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Tart Cherry Juice


Precovery is a term derived from the idea of preparing the body to recover from muscle strain, soreness and swelling before it actually happens. The theory of precovery suggests that steps taken to reduce soreness and swelling before suffering from an injury or engaging in strenuous activity will speed up the recovery process after it. The practice of Precovery thus leaves an individual feeling healthier, stronger, and more energetic immediately after a workout while helping their body recover from pain and swelling due to over-exertion and/or an injury.

tart-cherry-juice.jpg (16462 bytes)Tart Cherries:

It is well known that fruits contain essential vitamins, minerals and other bio-active compounds that help keep the body balanced and healthy by improving blood flow and brain activity, strengthening bones and muscles, and boosting the immune system to help fight off diseases. Eating fruit everyday is a great way to keep the body healthy. In doing so, an individual is keeping their body prepared for any type of activity that may cause it harm. Therefore, eating fruit is a natural way to “precover”. Some fruits, like many products, are better than others. Although they are not as easily located as some other fruits, the consumption of tart cherries is considered, by some, to be a leading method of precovery. In addition to being a great fruit to prepare the body for muscle strain and injury, tart cherries are also highly effective when consumed immediately after muscles are strained or an injury is suffered. Tart cherries are therefore one of the most well rounded, versatile fruits you can add to your diet.

Why Tart Cherries?

Tart Cherries contain a plethora of bio-active compounds that acai, blueberry, noni, and pomegranate simply do not have. Tart cherries have anthocyanins which are shown to reduce inflammation and inhibit tumor growth. They contain flavanols and flavonols which improve blood flow and heart/brain health, and lower blood pressure. They have plant hormones which regulate physiological functions and help protect the body from age related functional decline. Tart cherries boast phenolic acids which are very powerful antioxidants (which balance out the level of oxidants in your body), that help protect the body from oxidative stress and the associated risk of developing cancer and/or cardiovascular disease. They contain a wide variety of vitamins and minerals that improve basic metabolic processes and are essential to biological pathways. Lastly, they contain terpenes which are essential oils from plant elements.

Tart Cherry Juice

Like most fruits, tart cherries are best consumed whole in order to retain the maximum amount of nutrients. However, whole tart cherries are not commonly offered fresh in most grocery stores. They are commonly found preserved in a can and used for baking pies. If you want to consume tart cherries it doesn’t make sense to eat them in the form of a dessert along with all of the other ingredients. It is also inconvenient to have to cook a pie just to get your daily dose of tart cherries. At the same time, most people would not want to eat tart cherries preserved in a can. Therefore, tart cherry juice offers a great way to consume tart cherries anytime of the day and on the go. There are different types of cherry juice you can buy. Since tart cherries have a relatively short shelf life, many of the tart cherry juice options offered in the grocery store are from concentrate and contain preservatives. Although it is convenient to grab a juice off the shelf at the store, you really want to take the time to look for one that is all natural (not from concentrate) and contains no preservatives. An example is CherryPharm (an all natural tart cherry juice health drink made from whole tart cherries that is loaded with antioxidants and clinically proven to reduce strength loss, protect muscles, lessen pain, speed recovery, improve sleep habits, and increase wellness) and for shelf life reasons, it is only offered online with direct shipment to the customer. For more information feel free to visit

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