I find if I have not eaten garlic for a long time but then have a big dose of it, I smell it myself. I heard that garlic is good for cleaning out the pours and my theory is that, after not using garlic a long time, my pours get clogged with dirt. At such a point, after eating a large dose of garlic, it seems the garlic is almost steaming out this dirt/impurities – what does not belong in our bodies – and it smells: more the longer I have not “cleaned out” those pours. It is the combination of garlic and the gunk built up in my pours that smell, not necessarily the garlic itself (when I have clean pours and eat too much garlic, I smell like garlic, but clean garlic, which is more bearable to most people). A simple solution to this is a shower. But I find that, if I take garlic regularly, my pours are clean and there is no smell. In fact, I was asked on a few occasions what perfume I use, even though I do not use any. If an attractive girl asks you something like this when smelling your skin, let’s just believe her. But I also find that there is a limit and, after eating too MUCH garlic, especially when it bites your tongue how strong it is, your breath and generally you yourself can smell. You have to consult your friends to find where the brink is. I eat a lot of garlic and only occasionally get complaints (when I truly do go overboard…).