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Just started downloading Babies, although I got a bit scared from some of the comments I read regarding it. Anyway, I'll judge for myself.

Concerning dealing with idiots and the Gypsy issue, I'm more concerned about the sales thing but almost looking forward to taking them on. I've taken on people in forums before, it was fun and satisfying, and I found I shut most of them up, rather quickly. For example, my suggestions what new translators might want to charge. A very hot topic in the translation industry. People in Los Angeles etc. screaming at the low prices, so I go on my rant how they're just trying to preserve their decadent lifestyles and don't realise there is an entire world out there, and that in some countries, such as Egypt, the average person makes 2$ a DAY.

Then I save all the correspondence and throw it up somewhere on my web. So it actually turns out a bit useful.

For the Gypsy thing I guess I'll let the Gypsies decide if they feel offended. I like the sound of the title and have always been calling myself a Gypsy, but you're right, I'm not, and I don't want to offend them, so I'll let them decide. k



well if you really want to do it then take a chance but I'm telling you people are not going to read your explanation sentence. Let me put it this way: you could BE Roma and be chronicalling your travels and you could SAY you are Roma and use your Roma NAME and people would still come on and tell you you shouldn't use the word Gypsy its not PC don't you know these people are persecuted blah blah blah. Of course you also get intelligent people that actually READ and figure it out.I'm just telling you, its up to you how much of a headache you want to have and I promise you a headache it will be. People are IDIOTS. I mean, I have videos or blog posts etc about an eagle eating a crab, it says so in the title, I describe it in the comment, people are talking about it, and other people STILL come on and go "where is the crab??" so fucken stupid I can't deal with it and I'm not trying to sell the stuff right now I'm just trying to raise my profile. Concerning unprepared kids in the west, this is exactly what the establishment wants. They want these cows who don't think, go to work, and spend everything on stupid products so that the rich establishment at the top can keep the factories humming and the money pouring into their war machine pockets. yeah I think they want people to be stupid too, its so obvious. but a lot of this stuff is what the stupid PARENTS, already brain-dulled, do to their own kids. Like in this neighbourhood I see people jogging ALL THE TIME with a kid, like a 6 year old, in a stroller. WHAT?!!! that kid should be running. What the hell is a 6 year old doing in a stroller, ever?? honestly. I ask my friends with kids and they say the parents just want what is easier for them, so the kid SITS while the PARENT gets exercise. Unbelievable. you just know they're going to go home and sit that kid in front of the TV or computer, the adult has gotten their exercise. Then at bedtime the kid hasn't had any activity all day and is all wound up and won't go to sleep, so . . . . OH! I know, let's go to the doctor and get a PRESCRIPTION. fucken brutal.One time I was in the forest here at UBC, there was like 5 or 7 adults and three kids, the kids were ALL in strollers, one was almost sleeping, one was bored out of its mind, and the third one was playing an ELECTRONIC GAME. in the forest!! the adult are walking along drinking coffees having an oh-so-nice conversation and the kids may as well be locked in a room. Why weren't the kids running along, on the edge of the path, picking up sticks and looking at bugs and stuff?? ridiculous. There's a movie you would like you've probably seen it, its called Babies. It's four kids born the same day, one in San Fransicso, one in Mongolia, one in Tokyo and one in like Namibia or somewhere. It tracks the kids until the start walking, like two years old. It says A LOT. the Tokyo and San Fran parents are FUCKED. check it out man!!



Yah, already created a new category of our correspondence. Hope you don't mind. Repeating the words Gypsy a lot during our discussion, so important keyword. Will create a new page with our discussion. If others say something then it would just add more words, until the maximum prescribed of about 40,000 characters (roughly 5,000 words). Then you start another page. Therefore, if I use as Heading1 and Title for my My Life page like "Book: My Life - The Gypsy Traveler" or something like that, then a link at the very start "For those who have an issue with the title of this book, please read here", then link to the discussion page, start with an introduction and end with some interesting correspondence, all link back to entry (My Life) page, and if a forum explodes (great! Please add more firey comments!), and link back from all those pages, I can GUARANTEE you I will very quickly get to the top of google for "The Gypsy Traveler". A rather catchy title I think (the Description meta tag will mention something eye and interest catching), and those who are provoked by the title will more likely click on it, etc. etc. So, yes, could be some delicious evil genius here, heh heh. 


You know what . . . that might just work! Using their own words against them, then other people would weigh in. You could really open up a dialogue; traffic would swoop in, even people just reading not commenting. *evil genius* It's risky, but it could really work.


Read about one Gypsy's testimony of suffering during the holocaust. They had it worse than the Jews!


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I appreciate your work on translating Holocaust survivor testimonies, and your apparent effort against the demonization of my people. But please, PLEASE do not talk about "the way Gypsies think." This makes absolutely no sense. There are over 10 millions of us, with radically different subcultures, families, and personal experiences. (And BTW many Roma are happily in "the rat race.") Just because you have a romanticized view, that does not mean there is any such thing as the "Gypsy" way of thinking, any more than there's a Slavic way of thinking. Even more imporantly, please stop with the "nomadic hearts." The vast majority of Roma has been settled for hundreds of years. Most Roma in the world have absolutely no connection to anything resembling nomadism, any more than, say, Jews do. No one talks about the nomadic hearts of Jews. Why can't settled Roma be treated as people who just want to stay in one place, have jobs and be normal?

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