treeplanting-016.JPG (111637 bytes)
Camping on the motel lawn for own privacy.
treeplanting-022.JPG (199671 bytes)
Some of the steepest ground I've ever planted on.
treeplanting-024.JPG (95415 bytes) treeplanting-026.JPG (72432 bytes)
Double fisting as usual, with red wine on left.
treeplanting-027.JPG (129486 bytes)
Farmland turns to steep slope.
treeplanting-028.JPG (102110 bytes)
Training a bear scare dog to protect a checker,
who often has to be on the block by herself.
treeplanting-029.JPG (89393 bytes) treeplanting-037.JPG (91473 bytes)
Occasional long drives to the next contract.
treeplanting-043.JPG (157589 bytes) treeplanting-045.JPG (100244 bytes)
Enjoying a fire on the days off.
treeplanting-046.JPG (113433 bytes)
Adding special minerals ("Fire Rocks") to the fire for psychodelic effect.
Nice in combination with mushrooms during days off.
treeplanting-048.JPG (93211 bytes) treeplanting-051.JPG (106564 bytes) treeplanting-055.JPG (101500 bytes) treeplanting-056.JPG (101003 bytes) treeplanting-057.JPG (100457 bytes) treeplanting-058.JPG (99369 bytes) treeplanting-060.JPG (97588 bytes) treeplanting-061.JPG (96553 bytes) treeplanting-062.JPG (99273 bytes) treeplanting-063.JPG (101410 bytes) treeplanting-065.JPG (107304 bytes)
Adding a big log with hollowed out rotten centre, creates stream of fire and interesting effects.
treeplanting-066.JPG (106859 bytes) treeplanting-067.JPG (100414 bytes) treeplanting-068.JPG (112170 bytes) treeplanting-069.JPG (103485 bytes) treeplanting-070.JPG (110839 bytes) treeplanting-071.JPG (106996 bytes) treeplanting-074.JPG (51891 bytes)
Yes, that is a moon.
treeplanting-078.JPG (95614 bytes)
Often play live music around fire on days off.
treeplanting-079.JPG (125651 bytes)
Unloading tree from truck before...
treeplanting-081.JPG (109137 bytes)
flying it by chopper to the block.
treeplanting-093.JPG (129359 bytes)
Tanking up the chopper between runs.
treeplanting-095.JPG (89688 bytes)
Motel contract with Zambian roommate.
treeplanting-100.JPG (160981 bytes)
A planted Douglas Fir.

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