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(January 26 - April 11)


yeah I see my images on there more and more . . . I thought naming it would help too but then I saw some people coming to just a photo of my backyard on one of those snow days just called "backyard" and there was a whole mix of pics in there! a lot of landscapers but a lot of backyard bbq's and stuff. I think it's always wise to just call the thing what it is, if there would be a whole bunch of images with the same name differentiate them by date, or just number them.

Decided I will start doing this with my blog. I have a good program which can rename file names on mass, and then I do a search and replace in the html file, adding the alt tags in the process. Am curious to see what effect it will have, but if I'm already getting hits with my pics, naming them and alting them should only help. I resize and compress them individually for the webpages, so they are usually only around 30k. If anyone wants the full 250k, which I know isn't much, they can drop 10 bucks in my paypal account first. But like I said, I'm not trying to make a career out of it, but who knows, eh? I enjoy taking the pics and when others enjoy them too. And I think my pics are half decent. Camera's a bit limited though, but good enough for my needs now.

I make all my images just under 1MB, then when saving it as .jpg I click 'medium' (or 5). It's working really well for me that way; good quality but not good enough to rip off and fast enough for poor dudes in China to be able to look at a page of 3. If your originals are only 230kb you better just keep that size! I don't know HOW pics get submitted to there!! I've looked a couple of times (mine started appearing last year) and couldn't find any way. I'd really like to know. I am signed on through my hotmail account, and there's nothing special on the screen that way. Perhaps if an image gets a certain amount of traffic it starts to show up?

I assume their geniuses play around and tweak with their algorithms to give higher rankings to pics which are visited longer. Just occurred to me that in google you press on the pic to see it larger. maybe when people press that it is a vote, and maybe google can tell when you download it to your computer, so that could be another vote. The usual stuff. At some point I'm gonna put some cheesey text asking the reader to bookmark all my pages, if they like what I do and want to help me find co-travellers. Kind of like a click for charity, ha ha. But can certainly work. I certainly never felt shame for being cheesey, heh heh. Decided I'm going to experiment with blogs and throw some text up there. Try not to duplicate my html pages but link to it a lot. Thinking about myspace, since it seems a subsidiary of google. Been talking to one blob exprd who says that the blogging community likes to stay within blog sites because they can add their own comments etc. Will try it. Working on my latest blob update now. Adding many pages and revamping a lot, so I've been working on it for a couple of days. latero

also I've noticed, even though my eagle photos for example are on both my blog and my site, that almost all my images are sources from my blog (sometimes both) and one from my flickr account. So those services really do help with exposure.

just curious, did you move forward with that google ads thing on some of your sites and are you getting any cash from it? If so, on which pages, how many hits you get a month for those pages, and what cash does that translate into? I'm considering trying it for some of my translating pages, since I need cash so bad. Not sure if it helps rankings, but perhaps it does a little bit. One of the cheesey things I'm doing is, for certain pages which are scoring near the top in certain useful keywords, when I'm at a new internet cafe, I go to google and do a search for those keywords, find my page, open it from google's search results, bookmark the page, and then keep it open the duration of my first stay at that internet cafe, which could be up to 3 or 4 hours. Talking about king cheese eh? But I think the search engines can only tell by the IP address (dependent on the internet cafe, I think) and not the actual computer itself. Then again, by having google toolbar installed on my browser, I read that it sends info back to google of where you surf, so perhaps I should uninstall it on the browser I'm using. Anyway, I think it has been working since I've started this cheesey desperate approach, but I guess its hard to know for sure which strategy is working. I'd have to have many computers and isolated scientific tests to know for sure. So it's an intuitive game I guess. If I were to start doing this as a business, I think I'd enlist my thousands of translators and HR people and get them to do the same shit.

in my desperation to find work and work on my site rankings, I have created a website of Translator Tips. Part of that is to explain how to type properly, because typing properly means typing faster, without looking at the keyboard or monitor, which obviously means bigger bucks for a translator who makes money every time their finger touches the pad. I remember you once mentioned that you had a typing learning program. I'd like to have links for translators where they can download some programs (but I guess I don't wanna be illegal if I will be getting a lot of hits on these pages). To keep you in the loop, since you were into this at one time with me and since I have been studying this issue steadily and enlisting the help of my new seo dude, good page ranking requires a lot of theme oriented text. So I am spending time creating new pages, and preferably useful and interesting ones, because the longer the people stay there and actually read the pages, the more it helps their rankings. I intend to do this over the permanent term, eventually hiring people to do this for me, as it is quite time consuming. But it can be interesting too, for example when I put together country pages, to which I link from my language pages (all the languages I offer). Interesting to read about the history etc of each country. To beef up my language pages, I read up on the history and development of languages in general, which was quite interesting, and after adding that text to the language pages, it has helped its rankings a lot. Once the page is interesting a full of original text, and perhaps gets some hits, I then submit it to the directories like Yahoo and Dmoz, and if it gets accepted into those, it pumps up its ranking a lot. It become an important page, and the pages it links to all of a sudden get pumped up in the rankings too, since they are getting votes from "important pages". So it is a complex inter web and interesting working on it. Another cheesey approach I thought up was to pick certain important pages which are scoring reasonably well on google in some important key word searches, and whenever I am in a new internet cafe while travelling (I believe the search engines look at IP address and can't tell the actual computer itself), I go to google, do the search, find my page, bookmark it when I get to it, and keep it open the duration of my first visit to that internet cafe, which can be up to 4 hours. Pretty cheesey eh? Another thing I thought up was to use my previous translation related emails. I started developing an entire section of my email archives. Funny that I actually get to apply my endless rambling to useful uses. But I don't link directly to it from my main pages, because some of it may be sensitive information, or I don't want it generally easily accessible to all my translators, or potential customers, but rather only through a websearch. So I make a main entry page, submit that, and I incorporate all these pages into my search engine sitemap page (.xlm I believe), so it gets included in the search engines but not in my main pages. Well, better get back to work being a busy computer geek cheese.

I've been noticing in my statistics that the small up arrow flash script on Information for Translators has been getting a lot of traffic. This flash script seems to be my second most visited "website". Read that flash isn't very good. Should I erase it or something? Do you think it is damaging my rankings? It is the only flash I am aware of being used on my site and was put there by one designer. Made a bunch of changes yesterday, so hopefully by Monday my rankings will improve. Been adding a lot of text and struggling away. Will keep trying!

Checked it out and looks a lot more serious, but still has some cheese element it seems. Your links aren't right either. You should change their names, and if your present pages are getting some hits, you can keep them there but make a link at the top to the new location, and add some new text below it, but move the present text to the new place to avoid duplications. Recently I changed one site and it shot up from nowhere to positions 10 and 11 in "translating agency", and 8 or something for "translating agencies". I have no clue how the same page can get in two positions but I managed it. Seems I was overcomplying before and breached some spam barrier, so I uncomplied and now I'm way up there. I got one site in 8 for "translating resources", and my main site is high for "translating agency", so something seems to be working nicely. Starting to get a grip on all that needs to be done, but realise progress is slow. The engines fight spammers, so they want to see honesty, and that things stand the test of time or something. Although I´m not totally honest and still the usual criminal. If you can handle it, you can check out my new project: Germany  This will become the supposed German branch of the KENAX global consortium of translation agencies. Shit, I like using this hogwash inflated expression so much I found I´m scoring quite high in those words. Have to laugh. So I downloaded some text on German translations and Germany´s history, and the history of its language, and I put it all down in my own words, with nice pictures, then I approach my translators if one of them wants to be my pretend representative, so they can give me their picture, telephone number, and then that page will look like a real branch or something. Then I submit it to directories. Long term, but in the short term you can check out the language combination links you´ll find at the bottom of that page, which branch out and use the computer generated pages of that script I designed. Basically wrote a bunch of bullshit about translating, and then created a thesaurus list for each word, and my script replaces the words using the thesaurus list, and jumbles shit around, so each page masquerades as original content, all linking back to the important pages. So I'm reinforcing the theme and building the pyramid structure. Yup, total goofball approach, but seems to be working so far.

I answered this question already . .. I shouldn't write too much in one email because I guess you're skipping over stuff.

No worries, I'm certainly not too busy to read anything, but I really don't think I got such an email. I just put up my first site and then I'll put up a whole bunch more. Didn't find anything about a maximum of 12. Perhaps you are referring to the special channel report, but you don't need the special unless you really wanna analyse things. I'll get around to the reports later if I start to see some results. Now I'm just going to add them to a bunch of cheesey pages and see what happens. I think the good thing about it is that it immediately gets you into google, because they want to make money off it too. You can check out what I did so far at I want to make the site prettier because it's high up on the engines on several important keywords. This site is practically a joke. It's just a bunch of links going out, which I found on google for the keywords "translating agencies". I only chose the top scoring sites and those which had a page rank of at least 4, perhaps I'd accept 3. Then I looked at their website and copy/pasted a summary of them, usually their intro or something. In that text, of course, I'd splatter or spice the occasional "translation" and such word. Then I directed my domain there. It popped up at 35, then in a week in moved up slowly to 25. It seemed to be inching up slowly, so I got excited and applied a bunch of tricks to it, but then it disappeared, so I removed them. Now it's like 8 or something. So it really gets down to tweaking, and making sure links don't die or get taken by porno sites or something. But it was such a bullshit spammer job I can't believe its way up there and have to laugh my head off. At least I know what approaches I can take with my other sites. It should be a highly paying keyword category, so we'll see how many pennies I can throw into the piggie. I learned I can add three separate sections max, and then a google search thing for extra money. The first section should be at the very top just under <html>, as the companies pay more if you do that. For the link at the bottom I customised it with my own logo (do a search through it), which you can click on to take you to my site. Quite the cheese operation and I can help but chuckle. Now to try my travel pages etc. Another thing the tips were saying is to make it eyecatching, like when I changed the background colouring to blue. You only get paid when someone actually clicks on something.

I said I have made a grand total of $0.16 (which has now ROCKETED up to $0.57, because the eagles are nesting so I'm starting to get hits from that eagle-cam website again). You can put the ads on as many pages as you want, but you can only track 12 channels so it's better to just put ads on your 12 most visited pages. I put it on the entry pages for each section (eagles, necklaces, art, graphic design) then on various eagle pages that are more popular. I didn't put it on my home page because that's ugly, but I did put the google search toolbar there because it's an extra way to make money. I don't know how they count it, . .. you get nothing for hundreds of hits . .. I can't be bothered to figure it out honestly. Someone left a comment on my blog today that might be able to lead you to better info, her blog is

Decided I was gonna start my own blog too, since I heard that it was good for seo. Think I'll call it Memoirs of Bimbus and put my more interesting and personal emails up there and see what happens, with of course lots of pertinent links to my other sites. The key is original content, and maybe I'll have several blogs and theme them into different categories. All fun experimentation. I certainly blab enough emailing that I should have plenty of content. We'll see how that cheese strategy works out. But I'm very happy I'm doing well with a few pages and keywords. Now just to keep adding to that, and "translate" that into money somehow.

> Where are you now? What Internet connection do you use in your van?

yes, I received about five test messages from you, but I turned off my confirmation thing, so you probably would have not received an auto response. For internet I use my mobile to check my email every hour. I log into my server running back in Czech and which allows good emailing through pocketpc. I can save attached emails to the server and read emails without downloading any attached files. I can save files on the server so that they can be downloaded by my translators. They can also upload files to the server, which I can attach to emails I send to the customer etc. Have brainstormed about this for years. The heavy internet stuff I can do in internet cafes, or when I'm lucky, I can find free wifi internet. I have an antenna with which I can catch a signal up to 10km away. COnsidered satellite but that too expensive at the moment. I can also get internet to the pc through the mobile. So there are many ways to hook up. The ideal situation would be to remain parked on the beach all day and get wifi from somewhere, whether for free or through a paid account. Wifi is spreading everywhere, so perhaps in 5 years my lifestyle will be easier. Otherwise I'm doing fine. My seo work is seeing good results and improving, but still not much work. Will take time. I see you're branching out into hotels etc. Are you more focused on webtraffic or translations? You are in a good position and I'm glad for you. Glad I was instrumental in your success, except for the fact that you're practically my direct competition, heh heh.

google, lycos, altavista And then we will add in white catalogues (several hundreds).

okay, I think I'm ready for the white catalogues, if you can recommend a service. I seem to be doing okay with, my rankings the following so far:

translating resources : 9
translating agencies : 8 ( is ours too)
translating agency : 7 and 8
translation tips : 44
good translation tips : 9

Think I'm getting the hang of this and realise what I have to do, and now I'm applying the same to, which is hooked up to the hypermart account and already has a lot of backlinks. I then have a third site somewhere else I'd like to work on. If I have high interconnectivity between the three sites, is it obvious and can it be considered as spam? They are on totally different IP addresses.

When submitting to the white catalogues, I guess I should submit several links and not just the main one? For example, 
is a new addition, receiving a good score, and think a good one to be submitting, as no one else is offering such detailed and good tips as I am.

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