Because of our virtual office and ability to hire project managers located in rural areas or less expensive countries, we are able to charge a low markup of only 3 cents per word, depending on the project. Below you will find a table of what our translators are generally charging, to which you can add our markup of 0.03 USD to get an idea of what we would charge.
The below table shows how many applicants we have for each language combination, and the average price charged by them (the data is from August of 2009, and since then we get about 4 new applicants a day, so the information is not totally up to date). For a compiled list of defined regions refer to the list at the bottom left of this page. Other language region lists may be created on request.
Naturally the average price is not entirely indicative since we would most probably use a less expensive translator if he/she is available and of suitable quality. To see the range of prices offered in a particular language combination, you can press the Individual link near the top right of the data table and then enter your language combination into the Source and Target boxes, or press the appropriate results number in the Submits column. The % symbol means "any number of any characters". Therefore, if you leave % in the Source box and %Chin in the Target box, you will get all language combinations into all versions of Chinese (Mandarin, Simple, Traditional etc.).
For a full list of all the language combinations we offer, go to our Languages of the World page. Occasionally we add to that when translators contribute a new language (mostly African), so the list may not be completely up to date. In all we have about 7,000 translators in our database, which has been growing for the past 15 years.


Language combination samples:
- FROM African language
- TO African languages

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