Yes, it's been a grueling 13 years. I originally intended to accomplish my goals within 10 years. I still haven't fully accomplished them, but certainly need to get outa here. Been too long. But I will be moving into my caravan truck and travelling around Europe for the first few years, so I should be in and out of Czech occasionally.
My self designated departure is November 13, because that will be 13 years almost to the day since I came here, but I wanted to have my going away party in the "summer" to combine it with nature, bbq and volleyball.
There will be two bands playing there, Fatty Lumpkin and another friend band of mine (I coughed up the cash for the second one - the first one is already having a concert there, so the party is combined). Both are real cool and I'm sure you'll enjoy it. Probably a drunken jam session at the end.
It will take place in Radotin, on the edge of town. It's only a 20 minute train ride from Hlavni Nadrazi (or Smichovksy nadrazi, the second train station it passes through - Radotin is the fourth one), and trains leave every half or full hour (schedule there and back).

The venue is at U Pigiho and you will find a map how to walk there from the Radotin train station at the bottom of this page (to print it, download it by pressing on it with your right mouse button, choose Save Target As, save it to your computer and print it out somehow that way). Otherwise, in Hash House Harrier fashion, I'll mark a path from the train station by arrows marked using white flour.
It is an outdoor concert next to an indoor bar.

Hopefully the weather will be nice, so that I can set up my volleyball net for those who are interested.
Actually, it is funny that the place is called U Pigiho (at the Piggie), because my friends are generally referring to my truck as Piggie. I will drive out there Saturday morning depending on who wants to get out there early so we can get in a good day of volleyball, and there is plenty of room for those who don't mind standing, with sitting room for six passengers. So write me an email or sms to my new number at 608 319 826 if you want a ride so that I can coordinate the departure time.
There is an outdoor grill at the restaurant if you want food there. Or I'll have my mobile bbq with charcoal if you want to make your own (if the restaurant does not object, or you can ask to throw your fancy steak on their grill).
All are welcome, beer 18Kc, no cover charge.
I'll probably most definitely be crashing there overnight, with room for a bunch in the truck, otherwise I'll have four tents with me if anyone wants to borrow one.
If you can't make it to this party but want to hook up with me once I'm on the road, just write me an email. I'll be checking my email all the time. I'll have my phone off while out of the country.

Hope to see ya there!


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