Czech Carodejnice

Unfortunately, the police just started to get too stinky and it is too much of a pain in the ass to keep lighting the bonfire after they snuff it out with their fancy foam spitting equipment, so I'm not going to waste my breath by trying to keep the witchburning tradition going on top of Petrin Hill. In any case, people seem to go there every year anyway, with little fires and bongo gatherings on the side of the hill. Through the above link you will find an explanation for this fun, festive and annual event, where you will also find scary Satanic music in the form of a Led Zeppelin song played backwards

The Prague venue for this has shifted to Cafe na Pul Cesty on Pankrac, although hardly as authentic and fun as it used to be. But that is just one of the prices of Eurobureaucratisation and suburbination of this Bohemian city of Prague, now gone cosmopolitan. I phoned them and they said they have the whole event agreed upon with the police, complete with bonfire and several bands. They said I can bring my bongo and bang on it like a monkey no problem.

Otherwise, you can often find quaint campfires around the country, outside of Prague, where people are more genuine, friendly, and untainted from the global onslaught of capitalism.

Spelt Czech it is čarodejnice. Čaro is an infinitive root meaning "to bewitch". Děj means an event.

If you find good links or info about this event (as I am no longer in the country and gone traveling in a truck), please write me and let me know so that I can update these pages regarding this great and fun event.