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Yah, I got a bunch of videos and did some reading immediately after the towers thing and was thinking the same thing at the time. Still do. People were pointing out the appauling difference between what the US media reported and that of the rest of the world, and many media around the world at this expressed appaul at it. That is one of the major things which makes the US a dangerous place - because it can keep its population stupid like this, and hence pull of anything it wants. Obama said he was going to try and sever the bond between the lobby groups and politics, which is a very important first step. Hope he can pull something off. Its rather scary.


Merry Christmas, Thank you for the reading. Lately though, I've been somewhat taken with the 9/11 truth movement. I've been looking at lots of video and it seems obvious that there is considerable doubt as to who pulled off the demolition of the WTC and the adjacent building number seven. We need to find out who did this. Personally the almost unbearable realization is this: If they did that then, what wouldn't they do? Do you know who brought down the WTC? If so, do you have any evidence? Most political propaganda requires that we suspend our own judgment, that we ignore our natural conclusions. That we base our opinions and foreign policy on unsupported, if official, hearsay. In the case of 9/11, that we ignore thousands of experts. The Architects for Truth movement has many hundreds of supporters. These are Republicans and Democrats trying to answer the question. Who did it? Much of what happened on 9/11 has never been investigated. Much of the direct evidence has been destroyed. Why has the government refused to fully investigate this heinous crime? We need to find out who did it before we can begin to speak of what Organic Intellectualism is or isn't. There are killers on the loose. We need to stop them. Who are they? I'm serious about this and would like your opinion.




The petty jealousies and caprice that govern most men's lives will never change. What we need is a way to protect ourselves from those who are actively trying to hurt us.


It's called GUNS! and lot's of them.


< well, not sure if I'd agree with this one. Ghandi achieved his goals without them, and think the country - the US - is a hotbed with too many guns. If a civil war did come about, can't imagine all the cowboys out there actually taking on the trained military.

Concerning his statement about some biological weapon which would wipe out much of the planet, as a nature lover, was actually fantasizing what it would be like to live on this planet where the cities became overgrown jungles, the animals multiplied and moved in, and there'd be so much green etc. There really is too many of us, but I'm certainly not advocating some sort of eradication. Imagine what this world would like like doubling its population every so many years. It's just going to get ridiculous. I can see how many would scream in horror at the concept of population control, but what other option do we have. Then again, the population growth in the most developed nations seems to naturally approach zero, where the poor countries use it as some sort of pension scheme (a theory I read once where it is the natural instinct of such cultures to have lots of offspring, in the hopes that the more who survive, the more will be likely to support the grandparents when they are old and can't take care of themselves so much). I guess we've finally reached the bell curve thing in nature and now there will start to be lots of talk about curtailing consumption and waste, where before such notions were rather encouraged, as a means to build up a manufacturing base and promote industry (make the rich richer). With global warming fear, my hope is that they'll start planting grass on rooves, line streets in forests with trees, and make the world a more green conscious place. And the rich west should help spread this notion to the poor south and help them get up on their feet better. I think the internet and learning English can help this, as these populations can leapfrog from a rural people, past the stinky industrial phase, and straight into the service sector etc. Actually had a thought yesterday that one charity project I'd like to start up is something like "one laptop for every village", complete with a solar panel, battery and regulator. That's basically how I survive and don't need anything else. During a sunny day I can certainly have several laptops and other stuff running. The laptop could be used to educate, and if one smart person in the village can make some income, they can then buy a second laptop, etc. Another project would be to get wireless internet into these villages. I wash my clothes in the ocean using a bit of shampoo, don't buy nothin', and it seems a fairly feasible but very green existence, except for every time I crank the engine and drive somewhere.


> > Boredom is our greatest enemy,


> ??? What planet is he on?


> > Look at the great revolutionary heroes, Che, Marx, Engles, they

> were

> > all a

> > bunch of rich kids using popularism to make kings of themselves.


Marx and Engels? Please! NO! But, Che. Look at how he died. Where he was and what he was doing again this guy doesn't know what he is thinking.  People in general are trying to look round for answers. They can see something is wrong. But they just can't figure out what. If ever the unwashed work it out. They know that they will not like the answer. So, they don't look to hard. Yet they do like to flap their gums about how much they care...... In response in what you sent me. See below.


> > The basic human condition is unalterable.




> > The petty jealousies and

> > caprice that govern most men's lives will never change. What we

> need

> > is a

> > way to protect ourselves from those who are actively trying to

> hurt

> > us.


It's called GUNS! and lot's of them.


The world is being run by a secret society that cares little about "the rich or the poor." They see themselves as the operatives in their inevitable domination of the world. They call this manifest destiny and their philosophy is simply "the means is justified by the end."  This is not science fiction. The complete depopulation of the world is at hand. A bacteria is now ready that will wipe out 99.9 percent of the planet's human inhabitants. Those who have developed this pestilence also have the vaccine and the antidote to protect themselves. They envision a paradise on earth where we no longer worry about the rich or poor. They will manage and control a slave class to do most of the unpleasant jobs.


Er close but, no biscuit. So. These rich. Are going to do what? Kill everyone? But their own? Riiight. So how will they still be rich? Paradise on earth? When you can't look at yourself in a mirror? And they will kill everyone. except their slaves???


> > They have technology and are very intelligent. They love their

> > families

> > and are just waiting to unleash the real final solution.


They may have the technology. But, it is not for them to use. and how can they love their families when (sorry) they don't know what love is??


> > We need to find out who these people are and stop them if we can.

> Who

> > will care about the rich and poor if we are all gone?


We KNOW who they are.

They will not survive.




Well, there's no white Christmas here this year. And, as much as I agree with some of the points in the writing you sent, my biggest problem is trying to find a free hotel in the mountains. They are all full. The Czechs are still spending money.


Funny to read this while my sister is amazed at record snow falls in Vancouver. Guess the world weather patterns are starting to zonk out. She's made some intersting points how we'll all suffer contending against nature. We've reached an equilibrium point and there are too many of us.


is at hand. A bacteria is now ready that will wipe out 99.9 percent of the planet's human inhabitants. Those who have developed this pestilence also have the vaccine and the antidote to protect themselves. They envision a paradise on earth where we no longer worry about the rich or poor. They will manage and control a slave class to do most of the unpleasant jobs. They have technology and are very intelligent. They love their families and are just waiting to unleash the real final solution. We need to find out who these people are and stop them if we can. Who will care about the rich and poor if we are all gone?


Well, not promoting such eradication, but if it did happen, think I'd enjoy the abounding nature and surviving with the animals. Which could be an absurd concept considering all I do is just sit in front of this computer. And if it did go back in time, the process would start all over again, with people, like a virus, clearing trees to plant vegetables so that they can free up time, make technology, and clear more trees. I like the way of the First Nations people who were hunters, respected whatever they killed, didn't scathe nature, and just lived in simple harmony with it. The White Barbarian who has infested the planet with its ideology of devouring everything is our worst virus.




yeah that was quite a startling discovery, made much too late, about the heat reflected by the ice which is now being absorbed by the ocean. Exponential effect that is only just now starting, will be very damaging indeed.


When you think about it, it's almost like DUH. You'd think the government was behind a cover up and I think it would be impossible for at least some scientists to consider this effect.


My personal attitude is not so much that humanity will find some technology or some solution as that nature will prevail. What I see coming is, the more comfortable parts of the planet (where most of the people live) will be the first to be hit with extreme weather. We are already seeing it, but its too soon to say if it is a trend of climate change or just an anomaly - a blip - in time. Mad winds, alternating droughts and deluges of rain, freak snowstorms etc. The southern part of the planet will experience much stronger storm seasons, making it even more difficult for the growing parts of the earth to recover before the next one. Those people, who already have trouble sustaining themselves, will not be able to grow basic food. Like rice.


Well, they say that a cow consumes up 20 times as much land as does the soya bean, what concerns feeding a person. I guess we've hit an equilibrium point in our population growth and now the trend will be towards greater conservation etc. Considering the cow theory, we've got a lot of room for progress. Technology will certainly help. But it will take many years before nature will settle down again. Looking at myself, I consider it quite a green and feasable example. I think one of society's greatest problems is boredom and the habit of consuming to overcome it. If instead people would use their free time to creative rather than devouring means, that would make a big difference. But the whole structure is set up to turn people into working vegetables who would only make the rich factory owner richer. That entire system needs to be changed: the strong bond between politics and the lobby groups needs to be severed; the industrial military machine needs to be bound under scrutinising chains; and there needs to be set up some third party organisation which will study what is best for society and promote it. Instead of the media brainwashing us to spend and consume more, there should be shows and advertisements encouraging people to go for walks in the forest, bike to work, help out their neighbour, send some money to Africa, etc. etc. Right now it is just a rampant capitalist system where those with money have free reign to stupidify everyone into overconsuming the planet, to make the rich boys richer.


In the north things will become more temperate, but also with freak storms coming through from time to time. The reason I don't see the development of any new technology or whatever is because all our effort is going to be spent on just trying to keep people alive. I see the planet rushing from one disaster zone to another, countries coming to each others' aid, until either things return to normal or our resources are exhausted to the point where all we can do is take care of ourselves and our neighbours. I'm not kidding, the reports of crumbling infrastructure around the planet RIGHT NOW that governments can't afford to fix are frightening. Bridges, roads, water systems, electric, . . . everything was built decades ago and has barely been maintained let alone upgraded.


Yes, infrasture investments can be lofty, but do we really need all those roads? Furthermore, as a tech-head, I'm interested in developments and I definitely see a shift in that direction. With oil prices constantly on the rise, the new carbon tax system, and pressure from green groups against certain fuels etc., investment will naturally shift to alternate technologies, and they will be applied, because economists will calculate the savings of such small investments as opposed to the costs. For example, 85% of the planet is covered by ocean, and a virtually unlimited resource of wave power. Perhaps combine with wind power. You could have shipping lanes between all these farms, and the whales could go to the surface without problems. This is just an example. Quite interesting concepts are on the table and much of it seems feasible. The technology will enable it to become profitable. We just need to get away from stinky gas and coal, and clearing too many forests. I think the simple act of lining all streets with trees and planting grass on every roof would make a radical difference.


Look at the broken water main in Maryland just the other day, its one of the two largest water mains in the US. Due to freezing temperatures it burst, ripped up a road with some cars on it, sent rock barraging down the street. People had to be lifted out by helicopter. We are going to be spending so much time and effort just keeping things running as we have gotten used to, as we need, that very little resources are going to be spent on anything new. My attitude is that the people that got the most spoiled, the people that wouldn't recognize a fresh vegetable if they were hit over the head with it, the people that don't know how to make a fire, that don't know how to cook without a microwave, are the ones that are going to have the worst time of it. Because the first thing that is going to become scarce is all the processed "convenience" items. It will be 'back to basics' time, I think, and probably sooner than most people realize. Look at Thailand, look at New Orleans; there has been hardly any reconstruction happening since those disasters. Even after all the aid and money sent. People still don't have homes and basic basic living. I extrapolate that to many disaster zones around the planet.


Yup, it's gonna get painful, but I guess that will be a part of the migration from "consume consume consume, because the earth's resources are unlimited", to a big green wave where people will be educated to think about everything they do. We've hit our limit on this planet and naturally now there will be this big shift and trend towards conservation, new technologies, and new ways of doing things. The third world will follow in time. Those behind always leapfrog, while the developing nations develop the concepts and technologies.




> Anyway, if there are too many people then why are we so lonely? 

> Maybe there are just too many cars?


People are lonely because the world has become a repulsively selfish place, another reason why I chose to leave Prague. I believe that, to some degree, it is a product of new technology. One can sit in front of their computer, surf the net, enter chat rooms, play video games, watch TV... something entertaining THEM at their fingers and beck and call. So it's become a generation which demands instant gratification. I call it the "right here, right now" generation. If they don't get it, they just cant be bothered. When the internet first came out, I thought what a wonderful opportunity to get back in touch with all my friends. I had always made the effort to write letters and keep in touch, but acknowledged that it was a bit of a pain in the arse to deal with post and all that, so I partially excused them. Now they have no excuse. But it seems to have gotten worse. People just can't be bothered with things like that now. So it's understandable that one can feel so lonely in such a selfish world. I once found myself crying in a bar standing above a group of my work peers. I found their selfishness outright depressing. Of course I felt safe enough to cry because I didn't expect any of them to bother to look up at me, notice, or even care really had they noticed. I like the Muslims, because they haven't been adulterated by the TV, the convenience, nor the decadence of the west. They are simple and genuine people who will offer you their food while eating, if you are not eating at the time. I've also grown tired of people in big cities, who tend to be sophisticated, busy, a bit inflated, and more selfish. The simple village folks are my new family.




What are we if we believe such things and do nothing? I've had a hard time believing that our own leaders had anything to do with this but now I'm not so sure, especially after the their unwillingness to cooperate with any real investigation. The evidence seems compelling enough.


I've been on this "bandwagon of the few" from the very outset. Found some reading which blew my mind and forwarded to everyone. Got totally ignored as some quack, but thought they might remember me when it becomes accepted fact. But who knows when that will happen. Look at the Kennedy thing. They should rip open the whitehouse, as the Vatican concerning stored away and hidden scripture, and reveal everything. So much is hidden behind the masquerade of "national security" and no one in America, who all live under an umbrella of fear, would dare compromise their precious security. They just want to feel secure enough to drag their fat selfish arses into their air conditioned cars and drive over to the mall and pig out on shit, and don't want to concern themselves with whats happening "over there".


This is the worst criminal act in the history of the U.S., and yet, the government actively hinders all inquiry while putting forth a seemingly fraudulent account of what happened.


Yup. Look at Iraq and the supposed WMD. In one of the videos I have someone interviewed called it "the United States of Amnesia". All Bush has to say is "oops" and it's neatly buried under the carpet. Someone once told me that the American military had invented the television. Rather fitting I would think. Good intelligent way how to stupidify and pacify a nation into complacency, so that they can barely lift their heavy arses off the couch. Put internet on the TV so they can order a pizza without having to lug that heavy chunk of lard all the way over to the telephone.

Glad to see that at least one of my friends might be interested in becoming an organic intellectual, which I understand to mean as someone who is willing to try and educate the complacent and uncaring zombies around us. Out of about 200 friends in my email address book, I chose about 10 who I thought might find this material interesting. Out of that only two responded, where the other guy said early on, "Yah but, what's the point of raising a voice? It will mean certain and immediate death." So he might understand and care, but not willing to sacrifice anything, which is why these people get away with this bloody murder. We're talking 1, maybe, out of 200.


I think at the time I just couldn't deal with it. It seems so important now. If Obama refuses to pursue this it will clearly show that the Democrats are in on it. Here is the chance to put the Republicans away forever but the Democrats don't even mention it during the campaign? What kind of two party rivalry is that?


A joke. I hope one day to have enough to get my democracy idea of the ground. In the meantime, even if Obama cared, he probably cares more about his family and I would guess the big boys would hint what happened to Kennedy, or what could happen to his lovely two girls, if he stirred up the establishment too much.


There is one party in the US. It is the military. Everything else is "show Democracy." They may have existed for the country at one time but now they only exist for themselves, a larger and larger percentage of Government spending and GDP.


I'll try to put some of those videos I have on the net for you to download. Ever seen BBC's "Why we fight" and "The power of nightmares"?


But the reason why 911 is not investigated is that we would be investigating ourselves, for, one out of every three people works for the military or state.


Or the rest would have to make some sacrifice, or risk. Which is why people like Hitler can do what he did - because people are generally complacent, don't really care, and just want to make sure they get their share. Just consider that study they did again recently, a repeat of one during the 1960s, where an actor would be in the next rook pretending to be electrocuted, while the tested person would be in the next room holding a switch. At least two thirds to 80% of people had pretty well no qualms frying the crap out of the person if "the authority" said it was okay to do so, and they were egged on. People just don't give a shit, and certainly not enough to make any sacrifice or risk. Until it's too late and banging on the door. Then, when there is an actual revolution, everyone else is getting involved, there is no risk, it looks like they could profit from the movement, and it seems like an exciting thing to do, then you will see the masses come out in droves spittling out their mouth and waving their fists and placards. Rather pathetic actually.


I don't know who brought down the WTC but we need to find out. Those people are still out there.


One could say we're surrounded by them. You take the two thirds to 80% who don't give a shit as revealed in the study mentioned above, and you put them in a seat of power. What do you get?


Speaking of "education can often start closest to home", on the next pages you will find discussions of important matter I've had with my more intellectual friends. Perhaps you might find it interesting reading.


After reading the some of the news sources for concerned citizens [ , I eventually decided that I wanted to do something about it and move towards becoming an activist. At some point I received a newsletter [ from one of my sources calling on all activists to become "organic intellectuals", meaning someone who cares and thinks and who makes efforts to educate people around them on important matters. For example, if Hitler were rising to power and certain intellectuals saw what was coming, they might care enough and be willing to sacrifice themselves to educate others and attempt to avert the upcoming atrocities. Out of 200 friends in my address book, I forwarded this intellectual call for activism to about 10 who I considered intellectuals and who I thought might be interested in the profound nature of the writing. Out of that only two bothered to respond. One of them early on said point blank that it doesn't make sense to discuss such matters, because as soon as one opens their mouth about it they could get shot. It is obvious what his reaction would be if we were during the time of Hitler's rise to power. The other one is appalled in general and perhaps he will do something about it. But it seems that the blatant majority of us simply don't give a crap, which is why we end up slaves of the power masters and loose leafs tossed around in an occasionally turbulent and very ugly world. Well, at least I'll try to do something about it, so that I can stand before God at the end of my life and say "at least I tried". Below is my

On the next page I've started copying email discussions I have with my various friends on these important matters [ . A lot of what such people say can be rather interesting, but difficult to organize well. But perhaps some of you may find it interesting reading.


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