with you. Do well to send me the transit file so that I can have a look at it as you promised. Don't you want it translated urgently? I will be waiting for your rejoinder. Thanks




I will likely be too busy for at least the rest of this year to take on your projects. But I'm not closing the door, and for future reference, I am a perfectly bilingual Native French-speaker, and usually charge $30 per hour when not using wordcounts starting around 0.05 euro/word.




okay, I will add you to the elist and send more info concerning this once I process all these emails. If you want to stick to using only Word that is also possible, as I appreciate your legalese input, but I will have a tendency to use others more and I need to centralise things, since keeping track of everything through another system is simply too time consuming. For example, in Transit it would not be possible for a translator to erase any text, or it would be immediately evident if so - because I always see the original when I am looking at the French to English translation. Hence it is a risk to work by another system, not to mention the possible formatting problems which is precisely what happened in our case. Transit separates the formatting from the text and puts it back once the project is completed. The translators see only text, they do not have to worry about formatting, cannot do much damage, and the system simply works well from a project manager's point of view. I find that there is often initial resistance to it but once translators get used to it there is no problem and I often hear praise (especially when there are repetitions and the French to English translator gets paid for not translating). So I would hope that you would like to try it. You can tweak it to your liking too. I can help you with that. Otherwise the Word thing is also possible but I would usually only resort to that when I have no other options. ­




thanks for your email.


I charge 0.10 euros per word, my native language is French, and for proofreading of machine translation (e.g. Google translator etc),I charge 0.07 euros per word because those automatic translations are very bad. For other proofreading I charge 0.05 euros per word. My minimum fee is 30 euros. I require immediate Paypal payment when I haven't worked with companies before. If these conditions suit you please send me the file and I will download the software.




at 250 words a page I calculate that your price is a little bit too high for my budget. I am translating for agencies and just starting so my price is on the lower end, although I eventually hope to increase it, in which case I can offer more to the translator. In any case my shortlist of translators are offering me between 0.03 to 0.05 Euro a word, and I can offer you a maximum of 0.05, or your roughly 0.06 if I am in a tight bind. If this is acceptable we can discuss things further.


Thanks for your offer. Sure, I will be happy to do translations for you (French-English-French). French is a Second language for me while English is a foreign language. French is the official language of instruction in my country. My English level is very close to my French. English has become my professional language since more than 10 years now. You could send me a text to test my translation competence before actually giving me a translation work for money.

In Mali, the official rate for translation is US$20 per page of font 12.

Thanks in advance for contacting me on that purpose.




I do also farm out work to translators as an agency, in which case they often translate the projects themselves, and at most I hand their work to someone else for quality control or proofreading afterwards. But in this case I myself am translating for other agencies and need help, in which case it will always be a cooperative effort, which needs to be organised somehow under one system.

If you like I can add you to the shortlisted email list of translators, from which you can unsubscribe any time, or ignore emails if you are busy etc. And until the next project I can help you with the software.


I will have a look at your software...Since I'm using a different computer today that is not my own, I will see what happens. I am interested in projects that are not collaborative since I like to be totally responsible for the translation.

If that's possible, please consider me for future endeavors.




I have added you to the shortlist of French to English translators and will send you another email later once I finish processing these emails. In the meantime, please refresh me regarding your price so that I can update my records. I could not find this information among our previous correspondence.


Its unfortunate that I couldn't be part of that project. I did all to be part but things never worked out well this time. Hopefully next time will be the best. Please I would like to be part of future projects. Whenever you have projects, do not hesitate to get in touch with me. I must assure you that I am very reliable a translator you can always count on for quality and punctuality. Again, thanks for letting me know. I look forward to hearing from you whenever you need help. Remain blessed in the lord.




Thank you for your e-mail.

As I told you in an earlier e-mail, I am not available for work today and until next Saturday, so I will not be able to look at the final translation.

Yes, I am interested in working on future projects in less stressful time settings.

Referring to the Transit program, it is an effective method of working without dashing in and out of the text trying to find landmarks...

The verification procedure which involves an attentive mental concentration and a lot of research, as you may well know yourself requires time and effort, so although there were not a lot of changes, I will leave it up to you to compensate for the work which I have done.

What you decide will be ok with me.

Wishing you a pleasant evening,




project completed and now I'm processing emails and making preparations for future projects. Would you like me to add you to the email shortlist of those I contact in the future? But generally others are charging me between 0.03 and 0.05 Euro a source word, although I can agree to pay a bit more if I'm in a bind. The problem is that I'm translating for other agencies so I don't have a great budget, but eventually I'd like to increase my prices, especially once I find my own customers, but because I'm just starting I want to start on the lower end until I get better practiced.


Sorry for late reply - I just agreed another project (they requested earlier) - hope we will have another opportunity soon


Nice to hear from You again - we already communicated in the past at the beginning of my freelance career (about 7 years ago) Transit is not a prob at all, I work with this CAT on a regular basis, so... How good is my English? I can just send You some of my projects in order You could take a look. Rate for such tasks depends on individual project, so if You could send me some file to look at, it will be easier to say exactly (min is 0,055)




Ok. I'm waiting. More power to your elbow.

Thanks for getting back to me.


I am just finishing up the translation now. I will answer your email and questions once I download everything to my computer. Right now I am working through my mobile so things are a bit limited.


I replied to your request for help with FRENCH -ENGLISH TRANSLATION immediately I got your mail because I understand that in the translation business, time is key. Since Friday I have not heard a word from you and I am getting worried. Is everything alright? This is the first offer I have recieved from you and I will not like to let it slip off my hands just like that. After all, where there is a will, there is a way. I really want to work with you. That is why I registered with Kenax in the first place. Please if anything is the matter whether my price or what ever, keep me posted. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Have a blessed week ahead.




The issue here is that my French is not so good either. For example, it would be hard to find a way to charge you per hour, because I'm a little slow working with French and I often need to check the dictionary. Maybe it would be better for you to have someone with better skills than me. Translating into English wouldn't be a problem. Although my translation is not perfect, I have done this before to American companies, but my translation from French would be slow. I'd like to help, but I don't feel I'm the best here.




project completed and now I'm making preparations for future projects. I did end up using some French to English translators through Word, and it is possible in the future. For example for specific terminology help or for proofreading the file at the end. This is possible but would probably mean less work. One girl was proofreading but her Word kept crashing (lots of fields and it was a complex file), and inadvertently erased a large section, and other sections were reformatted. Only one of the reasons I want to stick to Transit, where things cannot get erased, there is no formatting to worry about, and it is easy for me to see the source text at the same time. In any case, like I said above, cooperation is still possible, if you are interested. I couldn't find your price below.


Sorry. That's exactly what I don't intend to do.


I can help you with the technical end but it needs to be in Transit (freely downloadable). you can view full details of the project here: ts/2009/12.11_French-to-English_consultation.html When downloading the Transit file you may have to right click on the link and select "Save Target As" (don't left click on the link). Looking forward to hearing from you,


Haven't heard from you for ages. I have a very bad experience with programs which are not Word 2003 or Excel. I sold my Trados 2007 as soon as I could. Technical stuff is not my cup of tea. I can do the kind of text you speak of. In you care to look in the Kudoz area in my profile: you could see I answer question in quite a few language combinations. French is one of my mother tongues (Hebrew being the second one) but I usually translate only from French and not into it (into Hebrew and English). If working with Word 2003 is ok with you I will have to look at the text to be translated. You rely on machine translation? not recommended at all.




Good morning , Thank you for your e-mails. It seems that sleep does a lot of good. Helps a lot. I was relieved to see that I managed to send you the file. I had to save it in a new name; I thought I would find it ready in the project file as I frequently saved my work somewhere - would appreciate to know where -. I worked in the Transit file and yes, I had my 2 windows, the French on the upper side and the English under, verifying the English text against the French, and confirming the meaning, a feature I found very practical, as it's not easy to get lost in translation this way. Big advantage! Yes! What confuses me is: the finding, opening, saving and sending the right files. I tried to follow the instructions, but somewhere, I seem to end up in a gap. And adding words to the dictionary is an element I did not use because of my ignorance. I believe the translation looks good in general and the terminology is correct. The fact that all languages do not use the same set of expressions for some terms, is what makes the translation work dubious. The object of a translation though, should be to provide the true meaning of the text which is achieved in the transcript. As for my charge, I had asked for Euro 0.03 per word for translating. But the work I have done was not translation, but mainly proof-reading and research for some words and expressions. Would it be too much to leave it up to you? You had mentionned in one of your e-mails that you had been living for 2 years in Cyprus; which town? Wishing you a pleasant rest of the day and a productive week, please accept dear , Thank you for your e-mail. My answers to your questions... My regular charge for translation in Euro per source word: Euro 0.03 per word My price per hour for this type of work: I cannot say until I see the document My native language: Greek How well I rate my English: not native but correct. I would appreciate to have a look at the file.




Thank you very much for your e-mail. I am very interested in working with you. Regarding your questions: I usually charge between 0.03 - 0.08 Euros per word, this depends on the length and difficulty of the text. I am unable to give you a rate for the work you are proposing since I am unsure how much work it implies. What do you have in mind? Language: I was raised speaking both English and German. I am also fluent in Spanish and speak French to an advanced level. I am looking forward to hearing from you, Kristina




I am definitely interested in helping you with your French to English translation project. With my work as a paralegal, I am especially interested and feel reasonably qualified to translate a contractual agreement. Regarding my fluency in English, I was raised bi-lingual and can confidently say that I am fluent in both languages. My entire primary education was conducted in French and my secondary education as well as my work experience have taken place in the US. My rate is $/EUR 0.14 per word. I do not charge per hour because if I need to spend more time on a particular text, I consider that to be at my educational benefit. On the other hand, I am very straight-forward about telling a client if I feel that I am not well-qualified to translate a particular text and will try to steer them towards somebody who has the appropriate experience in the particular field. If you are still interested, please forward me the Transit file you are working on and I will download the program when I get out of work.


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