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Czech Translations Consultant


Thank you for your interest in becoming my Czech consultant. I have translated from Czech to English for more than a decade, and occasionally need help understanding Czech meanings. Often concerning more complex grammar, or perhaps some terms which the average Czech knows but which I cannot find in any dictionary. Or perhaps I am doing a "cultural" translation (which I usually prefer to avoid) and there are some slang phrases I do not understand the meaning of. Or perhaps it is a very technical text which I need help with. But I have to warn you, many of the points I need help with most Czechs are not able to help me! Here you will find some examples of questions I've asked my consultants for recent projects, to give you an idea.

EU Legislation
Auto parts

Usually I need a quick response, because I usually resort to consultations close to when the translation is due, considering that many issues I am not certain about I am able to resolve myself towards the end, after I have completed the translation and proofread it after myself, and understand the concept better.
I need consultants who are often on the internet and able to give me a quick response.
You can state what fields you think you are able to help me with. Such as grammar, general culture, or some more technical areas. Usually I get rather difficult translations though and not often do I get cultural translations where I would need help with slang phraseology.
Sometimes I may approach several people at a time if my usual consultants are not responding. So I am trying to build up a small database of consultants so that I would hopefully always find someone who is available. I will try to send out only a few emails at a time so that no one is bombarded by emails.
For payment, we can round up the time. I imagine that most of the time all it will require of your time is between ten and thirty minutes. You can state an hourly wage, and if you only spend ten minutes helping me on a particular translation, you can charge for 30 minutes, for example.
If you would be interested in helping me with my translations, please tell me your hourly rate, what fields you think you could help me with, and roughly how often you are online or available to help me.

Otherwise, if you would like to apply to my agency as a Czech < > English translator or proofreader of translations into English or Czech, please fill in this translator application form.


If we work towards a long term partnership I would like the consultant to have installed on his/her computer Transit, a translation memory software which I often like to use during my translations, when appropriate. You can find a free version of the software through this same link. When I use this software I would send you a specific file which, when opened, shows the original and translated text next to each other, and you can peruse the rest of the document for reference.
I would mark words I am uncertain about and require your consultation help with by the + character, which would always be placed AFTER the word I need help with. If the + character is placed after a comma or period, it means I am uncertain about the entire phrase or sentence preceding it. You would simply search (CTRL F) the target/English file for the + character to quickly find the words, phrases or sentences I need help with.
If you have any recommendations, please copy the concerned sections into a Word file. For clarity you can state the Segment Number of the text you have copied and as shown in the status bar along the bottom of the Transit software. When making changes or recommendations to your Word file, you can use Word's Revision tool so that I can easily see your changes or added recommendations. Feel free to ask me to help you with the Revisions feature, if you are not familiar with it, and I might be sending you comments following your consultation work to smoothen our cooperation.

Otherwise, if I am not using Transit (such as for text which does not have a repetitive or translation memory nature), I could send you snippets of the original and translated text, as the examples at the top. But this is more time consuming for me to prepare.


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