Open Mic

Taky Tiki Bar
Cimburkova 22 in Zizkov


Yes, dazzle yourself with the rich fantasy of Mad Jason and his incurable obsession with Tiki.

And enjoy live music with an open mike.
I used to organise these weekly in my home, but I get tired of cleaning up every time. I can bring an African Jambe (big drum), violin, bass and a few small instruments, and I have a 200W PA am with four inputs (two condenser mics with own amp, several other mics, and several chords for line-in). I can even get a mixing board if there is enough interest.

I am looking for a few musicians who can lead so others can latch onto. We can decide on a regular evening that would be convenient for everyone. My personal preference would be Tuesday or Wednesday evenings.

I would like to leave it an open format which is controlled enough for the enjoyment of all (putting a clamp on musicians who like to masturbate on stage at volume 11, etc etc.).

If interested (audience or musician), please write me to [email protected] (if you want to fight through my spam guard), or maybe this email form might be easier. Once I get enough musicians and we decide on a good day, I can write you all and let you know the details.
Could be room for poetry readers if they can accompany the musicians.

Link to map how to get there.
More pictures of his stuff below.

So last night was a good success, considering it is the first time I organised an open mic publicly. I used to organise them in my flat, so I wanted to set this up in a similar fashion. Basically, we the musicians get the best seats in the bar, sitting on comfy couches facing each other, like in a living room. Talented musicians can pass the available instruments around, different musicians taking turns leading some song, with the others latching on. Sort of a jam session. Aim is for the musicians to enjoy themselves and get to play as much as possible, where the audience is a distant secondary (although they still quite enjoyed themselves last night).
Anyone wanting to borrow someone else's instrument will have to ask them personally. This time I will bring my bass as well. Other musicians were impressed enough that they will bring their guitars with them next time, so next time should be much better than last night/Wednesday. I have four inputs in my amp for more instruments, but we were playing loud enough last night that the violin and harmonicas were heard without amplification. This is probably better anyway, so that people could hear themselves and their thoughts, and in case of potential noise problems. No need to play on volume 11 anyway.
If anyone could bring or email me some lyrics with chords (to add to what I have collected so far) so I can print them out and bring them each time, that would be great. Others could then sing and join the musicians.
It starts at 7pm, because Wednesday is a weekday and there is no reason to wait until 10pm before things get "warmed up". We are not here for the audience but for ourselves, and the beginning period can be used to warm up, tune instruments, practice songs etc.


So the Open Mic at the Tiki bar in Prague apparently became a success and a new wonderful tradition in that beautiful city, but I had to move on to travel around the world, so I couldn't take part in the fun festivities anymore.

The ten years I lived in there it was fun partying in Prague, but duty called and I could no longer allow my translation business to keep me pegged to my couch.

But that doesn't stop me from orgainising open mics and parties while on the road!

If you'd like to join me for one of my crazy adventures, I'd be glad to play your cheap travel Europe tour guide.

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