Deep Dark Secrets of Bimbus Duckie

My goodness, how did you stumble on this webpage? Are you really fascinated about my deepest entrails that you have navigated your way to this page? In case you're wondering what Bimbus Duckie is, well, that's my self designated stage name. bimbus duckie rubberDuck.jpgIt's a combination of my two favourite words: Bimbus, a slang word for "penis" in Czech, where I was born; and Rubber Ducky. But I preferr to spell it Duckie, I guess because I'm so cool? In fact, once I get around to painting my caravan truck green, I plan to plaster in large font across it BimBUS, with underneath that. For a joke, and also to remain inconspicuous when parking downtown. To keep it looking commercial. Right now it is the horrid Mercedez blue it came in, but that keeps it pretty incognito, as in just another beat up delivery truck bringing bread from the bakery or something. So I find I can park in any city's centre and not get hassled by the police etc. But I don't like the blue, and it's not so good for camoflague, as I like to park in nature and all that. Plus it just looks obtrusive and gross when I park it in nature, where I like to spend most of my time.

But why make this page? Well, primarily I want to link to my Memoirs of Bimbus blog for the purpose of google indexing. All part of my mad approach with search engine optimization. The memoirs are basically just personal emails to close ones that I could not figure out where to publish, or didn't want to publish on my usual webpages, cause many times the stories are grotesque and personal. bimbus duckie rubber-duckie.jpgAnd why do I publish these grotesque and personal things? Well, first of all, why should I feel shame and give a flying crap what people think about me? Second of all, I find that polluting the internet with more text but in a certain way might benefit my webpages, and eventually get me more work. If you read the memoirs, you will find that I link out to all my important pages from certain keywords. Linking out from a third party blog, so I am also experimenting the benefits of that. Third of all, it is on a third party blog site and I don't think I have my name in there. Do you know that some translators look me up on the internet and read about my personal life before choosing to work for me? I guess they're smart, and I can see from my webstats that some do searches for my name, especially when I try to farm out large projects, so I naturally deduced it must be my translators. A bit scary, but usually they end up liking and trusting me, and we work towards an amiable working relationship, which is my preference. So because my name is not on this page nor on my bimbus blog, how else would someone stumble on it other than you, who must be a very curious person indeed, or by some random search on the internet that has nothing to do with me? Meaning that mostly only strangers (or very very curious friends of mine) would actually stumble on these horrifically grotesque and private memoirs.

Oh, did I mention stage name? Yes, it has always been my aspiration to be a famous actor. Or at least just act occasionally, which I have in the past. bimbus duckie duckies.jpgBut since I cannot make the name Bimbus Duckie famous through my shoddy and shy acting, at least I can give it some "resonance" (as Noam Chompsky worded things when I was emailing with him about my Direct Democracy project) on the internet. Give the poor little bimbus a shot of life into his cute rubbery little arm, so that he's not so sad. After all, we can consider bimbus the light dimension of my spirit, who does not get bogged down by all the toils and frustrations of running a translation business. An innocent little guy who would only be sad if many evil things happened against him. And who only needs the slightest amount of attention to be filled with the most wonderful joy. Like the free and abounding love that streams from Jesus himself.

Anyway, back to the business of linking back to this horrid page of deep dark secrets. Below are links in general relating to me, the insane person behind Bimbus Rubr Duckie (thought I'd add a middle name this time, since we are getting so serious and official and all!).

General links about me: Reflections of a Madman
Memoirs of Bimbus - another useless blog on Google, and the internet for that matter.

More pictures of me all over the world. I guess I am a little famous, after all.

bimbus duckie giantduck2.jpg

bimbus duckie giant-rubber-duckie.jpg

This is me visiting my goofy nephews in London after I had got a bit bloated eating too many times at McDonald's. Boy was I full!

Here's a famous actor who just LOVES me to death. And then some more bimbus duckie photographs.

bimbus duckie lghr16076+ernie-with-rubber-duckie-from-sesame-street-mini-poster.jpg

bimbus duckie rubber-duck-1.jpg     bimbus duckie RubberDuckie.JPG