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KENAX Translating Agency now offers more than
180 languages and continually seeks more translators.
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If you would be interested in obtaining jobs in the Philippines, otherwise known as the Filipino country, simply refer above and follow the links. It is good to get jobs in Asia, in which the Philippines, otherwise known as a Filipino country, is located. Through this site, you will be able to find employment in Asia, or in the Philippines. Getting jobs is good, especially in the Philippines, or Filipino, which is in Asia. There are a lot of employment opportunities in this region of Asia. There are many jobs available in the Philippines and we hope to find employment for Filipino people. Asia is a good region to find employment in and various jobs. Jobs are good to find in this region of the Philippines, which lies in Asia.
Kenax would like to offer translating work and jobs in Asia for Asian translators seeking employment or jobs in translating. You can find translation work in the Filipino language. Translation jobs are good because you can work at home, from your computer. Employment is good when working from home because jobs are good when you do not have a boss breathing down your neck. You can work in the comfort of your home, here in the Philippines, for Filipino employees, who are seeking work and jobs to work from home. Employment opportunities are always good and we should all have good jobs that pay well. I like to have a good job while working in the comfort of my home. Translating or translation work is a good job to have and I would like to offer employment opportunities for Philippine and Filipino people.

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