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        I wrote these pages because I like to focus on my general health, feel I have learned a lot over the years, and would like to pass on this knowledge to others. But I wrote this page a long time ago and totally forgot about it. Click here for a more recent version of my general health pages.
I feel that so many people in the world live their lives thinking that their bodies are somehow expendable, eating whatever their desires tell them to, gorging out at any moment according to what their fancy inspires them. It is a fact that there are two things that kill us: oxygen and overeating. One of the only ways scientists have managed to extend a rat's life is to deny it of food. Although we need oxygen to survive, it is ironic that this element is a major cause of aging. That is why such things as green tea (the Chinese on average apparently drink two litres of it per day), which is an anti-oxidant, meaning it removes oxidants (which come from oxygen) from our system, helps extend one's life. Stretching, for example, releases oxidants from your muscles, which is why people who practice Yoga tend to look younger.
Overeating is also bad for you. It is estimated that as much as 60% of your body's energy is used to break down the food you consume. Especially or even more so if you are eating such things as a steak. Just imagine the energy your body must expend to break down that tough piece of meat into its little components so that it could eventually make it into your blood stream and feed your body. When your body uses that much energy (remember that you may often feel sleepy and out of energy after eating a steak or a big meal), it has that much less to focus on healing and revitalising your body. It is a known fact that animals automatically go into a fast after a major injury. When I catch a very nasty cold, I myself go into a short fast and manage to kill it with my common cold remedy within as short as a half a day. When I fast, I find I have much more energy than usual and can only sleep about 4 or 5 hours a day. While fasting, I don't/can't even take naps during the day, which is one of my favourite pastimes.
Basically my body has a lot more energy available than usual, and it uses it to focus on revitalising my body, or burning those elements within my body that do not belong there (such as the toxins and chemicals pumped into the food we eat, or the pollution that makes it into our bodies just from the environment we live in). It has been said many times that one can get rid of cancer by not eating for forty days < . But the average person living in the west, based on the food and garbage they stuff into their face at every possible moment, could die of an overdose of toxins before a lack of water when shocking their untrained system with such a feat.

Below are some links to pages I have written in certain areas, and a general guideline to what I consider healthy living.
The bible says that our bodies are God's temple [1CO 6:19]. For a balanced and happy life, it is therefore important that we respect our bodies, God's temple, and attain a balance between spirit, mind, body and soul.

For example, stress is a major illness and can lead to death. Many of us are so consumed with getting a better car, larger home, and more goodies to fill it with, perhaps showing our neighbour that we are better, that we work like mad, crazy hours a day, denying special time for our family and loved ones, that we forget all about smelling the flowers!!
So the first thing in the entire process is to sit down and evaluate hard about your life.
What are your real priorities? Not only is the excessive materialism in the west destroying the planet, where everything you consume requires some sort of conversion from some piece of nature (it is now estimated that there are simply not enough resources left on earth to equip all the Chinese with cars, considering their present rise to wealth), but the obsession that comes with it is killing our very selves! People go to work it seems on some programmed impulse that they must work, work, work, make as much money as possible, and then the weekend comes and they are almost programmed to go to the local shopping centre to see what they can spend all their money on. Do you really need more material objects in your home? How about spending some time on a charitable project? You will find it much more rewarding than that material object you add to the vast collection in your home.

I have a theory that looking at beauty brings beauty into your heart, which is one of the reasons I try to surround myself with as much beauty and as little ugliness as possible. Take the time to notice and smell the flowers!

So the first step is to sit down and think hard about the true, valuable priorities in your life. What is truly rewarding and important in your life. The bible say: "The best that man [people] can do is to eat [the Word of God], drink [from the Holy Spirit], and be glad with the work of his [/her] hands. This is a gift from God." [ECC 2:24, 3:13, 5:18] But so many people go to work thinking that work is their highest priority: to make money, spending at least 8 hours a day slaving over something they might not even enjoy, then perhaps at least two hours in traffic, some more hours doing certain chores, such as cooking food or cleaning, until they have at most a few hours a day to do what they want. And perhaps that alone is wasted sitting passively in front of the TV watching violence!!
So I believe the first step is to sit down and plan out a lifestyle that is balanced and truly beneficial to you (and your environment around you, I desire). Scale back your expectations of the mountain of toys you would like to shower yourself with, find some work that you enjoy, focus on removing stress from your life (a lot of which comes from our thirst for more goodies, and the pressure that inflicts on ourselves - especially if we take out loans to pay for them!!), and start planning for a rich (not monetarily) and rewarding life.
Just for an example: Why not take a blanket, some cheese and other food, and grab your family for a picnic somewhere in nature? Go for a pleasant walk, spend some pleasant time together, and when you get back from your day trip or weekend, come to your home, look at one of the many objects you have purchased over the years and compare the joy you received. I think just the memory of that weekend will give you more joy than that object ever will in your household.
So before you start focusing on what you eat and all the other things you can do to improve your general health, first evaluate your life and try to come up with some formula which removes your stress (which often leads to anger, hence unhappiness, and even more stress - eventually a heart attack) and improves the overall quality of your living.

Now that you have accomplished this very important and crucial step, we can proceed with some other ideas how to improve your general health.
Some basic tips:

Well, that is all I can think of for now. Basically it is just a matter of focusing on your body, your life, and using a lot of common sense, combined with some research. Don't rush out of your home in the morning while pounding down that crappy cup of coffee, get stressed while crammed in traffic, hustle during your busy day making some other person richer, to rush back home or spend it all on silliness without reflecting on your entire life and everything you do during every minute of your day. I have a feeling that many people are afraid to reflect on their inner selves or on these matters. Why? Or they get wasted drunk trying to forget about their problems, constantly running away from them and avoiding the issue. Why? There is no reason why you should be afraid to reflect on these things and it will only improve the quality of your life!!

Below are some pages I have prepared for particular subjects, and below that some weblinks to pages on general health:

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Here are some links I have collected on general health: - for parents concerning their children - focuses more on health in the workplace - for parents concerning their children,12711,,00.html - for teenagers - general health advice for those traveling in foreign countries

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