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Good day my friends,

Itís been a long time since I updated my travel pages. Simply been swamped with too much other work, but I have been writing down stuff as itís fresh in my mind. But creating webpages of this amount of new text and adding all the pics has been too intimidating a prospect.

Iíve grown increasingly tired of translations and recently Iíve started pulling out. Looking for what I like to call a ďFacebook ideaĒ: some internet based service which can provide me with a steady stream of income without having to actually work. Although Iíll continue to work, but I want to focus on projects which interest me, such as web development or my Africa Charity Project, for example.

Iím working on several ideas but one of them is to start selling my travel stories (not to friends of course), and Iíd be interested in hearing your opinion. I was thinking of 10 bucks for the entire package and have started with My Life. That is the free online ďteaserĒ, much of which you may have already read but which is organized into a single, chronological unit (with some fillers added, and links to other articles Iíve written which might make interesting reading). The ten bucks would pay for the rest, or work as a subscription thing as I update parts. The reason this occurred to me is because lately people have been writing that theyíve enjoyed the read and asked if I will continue. But itís simply too time-consuming to keep doing this for free, and I am looking for other sources of income at the moment. But I certainly enjoy writing it and making the webpages!

Have a good one pals!



hmm, interesting. Guess I'm not so aware of how those wankers over there think because I don't live there anymore. When I was treeplanting I thought the average person was so nauseatingly politically correct in Canada I wanted to barf. So different from Europeans its not funny. Couldn't even fart or anything. Anyway, I've always felt like Gypsies were my brothers and sisters, because we seem to think the same way in a lot of ways, and they always seem to take me in as one of their own. They would certainly not be offended by this but would consider it a great honour. I am basically living their lifestyle. What concerns some wankers chewing me out for the rest of my life, I'm tempted to think: bring it on! I guess it could affect sales, although such wankers might not be the types to be into reading my stuff. Will definitely have to think about this! Otherwise, lots of titles with the word Gypsy and traveling in different ways, but not exactly the way I worded it. Thanks for the tip!



mmmm, well you're not Roma so . . . I mean not to be super politically correct and all that, but people are unbelievably sensitive these days especially so about things they don't understand. There's a really good reason why that title has not been used. Don't forget you're trying to sell something, so pissing people off right off the bat by using a name that is considered racist might not be such a good idea. I know you are aware, and I know you understand the nuances and all that but other people don't know that and you will FOR SURE get a whole bunch of half-baked responses about how you shouldn't use that word and people trying to start arguments with you.Its not about what YOU know about the Roma people, its about what people THINK you know. Unless you want to spend the rest of your days explaining yourself, I suggest you use a less controversial name. As you can see people are in love with the word Bohemian"her Bohemian style" I don't know what they think they mean by that, and for a while there a really annoying terms was going around 'BoHo Chic' which makes me want to barf"he's so Bohemian" I don't know what they mean by that either, but it seems to suggest things earthy and artistic. I know your travels aren't in Bohemia but you are Bohemian so you could use that word. Its catchy and relevant and has a great cachet. You wouldn't use the expression "Wandering Jew" would you?? that used to be used a long time ago. "Gypsy" just is not . . . . good.  



heh heh, figured if I'm going to start promoting this book might as well give it a title. The first that occurred to me is above and doesn't come up in a search on Amazon, surprisingly. Waddayatink? Feels right. So I'll start promoting that for a number one search result on google, link to it from travel story/blog websites, promote it and try some self-publishing. The more links to any website on my pages will help my overall domains anyway, so no harm. I've started off with if you'd like to check it out. A brutal and simple beginning. Well, off for a jog now to the local mineral hot springs. Twice a week highlight, but I don't got hot water in this homestead...


well, certainly don't want to argue against you, but I don't even know what this has to do with their plight. It's in their blood to be nomadic. I don't think it is at all an insult to them. They suffer plight precisely because they are not interested in being part of the system and want to be nomadic, or pick apples from trees. Like one Gypsy here said on TV: why should I work when I can steal? That's how they simply think. Personally I'm a bit on their side. I've grown to despise borders and think it would be fun to write some long standard response which slaps these wankers in the face. But obviously if it grossly and negatively affected sales it wouldn't be good.



yeah its not a joke Karel, there's people who all they do is go around the internet spending HOURS telling people how wrong they are and "You shouldn't do that, don't you know about the plight of the Roma!" after watching one puny show on like CNN or other garbage. I just think it's more trouble that its worth. I know for YOU there is understanding but don't forget about the huge amount of idiots out there. You just want to take their money, you don't want to get into arguments which you will lose because they have more time than you do and they have nothing else going on. just saying.


Just curious, what if I wrote at the very very beginning a brief sentence linking to an explanation of the title? If someone had an issue with it they could read that, and I can go into a lengthy explanation. I just wrote to a Gypsie friend of mine who is very strong headed and vocal and I'm curious what she will have to say. All these types could read that and become educated. I'm wondering if the title could even be provocative in that way, capturing the wankers' attention, and possibly even lead to an increase in sales. Like that Russian guy and his tactic of getting high up on google by pissing people off. Just a thought.


Concerning unprepared kids in the west, this is exactly what the establishment wants. They want these cows who don't think, go to work, and spend everything on stupid products so that the rich establishment at the top can keep the factories humming and the money pouring into their war machine pockets. My latest conspiracy birdy has said that they are planning a major culling (fulfilment of Revelations). Apparently even Bill Gates is in on it, with his vaccines in Africa which actually weaken the immune system and are preparing for a major slaughter down there. I think they'll just drop a few viles here and there and cause major epidemics, while they themselves have the antedote. Too much of us to keep under control, and we're polluting the shit out of planet. Those people probably love nature a lot more than humanity.



But obviously if it grossly and negatively affected sales it wouldn't be good. yeah that's all I'm saying. Like, if you want to Make a Point, then go ahead but I can promise you the bullshit you will encounter will be soul draining. Later on when you're successful you can say what you want because people will give you an opportunity to explain yourself. But for now you have to focus: sellsellsell and gain readers.Your personal experiences with the Roma people, and the Muslim dudes on Cyprus, and all of that are SO valid. And very worthwhile to put in the story. Just remember that people jump to conclusions and do not hesitate to attack even if they know almost nothing about what they are saying. and they delight in dragging other people down!! its just a waste of energy. in the same way that you wouldn't want to distract google or whatever by misdirecting keywords you don't want to attract the wrong kind of attention by promoting yourself a certain way. and yeah, the overly politically correct thing is completely annoying .. . . you should see how they are in the schools here now, my friends just can't BELIEVE how the kids are 'taught', and I use the quotes deliberately because to me its some weird mental propoganda like the communists except "everyone is good love everyone we are all equal" then they send the kids out into the schoolyard, or the world, with NO defenses and the scavengers and such just lay waste to them."I thought we all loved each other," they cry as they pick their bloody selves off the sidewalk."We'll we're all supposed to, just not everyone does," say the moms between texting and making nail appointments. its a real mess, I worry about what is going to happen when these kids enter the workforce because they are completely unprepared. The older ones are getting into the universities now and they are driving the profs CRAZY because they can't write a sentence and they think they should get straight A's just for coming to class. anyway, yeah. I'll stop now, haha!



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