Party Mother Fuckers

The second collage:


Yes, contrary to what they had warned me against in search engine optimization school, I have gone ahead and swore like a mother fucker on this page. Maybe just to see what happens. Usually I just use the code word mfkr. Anyway, this is a collage of pics of parties I and my friends organised. Sweet memories of Prague. During my regular SEO analysis, I thought it was humorous why this page would actually show up on google, at the top for a while in the search "collage fuckers". I thought this was rather odd, until one of the friends on these pics pointed out it was probably some dorks in the US who didn't know how to spell college... I guess we know what they were all after.

Some links concerning Prague and partying:

Prague party
My reflections of the Czech Republic people - probably needs to be updated, cause since I wrote that page I decided I really should be more honest...

Czech Republic - some goofball history page of the country
The main party party page of Prague goofballs as cut out from Think magazine
Party in Czech festivals, in the beautiful countryside. Don't get stuck in Prague!

But since I no longer live in Prague because I moved into a caravan truck to travel around Europe, I've taken the parties outside!  If you'd like to join me for the new festivities, I'd be glad to play your cheap travel Europe tour guide!

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