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(February 1 - 7)


finally getting some concrete help concerning my spam filter, but I just read: "Important Note: Don't install MDAC 2.6 or later on SQL Server 7.0 or 6.5 clustered installations; doing so will break your cluster." More information on what I am trying to do below. Any suggestions? What SQL server do I have?

pursuant to my last email, I tried various things and stumbled on one issue where I could not proceed because Windows whined that I did not have a genuine version. I still do not have the cash to buy my Windows, but I guess I'll have to at some point. Or do you think you could figure it out for me? Or do you know of some other spam software which forces the recipient to respond to something to be added to a whitelist database? I prefer ones where the person only has to respond to the email (press Reply), as opposed to follow some weblink to punch in some squiggly looking numbers. The spam problem is really getting in the way of my work. Not to mention that I could be overlooking potential work from a customer.

I have no notion of where you trying to set up sql server. And why you choose MS why not MySql or other. I'm install here Thunderbird and very happy with it. I turn on anti-spam filter, one or two says I'm teach it for spam just marking messages. It remember what I'm taking as spam and now he mark such emails itself. Also it move spam into separate folder.

I have a similar system, but what I need is a system which sends a challenge email to new senders. The previous system sent a weblink, where the person would have to go to that, punch into a box the squiggly numbers and letters, and then they would be added to my whitelist. Since the MDAC database seems to be broken (hopefully it will not affect other functions on the server), I am looking for another system which will only require that the person press Reply instead of going online. You happen to know any such system? How about the shuffle script? You are not responding to any of those emails at all. If you do not want to take a task, at least inform me so that I can seek an alternative solution.

so I am finally going to start using your communication script. Yippee. Will train my first reliable project manager and then soon hope to start using it on real projects. Noticed some bugs, such as when I upload the user table, it chops off the username. Some people like to change their username and password to something they remember, so it would be important that these two remain the same.

Oh, I'm understan, I'm come to MS downdoad page... and now they wanna check my Windows. Okay, you just need to reinstall MDAC, what version was? I can search it on my Visual Studio CDs. For shuffle script I just need find some time for relax. It is not very strong script but I need clear my head before. Hope this weekend will be refreshing.

leaving the internet cafe now and have to drive to Antalya to fix my mobile, without which I will only be able to check my emails at the internet cafe. Hopefully I'll resolve this soon. I just changed the password to the server again, to the usual vadim777. Perhaps you can resolve it. I already tried a bunch of things, and installing the Jet and MDAC (the files I tried I saved on D:/Install/Server/Choicemail). Then I wanted to do the Microsoft check but it looked like it was going to ask me to confirm my Windows was genuine. What I need is for the Choicemail program to work. If running it is a little white mail looking icon in the system tray. Otherwise you'll find it in Start > Programs > Server. When you try downloading mail (ctrl n), there is a failure as it tries to save to the database. You can see the failure in the View Log. To the Choicemail I believe I temporarily have hooked up Outlook Express, if you want to test it. But everything seems to work, except that Choicemail cannot successfully download from the pop3 server (I have it set up for my old email account).

I have been working on your email form a bit, but is it possible to set it up such that, when I press Reply, the To field is automatically filled in with the person's email address? And perhaps validate the email address field, or at least force them to put something in there? Because if they leave that field empty I will not be able to respond to them, and I know that people can occasionally make such a mistake.

I decided that I'll just stick to manually uploading the user table to your communications script. This is because I can open it in Excel and delete certain records and change data, to make sure that I only update your sql table without overwriting regular translators that I have already assigned to projects etc. With autosynchronisation it will probably overwrite a lot of information I do not want it to. The reason I wanted this done before is so that new applicants can ask someone else besides me there silly questions. Instead, I'll have my tech support's desknow email account accessible to the internet, and use the new communication script for other purposes. Do you think the new ticker email subject communication script is possible? More of a long term thought I guess. Today I plan to send you some money.

now that we are testing out your communication script, we are calling it Project Server, or PS, for short. I noticed you have this "Rights" for the users, with default 5. What are the various rights? What if I assign someone Administrator rights? Do they get the full admin rights as I do? Can there be more administrators? I don't really want to give anyone else full administration rights, because they will then have access to everyone's email address, or full name. But setting up projects and assigning certain tested and established people (by nickname only) without seeing their contact details, and setting up their user relations (who can communicate with whom) could be useful. Just brainstorming a bit and not asking you to do anything yet.

I think I mentioned this before, but assigning users to particular projects is pretty slow. Since I uploaded the full user table of about 9,000 records, when I am in the window where I want to assign users to particular projects, it loads each project one at a time, and for each project it downloads the users for each dropdown menu. So for the Translator field it will download 9,000 records for the first project, and then the second, so it takes a while for just two projects to appear before I can start assigning people to the second project. When I finally do add someone, then I have to wait until all the projects and records for each project loads again before adding the next person. Obviously this process will take longer the more projects I have running. I was wondering if we could simplify this a bit. Perhaps I could make some quick table in Excel, save it as dbase4 or whatever you suggest, and have an upload button for that particular project? I could then have templates/previously saved Excel files which I could quickly upload or modify first, making the project creation part much faster. All that would be necessary is the user code, a nickname, and assignment of Type (translator, vettor etc.). The rest of the information could be drawn from the usertable already imported. I could look offline and decide which people to use for a particular project, and choose their Code fields or something. With this limited information an Administrator of lower rights or project manager of higher rights could set up a project, upload this little Excel file I might send them, and upload the files to the source folder which translators would download to translate. Still just brainstorming. The communication2 script would be more important than this, but just trying to get an idea of the next stages of different projects. I guess you'll be way to busy to develop any of this? Looks like I may have to look for more programmers once I start to get some cash.

ahoj, the computer was partly fixed, apparently to old tospend money on, so I think I

I think your machine is fine and reliable, and don't know what they are talking about or making up. You don't use it for any fancy graphics work, so you are throwing money out upgrading, as far as I'm concerned. How could you send out smtp at home but not here? Nothing has changed. You don't need to update your WIndows, but if you want, I can help you with that. Don't trust everyone just because they know more about computers than you. I have met what I considered computer geniuses during my Europe travels. Many times people have wowed me because they knew so much in a particular area, but then they turned out to be totally useless morons because they knew nothing in another area. I know a lot in many areas. Don't do anything drastic or let anyone do anything drastic to your computer without my knowing, I would suggest. Did it not work at home? Then why would it change? It is the smtp settings of your internet provider in Prague, so why on earth are they trying to update your WIndows. I have a feeling they do not know what they are talking about. Like I said, I can set up that account for you so that you can always use the same smtp and never have to worry about this crap again. Refer to my previous emails. latero

will take back home with me and have somebody tell me what to do. I have to have a reliable thing here and this is not. Updates not possible because the message comes out that it is not registered to this machine and .....Microsoft caught the hole in the system or something. Anyway I can send and receive now and it is most important at the moment. Other programs I will do at home.

I am writing from a different email address and from the webmail server in Tahoma 10. Please let me know what font appears on your computer and whether you can see this message all right.

this looks fine. On my email program I can choose between fancy/html view or plain text view. I usually choose plain text so that I can see the characters the size I like to see them, the same every time. But on your previous emails I could not choose this option, for some reason, and was forced to read the very small letters.

How do you do to repeat part of the message you are replying to with the sign? I don't know how to do it.

I guess this would depend on what email program you use. Do you write your emails offline or online. I do most of mine offline and use Pegasus Mail, a free program.

did you manage to look at the spam filter problem on the server? The latest and last response from the online help below. Sorry for the ugly colours in my Windows, but if you want, you can make changes and then Save As the Themes in Windows to Vadim or something. Just make sure you do not save the changes over my Easy Green theme, as I like these colours. I am not super certain, but it seems that the problem may have started when I tried to install some firewall which was insanely difficult for me to manage. It blocked a lot of programs and eventually had to be uninstalled. Well, I guess I'll have to try some different programs. I am getting way too much spam and need to resolve this somehow.

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help please!

the only problem is a change on your system. Some other software may have installed something or uninstalled something when you removed it. the message ChoiceMail gives you is correct and is not coming from ChoiceMail, but from your database subsystem. "Data type mismatch..." is a message from your windows database subsystem. There is nothing we can do to correct the problem. If you follow the instructions I gave you in my previous posts you may be able to find some help.


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