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A Little Text Design Turns the Screen Colour to Yellow in Safari


you know what, div tags are actually not that complicated! I also had to learn it (one of the style sheets I boosted was using it), at first you’re all like, “what?” but when you see it in action it totally makes sense. the cool thing is you can run one div off another, except maybe change the colours or whatever, so once you have the design set the way you want adding stuff and making wholesale cosmetic changes are actually quite easier.

One edit to the style sheet and all your pages magically switch to new style! no tinkering per page involved. Lovely.

i bet you will learn it much faster that I did even, I also strongly suggest switching.

yah, I kinda thought it would be easy enough and glad once I learn it. It’s just that initial psychological and lazy barrier I gotta get over, but it will eventually happen. Already seen plenty of css comments concerning it, and read a bit of the Help in my webpage designer, about hovering it and making layers and so on. So will look forward to the day when I overcome this barrier, heh heh


okay, would appreciate if you could give me your opinion:

My standard super soft login is

Couldn’t stare at the horrible design any more so I spent some time beautifying it and now I’m back to workin on bugs etc.

Do you see the Company Name dropdown menu properly? I designed it in frames so it wouldn’t have to download the long list every time and so it would work faster.

I still have to write the script to calculate the Fairness and Pleasantness etc. column, but those will be incorporated out of a text box like I was talking about and like the comments section at the bottom.

Lookin forward to your keen design eye feedback!


first thing I am going to say right now is I don’t like the font of the words that are sideways “Payment Duration” “Fairness” blah blah. Just make it Arial Narrow or something. It looks cartoony.

Thanks for the tips. Yah, played around with that for a while and wasn’t entirely satisfied, but just gave up. Will try to get back to that later. Pretty sure I used Arial but Narrow might be the solution.

the drop down menu works good for me, super huge long list of names.

the little windows that pop up with I hold the cursor over Fairness, Pleasantness, etc (with the green background) are screaming yellow (why screaming yellow, WHY!!) if you must have that OK, I’d suggest not screaming yellow, but the text is a bit outside the box, especially for Pleasantness “How pleasant they are to deal with in general”

general falls on the next line and is not inside the yellow box. This is both for Safari and Firefox. Small thing but could be confusing for people, this word just hanging out against the green background. Same for “best” when I hold the cursor over AVG rating.

same for me and one of the bugs on my list to fix. Plan to incorporate what I accomplished at

when you hold your mouse above the little yellow balls. Smoother yellow. Bit of work with the rounded corners.

Oh, boxes come up for the other headings (which are showing as a different colour of blue, not sure if you meant to do that) “Category” “Website” “Email”, these boxes are much better sized for the explanation words.

Otherwise its OK, the content in the window moves when I make the window bigger or smaller, doesn’t cut off like some websites do and drive me crazy, this is both in Safari and Firefox (Mac) so that’s good.

what is the big white box to the left of the list of categories “Fairness” “Pleasantness” “AVG rating” etc. for? It has no heading.

Oh, you mean to the right? That is moderator comments. Hope to give it a heading at some point. Was focusing on making it look acceptable and functional. Still got a bit of work with that, then a lot of fine tuning, and promotion. Will try to get other industries to use it other than just translating. The more traffic the better! k


heydo, can ya do me a favour and tell me how

looks in your safari browser? Is it at least functional? Think I’m gonna use this as my new pretty standard.

in Safari it looks like the little folder/flap thingy, at the top behind the words “Contact Form” is not attached. There is a white block between the folder/tab thing and the rest of the grey rectangle. In Firefox (Mac) it looks like all one graphic.

In Safari the white block behind is making the white words “Contact Form” partly invisible, so I would either looks the tabby thing at the top and just make it all one rectangle or change the colour of “Contact Form” to black.

same for me and I would have removed the flap if eventually using. What I liked the most was the rounded corners, but I guess since it is using images there’s no reason why it wouldn’t work in any browsers. Will be neat to implement one day.


I dunno dude, think I might like the old site better. I can help you with redesigning if you like, but personally the new site seems like a skeleton. And not really fancy for any work you may have put into it. With easy colouring I don’t understand why webpages have to look like a piece of paper. I understand paper: you bleach pulp with poison to make it clean, then you take ink and smear it on. Obviously much less expensive than dying paper black and using white ink. But on a computer screen, with glare and radiation burning your retina, there is no need to mimick paper, except of course because people let themselves get brainwashed all the time. Anyway, I like the older page because it feels warmer. More of that warm burgundy colour filling the screen, with rich fat letters to read. I already have my Chrome set at font 20 as default. Don’t understand why a majority of websites think its cool to have teeny weeny text. Maybe I should strap my binoculars to my forehead. Totally uncomfortable reading and unnecessary. Anyway, I really do not see any improvement. It looks a LITTLE bit more professional, but you could have kept your old page and just tweaked it a bit to accomplish the same professional notch up. Not a total revamp. How much time did you spend on this? It looks like simple wire-framed tables with text thrown in. And by the way, concerning your old site, why is the google ad strip practically in the middle of the screen? I consider my screen the smallest, and I always design for that. Either you can use a fixed width, or some percent. But with percent there may be a lot of testing on bigger screens, which I don’t have. I personally like big fat text and small margins on the side. If its a bigger screen the margins will be the same but the middle reading part will look the same. I then fill up the margins with some nice pictures or something. So I would vote to bring back some of that old warmth. Go ahead and ask your clientelle for a vote. There the ones who should be deciding. I can help you with CSS if you like. That can do some real fancy stuff. What you did looks like a revamp but remaining in old style table format. Hope I helped ya!

Now, . . . this is not what I wanted you to say!! haha. if its colour yer wantin’, I can sure add that. I think I am more about the neater design, the menu along the top and bottom. No? the block in the centre with the content, I can fancy that all up in a myriad of ways, just wondering about the layout before I go making the rest of the site pages! Once they are done, the format, I will worry about prettying them up. I don’t like the menu running down the left side anymore, and I sure don’t like the green. So, keep menus along top and bottom and I will dig out a nicer shade of complimentary colour to the red, rather than the white, will that be better? I spent, I guess a day and a half, but in between that I was doing other stuff so I guess it was most of one day. Yeah, several hours. hmmm. re: the width, I am using percent now, which apparently you are supposed to do. I didn’t know much about style sheets, and tables actually, when I did the old site almost two years ago. I messed up something which is entrenched in each page and would be a real mess to unwind. This new site is properly done, plus there is a WHOLE BUNCH of stuff I’m not using that I can pull out later to make it extra fancy.

and speakin of the links at the top and bottom… boooorrrriiinnnng. You can look up CSS navigation or menues, or learn how to create drop downs, or picture backgrounds or something. Something animated and exciting. How about a slow moving flash somewhere? Bring the page to life and coloured it up a bit, that’s what I would suggest. k

aw man you’re making me wooooooooork!

I’m not going to work on it today, you’ve given me a lot to think about. I will let my little brain consider it all then look at both sites tomorrow to see what I am going to do.

People Who Believe in Media News Cannot Grasp the Sense if had Read an Article


hey dude – not sure what capacity you have to view this stuff but rt is cool. they look on the other side, which creates a thought process. kieser is great, also breaking the set, the presenter is also very sexy, and the news live for 1/2 an hour. quite informative, then i go watch u.s. and uk media, for reference, and i generally find them pathetic. got Explosive Evidence on youtube and will watch it. i’m anticipating sending it to my family with a disclaimer, “the content may be controversial for you but please try to expand your mind”. as you and i know, the u.s. is full of poop. yeah, yeah, yeah. i tell my family that when i was traveling, i believe it was portugal, i got a shoe shine on the street and tried to pay the guy in u.s. dollars. he told me he only excepts real money. pay me in euros. the shoe shine guy. amazing. i said ok.. progress is a good thing. cheers dude

Yah, my internet sucks too much to deal with youtube and skype. Sometimes it works but just too irritating. I like my news clips from sources that interest me. Right to my email inbox, I can process offline quickly, little news snippets, and if it captures my attention I go online to read the article. Which I can skim through and get the point. Sometimes just from the title of the webpage (some sites don’t have snippets but just name of article and occasionally little comment) I can get an idea of the shit going down, and extrapolate in my head the rest, without having to read the article. So I find youtube and stuff like that as a really inefficient source of information. Yah, Explosive Evidence is something they can chew on. The trick is actually convincing them to do it. Most of my even intelligent friends just wave all this shit away, piling it up among the “conspiracy theories”. Actually, have recently started a new experiment, with rather good success. I’ll say a few things that make sense, then say, “But the majority of people just don’t care about the truth, and are more concerned about a sense of security and comfort.” And they’ll raise their hands and admit it. But that is a very important step. Once they realize they were living in denial, they’ll start to wake up, no matter how slowly. >

watched ” explosive evidence “. already knew it all, i’m a good researcher, but it is still to heavy for my crowd. they are all in denial, comfortable, on their on terms, believe “god we trust” on their money makes it divine, until they come to europe and only get 75 cents, and are in a rush to get back home in their comfort zones, and they get their news from fox without a question mark. now that is a tough crowd. all that i can say to them is that your history books are bogus and you are uninformed, but they are fine with that. some people have no desire to seek the truth. maybe that’s why i consider them peasants, and i tell them that. not very well received. > ps – intelligence is relative

I recently read an interesting article on the difference between an “old” and “young” soul. I felt pretty close to the definition of old. Some of us are simply aware and the others prefer to take the red pill and sleep dreaming in their matrix bathtub. Hasn’t seem too difficult to convince them they admit they know that, just a bit unconsciously.

yah, found some reading which actually interests me. Think there is much more going on. Or theories on structure of universe, traveling along time lines instead of through space. But the 1% would prefer to dumb us down and force us to survive in their cubicle offices, and since the 1% basically controls the media then it paints these big pictures in the media, planting scenes and comments into movies, sitcoms, I’ve heard songs which sound like the military designed it. It’s so big and believable most are so dazzled by it they couldn’t possibly believe in the reality behind it. It’s just too fantastical for them to grip, and I also think they use people’s sense of importance in identity and tradition as a weapon against them and stir patriotism against people across a border who do things culturally differently. It all seems like a well planned and diligent strategy of the dudes at the very top. It seems extremely plausible if you look at it unbiasedly, but many feel threatened if you pull the carpet from under their sense of identity. I prefer no confrontation and just walk away. When with family we usually talk about happy things, but one on one I believe my mom at least listening to all the stuff I read. Like David Icke said, after 911 more people started waking up and seeing what’s going on. Up until then it didn’t seem so sinister or worth noticing, or I simply wasn’t dabbling into news etc. in general. Now I feel I have a purpose cause shit looks like it’s gonna happened and people need to be warned. I’ve been downloading tons of survival manuals, including military ones. Anyway, this has certainly perked my interest, and it seems some major must happened, because technology will not require us to work and an increasing number of people could be unemployed. Especially with growing in your own garden and trading with one another, either with their own currency or straight barter. This would totally pull the carpet from under the cabal and they could not let that happened. I dunno man, something’s gotta happen. One theory says humans will wake up and learn how to be mostly self-sufficient and free, while the other says the cabal will militarize some virus and knock the population down to 500 million (UN reports have already called for that), put them in boxes and frolic in the rest of the world’s nature. So I hope to eat lots of garlic, ginger and tumeric to make my body’s immune system strong for when they make

> believe it or not.  you lost me on that one.

People Who Don’t Think Will Not Believe in Explosive Evidence


Just saw the documentary “Explosive Evidence – Experts Speak Out”

which interviews many architects, engineers and scientists who prove that the official story of 911 is simply impossible. The three towers collapsed on themselves in freefall, explosions were heard, molten iron pouring out of the buildings (latest military technology of nano thermite explosives), concrete and metal pulverized mostly into dust (which was immediately removed and shipped to China for recycling, before any forensic investigation was permitted), metal beams and bones sent flying laterally/horizontally at 70km an hour to land on far off buildings. But what is perhaps most interesting is the psychological explanation of why a majority of people simply refuse to believe any of this. It is because it challenges their entire belief structure that our government cares for and takes care of us. This is precisely why the puppeteers chose these towers as a target, because they are powerful symbols of our freedom and the very structure of our society. While the official story was used as grounds to invade the Middle East, oil heartland of our planet. No weapons of mass destruction were found, the premise for attacking Iraq, yet the forces remain there some ten years later (now replaced by advisers and private mercenaries, and military bases surround Iran). This is the military industrial complex making a killing from wars and the subsequent, farcical yet highly lucrative reconstruction which always follows them (read “We Meant Well: How I Helped Lose the Battle for the Hearts and Minds of the Iraqi People (American Empire Project)” – I urge you to download and watch the empirical and scientific evidence presented by some of the 1,700 architects and engineers ( who have signed the petition demanding a truly independent and empirically based investigation of WTC. The puppeteers will do this again to maintain their power base, but it can only get worse. All the laws passed since 911 designed to take away our freedoms (in the name of “protecting us” from terrorists) have been carefully planned and time is running out. Please do not continue to live in denial. Yes, the truth can be painful, but the repercussions of continued denial will be much more painful. German society frolicked in its veneer of stability and safety as Hitler rose to power and the same tools were used to implement tyrannical rule. Please educate yourself and spread the news.

Well, I am well aware of the entire situation that you’ve pictured. You forgot one thing – their so called ter. No 1 (I’ll not write his name as their programs are detecting such words and both of us will become under surveillance). You know whom I’m talking about. 2 yrs ago he was simply retired – it was officially announced that he was killed, but no one saw his dead body or sth. This is the main proof that 911 was their mutual project. I know that, and as well I know that our gvmnnt serves to people with a lot of money and works for their interests for the price of a poor, hungry and not contented nation. So do know the people around me, as well as people in the forums that I read. But what can I do? Gvmnnts are changing and it’s always the same, the only differences are that each gvmmnt serves to a different circle of corporations. And we are the ants that are working. This is a long conversation, and it’s not for the internet. I have to go out now.

Cool. It’s just that, after I saw the documentary, I felt I wanted to tell everyone, in case anyone among my circle still believes in the official story, because I think it would be next to impossible to still believe that after seeing this documentary. I think that the more people who know about this, obviously more importantly in the US, change can happen. Everyone who knows about it seems to just throw their arms in the air and say, “What am I supposed to do about it?” Instructing those who do not know is at least something, and if enough of us know, I think change can happen. If enough people in a country peacefully stood around a parliament building so no one could get in or out, they could essentially shut down government and the entire country, and force change. There are 300 million people in the US. If just one third of one percent showed up in washington, that makes a million people. What they hell are they going to do about it? Call the military against a million people? If they started shooting, like the Brits against Ghandi, many more would come immediately. But way too many people believe in the lie and I was hoping that a message this simple enough could make a change. At least something. Have a great day dude.

Well I can say about us, Bg and our gvnmmt. The previous one (although the present ones are even worse).

People didn’t want’em and let’s say 50-100K gathered in the centre of Sofia. Day after day. Normal peaceful citizens. And what did the authorities do? They’ve hired 50 football hooligans to create a little disorder in the crowd as that was the reason the police and the troops to beat the people down. 10s and 100ds of people were wounded just for being there. On the next day the people on the street were less. Same shit again. This is how they made it to the elections. And on the elections day – full busses with people from Turkey arrived just to put in a bulletin, people who don’t live here, who do not speak Bg. Despite all this, we elected a new gvnmmt (I’m writing it with a wrong abbreviation on purpose), that seems to be even worse.. As for the us stuff, pls. don’t worry, people in Bg are informed. We are not zombies like the ppl in the us.


Personally, David Icke’s explanation makes sense to me, the a-hole 1% / rothschilds etc. creating beachhead in middle east to spark third world war as planned by Albert Pike, head freemason for the Americas in a letter to the head mason dude in Europe, explaining that three world wars are necessary in order to establish total global domination (New World Order). He wrote this around 1890 and the first two world wars occurred exactly as planned. WMD is fudged intelligence to attack Iraq. Iran has no nuclear capability. The corporate’s media arm is spreading lies to bring about a super master plan. The people at the top are much more intelligent than the 85% sheep. The remaining 14% might see what is happening but are not bastards enough to join the power greedy 1% aholes.


I think it’s really good to live at bare-bottom most of the time. One main reason is I think our lifestyles, at least around here, are SO extravagant and we have SO MUCH that people don’t even appreciate. I can’t stand how we are constantly constantly being sold stuff all the time, like, “You MUST have this” and if you don’t people kind of look at you like you’re weird or like, “why do you not have that thing!”

yah, came to the conclusion not long ago that this is because of the 1% desired total control over all of us. The more we consume, the more they can make money in their factories, or leasing, or the banks making loans. The 1% control some 60% of the world’s wealth and they are certainly smart enough to use it to keep the economy engine buzzing away, keeping as many people busy, struggling hard to pay off their mortgage, and not give them time to think. The western capitalism is a culture of such a profit generating system. They’ll dazzle us with elections, where whoever you vote pretty well continues with the agenda, and then all sorts of useless profit generating distractions like football etc. So the billboards and all advertising is crucial to keep this engine going.


if you guys have the time this is worth a look.

  ps – also check out breaking the set

yo man, checking out your stuff now. But one thing I just remembered, how you said it was no point sending that book to your mom etc. Saw the documentary Explosive Evidence and it maybe maybe soft enough to wake up these type of people. At the end it goes into a psychological analysis why certain (majority) of people still believe in the official version of 911. I read once that one of the reasons they chose those towers is because it reminds people of twin church spires. Psychological games. At the end of this flick it says that many people cannot handle this type of info. Their identity is built up through the media: America is the best, the government loves you, democracy, freedom. Total hogwash, but people believe it, that it is part of their personality and identity, and they would have to deny themselves. Or on the dollar “In God we trust”, while it is a private company raping the American taxpayer. Recently I started confronting people about this and they eventually raised up their hands and at least admitted they don’t give a crap about the truth but mostly their own comfort. At least some progress I guess.

hey dude – not sure what capacity you have to view this stuff but rt is cool. they look on the other side, which creates a thought process. kieser is great, also breaking the set, the presenter is also very sexy, and the news live for 1/2 an hour. quite informative, then i go watch u.s. and uk media, for reference, and i generally find them pathetic. got Explosive Evidence on youtube and will watch it. i’m anticipating sending it to my family with a disclaimer, “the content may be controversial for you but please try to expand your mind”. as you and i know, the u.s. is full of poop. yeah, yeah, yeah. i tell my family that when i was traveling, i believe it was portugal, i got a shoe shine on the street and tried to pay the guy in u.s. dollars. he told me he only excepts real money. pay me in euros. the shoe shine guy. amazing. i said ok.. progress is a good thing. cheers dude

Yah, my internet sucks too much to deal with youtube and skype. Sometimes it works but just too irritating. I like my news clips from sources that interest me. Right to my email inbox, I can process offline quickly, little news snippets, and if it captures my attention I go online to read the article. Which I can skim through and get the point. Sometimes just from the title of the webpage (some sites don’t have snippets but just name of article and occasionally little comment) I can get an idea of the shit going down, and extrapolate in my head the rest, without having to read the article. So I find youtube and stuff like that as a really inefficient source of information.

Yah, Explosive Evidence is something they can chew on. The trick is actually convincing them to do it. Most of my even intelligent friends just wave all this shit away, piling it up among the “conspiracy theories”. Actually, have recently started a new experiment, with rather good success. I’ll say a few things that make sense, then say, “But the majority of people just don’t care about the truth, and are more concerned about a sense of security and comfort.” And they’ll raise their hands and admit it. But that is a very important step. Once they realize they were living in denial, they’ll start to wake up, no matter how slowly.


I think it is inevitable that the 1% captains of industry will get a strangle-hold on the internet, because it is not within their interests that we have free access to information. Hopefully delay it a bit, but have learned that we can create our own internet by relaying the signal with old tin cans and other simple technology. We do not need the system, as it will only chain us.

Good to Read Everything About Soros – World Documentary


I have been trying not to be provocative, but the last email you sent me has been lingering in my mind and bothering me to the point that I am forced to respond. Have you ever walked into a black neighbourhood before and personally witnessed a case where a black woman had all sorts of babies and boyfriends and collected so much from welfare that she could live in a nice, big, clean house? If such were the case I can guarantee you that the poor would be fornicating like crazy and not living in the conditions as they do. Just because you see a youtube video or something that can be filmed on a home video camera and circulated around the internet does not make it established fact. You have to think a little. There is a constant movement to crush the poor and wipe out the middle class by the top 1%, and by believing in such nonsense and spreading it around the internet you are only playing into their hands. When watching her she looked like an amateur actor who was following a script. it would be easy for some rich white trash to pretend they are making a movie, lie to this girl what her role is about, dazzle a few girls with the prospect of making some money in a movie and get her to say this nonsense in front of a camera.Americais so indebted and the 1% want to keep reducing welfare payments in favour of their wars around the world so their buddies and themselves can keep profiting from the war and subsequent reconstruction machine. I consider myself an educated person because I regularly read from reliable sources – freelance journalists who speak the truth and who are not subject to executives in the corporate lamestream presstitute. These little videos are absolute nonsense and anyone can make them with a video camera. If you consider this source of news reflecting reality, that is your choice, but please do not send me anything like this again. You have been sending me some nice stuff occasionally, but this totally misinformed propaganda is quite disturbing.

Have a beautiful day, k


That’s after his tripling in the first quarter, and he apparently also completely pulled out all his investments into the financial markets during the second quarter, so I’m guessing the long awaited super burst of the financial bubble is around the corner, to give you additional warning. Been reading that the world debt is something like 1.5 thousand trillion dollars, while the combined world GDP is something like 65 trillion. All those derivative and other markets inflating the shit out of everything over the decades. Financial reset button about to be pressed, new currencies developed, everyone’s life savings evaporated, same ol same ol chess moves by the asshole 1%.

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Soros, Paulson Boost Gold-Fund Stakes

Barron’s (blog)

Hedge-fund manager George Soros nearly tripled his stake in the most popular U.S. gold fund during the second quarter, last night’s portfolio disclosures show. Soros Fund Management held 884400 shares of the SPDR Gold Trust (GLD) as of June 30, …


> > > Check this shit out…   No wonder our weather is fucked

> > >

got this from my brother believe it or not.

don’t do utube, but been reading about it enough. Recently one article explained what contrails are: condensation trails. Basically from ice crystals. Those white trails should disappear within seconds and not remain hanging there forever. Read a lot more about it before and nice that the sleepy heads are starting to wake up to shit like this.

those jet streams are massive over brittany and they don’t just blow away but the vegetables here are really nice. a bit pricey but this is france. are they dumping on us as well? 

I heard lots of freaky theories. I think the main purpose is paid by the oil companies so they can keep pumpin out shit for global warming, so the shit they put in the sky is to compensate for it and help keep things cooler. But while doing so they have other agendas on the menu. Whole host of theories. Apparently started in 1992 I think.

i believe it’s monsanto.

they could be manufacturing it for sure. But while they are up there spraying and geo engineering, sure, they might have their own agenda, and I think I read one theory that they are genetically modifying everything, maybe even humans. Good prospects of super control over the population in the future if everything turns into terminator seeds and we are forced to buy all our seeds and pesticides from a monopoly copany in order to survive, or if we all start getting strange diseases and cancers that, “miraculously”, monsato already happens to have to some cure for. Apparently even bill gates saw huge potential and future profits in this and jumped on that bandwagon, masquerading as charity and forcing african children to get vaccinated with their crap.


Good to here from you again. Where abouts have you been? Yeah, there is a lot of ideological stuff on Piratebay. It’s good it’s there, everybody should get to publish there bit, but don’t simply believe everything you see and read. Most of the so called documentaries are just propaganda. Every interest group has them.

hey man, doin good. Still living in Thailand on paradise island, but that may slowly come to an end, as I’m starting to run into visa problems.

In this case, as is often throughout history, the government is the propaganda machine. The government most of whose funding comes from corporations, or the 1%, who profit from the war machine. It’s all a logical string. Two weeks after 911 I received an email which made sense and already back then I believed in all this. Since then more and more evidence has been amassing. You really should watch the documentary. Interviews of engineers, architects and scientists. Buildings simply do not freefall like that, without any resistance, without something to remove the resistance. Three skysrapers do not fall like that because of little office fires. They never have in history. Even red neck Vladimir, an architect, could not believe it was possible. It isn’t. This documentary explains the scientific impossibility behind it. Red molten iron was pouring out of the buildings before they collapsed, and office fires or jet fuel cannot generate enough heat to melt iron. Nano thermite explosives were used and that is the only explanation. You really should watch the documentary and not believe the bullshit mass media. The 1% are playing an evil game for their own greed and to maintain power, and it is not just some conspiracy “theory”. I’ve been reading about all this intensely since two weeks after 911 and it all fits together. What “interest” could all these groups possibly have to spit out one documentary after another screaming of what is going on? They are simply trying to reveal the truth. Right after it happened they carted off all the debris and recycled it in China. These are simply not normal procedures and there should have been a proper examination of the debris. Buildings do not turn into 85% dust just because of a little office fire. It is nano thermite explosions, advanced military technology, which pulverizes metal and concrete. If you watched their simple, empirical explanation you’d see how absurd and farcical the official explanation is.


Short video synopsis of what is happening. 1 minute in makes it pretty clear. If you are an American and delude yourself in believing the official 911 story, and refuse to consider the consequences of that staged event, you are committing a moral crime in history. The sleeping sheeple concerned only about comfiness and “security”. The next Nazi uprising is happening right on your doorstep and if you don’t wake up soon and start doing something about it, you will suffer the consequences. And unfortunately also much of the rest of the world.

Just saw John Pilger’s latest documentary “The War You Don’t See”, which shows how the mainstream media is being manipulated to portray an entirely different picture than what is actually happening on the ground (such as in Iraq), and the lies propagated by military and government leading up to the various wars perpetually waged around the planet. There were no WMDs in Iraq and Iran is NOT developing nuclear weapons (all that has been dismantled since 1998 under UN supervision). The usual spin by captains of industry and war, testimony given by such well-known journalists as Dan Rather. Do not believe anything the mainstream media has to say. They get most of their revenues from corporations, if they are not outright owned by them, so that is who they serve. Not the general public or democracy.

I have a life question for everyone: in these lamestream times do people of the world question simple intelligence?


I assume you saw the opening ceremonies? I didn’t, as I don’t have and am happily done with the television and all the crap it spews out, but I’d be curious if any of this article “rings a bell” with you:

Rather long and I only read the first third but seems pretty interesting. I assume you will say that it is the most idiotic thing you’ve ever heard of in your life, but I’m coming to the conclusion that a lot more is at play than what seems to most people, and I am only glad that my travels have freed me from the lamestream presstitute and the brainwashing TV. Occasionally when I go to bars I always turn my back to the television and watch the faces of people stare up at it, zoned out as if their brains are being erased right before my eyes. Flashing images and brain programming.

you know if I wanted to, there was so much going on in the opening ceremony that I could write an essay about symbols pertaining to Islam,Judaism,satanism,atheism,scientology etc etc etc, there was nothing in it except a tribute to the history of britain ,inclusiveness and patriotism,things that are sadly lacking in most people.It was brilliant. I dont insult your intelligence,I just excersise the same right as you enjoy of having and sometimes voicing my opinion which just happens to be different to yours.

Hey, glad that your response was positive, as I feared you would be angry. To tell you the truth I felt rather humiliated when I was staying with you inLondonand there were a lot of problems I held inside, because of my financial situation and I didn’t want to make waves. I felt you perceived me as an idiot a lot of times. Then when you said “I know your more intelligent than that” regarding the vaccine hypothesis, that struck a sore not and I guess I responded in this way. I can disagree with many people as well but I would never question their intelligence out loud like this, even though I feel I have greater right than those who question my intelligence for believing this stuff. I’ve just read too many articles on various subjects and it’s blatantly obvious to me that humanity is being totally raped by the 1%. It  is not fantastical thinking to say that the 1% have been buying in to the lamestream over the ages, manipulating it either through their greatest source of revenue – advertising – or simply by buying them up. Where are these weapons of mass destruction that have warranted the invasion ofIraq? They were not found, yet they stay there and continue to bomb children and innocent people. Evidence has surfaced that the intel was grossly manipulated (supported by both theUSand theUK), and a war crimes tribunal inKuala Lumpurhas sentenced Bush and Cheney and all those assholes, such that if they ever step their foot intoMalaysiaor other country which respects their verdict they’ll throw them into jail. Of course its just a small country relative to theUSand other forces would probably take them out of jail, but just the fact that they came to this verdict provides further proof. The lamestream never reports stuff like this and I no longer trust it. I have found sources that I trust, ranging from investment related sites, one guy who digs deep into the military complex, and so forth. There are many sites and freelance journalists who make their money from advertising on their site and don’t have to answer to an editor, who has to answer to the executives, whose jobs are to satisfy the advertisers, owners or string pullers. There are documentaries and books and all sorts of info out there which shame the lamestream, and the only argument I get from people who blindly believe in that source of information is, “Oh, c’mon now.” That’s it. Perhaps question my intelligence. The 1% are manipulating with the stock markets, inflating these cyclical swings and pulling out or transferring their wealth at key times, pulling the carpet from beneath the rest of us while they get richer. It is simple manipulation. The type of people who scratch and claw their way to the 1% are not honest businessmen who are successful because they provide a good service, but because they are very intelligent, shrewd, and will do whatever it takes, because they are starving for power. Or families which are very rich hire the best people to make sure they keep it that way. It is simple logic and nothing fantastical about it. Or they will pump up nationalism and stimulate what people would consider their identity, because then the 99% tend to get more defensive when these belief structures are challenged. Sure, I can see it seems fantastical, but if those who argue against me actually turned over a few rocks and started to investigate, open the can of worms and stir them around a bit, they would see it for themselves. But all these people refuse to even begin to consider it and simply remain safe in their present beliefs. I’ve even dabbled into David Icke and a lot of what he says makes sense. If you think there are a million times a million stars in one galaxy, a million times a million galaxies in the universe, who knows how many universes, who knows how many dimensions, it is as absurd to think we are the only “intelligent” life out there as to think that the world is flat and the stars revolve around us (not to mention that our sun is only 4.6 billion years old, while the centre of the galaxy or universe is 9.6, so much more time to develop than us – we are just tadpoles who have only recently discovered basic technology. And most of humanity is not much more intelligent than orangutans). Yet almost everyone believed it and if anyone questioned it they would be in the same self-denial. A simple question: if the world is flat, why don’t the oceans deplete off the edge? An absolutely simple question which I’m sure I would have brought up myself. Most people just want to remain in their comfy cubby hole and keep the status quo, as long as they got food on their table and their life is okay. That is why the 1% can manipulate us over the millennia. Putting fluoride in our water and claiming it is good for our teeth, when scientific studies have serious questioned this, even to the contrary, and the Nazis used it on the Jews to pacify them and dumb them down. It is a byproduct of industry and perhaps difficult to get rid of, so what a great way to get rid of it. Tesla approached the UN with free energy, but they responded, “We can’t make money from that”. Nuclear energy doesn’t make sense, unless you want a means to create bombs. Pot is illegal because it is an amazing wonder plant from which you can make fuel, better paper, can cure cancer and all sorts of diseases – but you can’t patent it, hence cannot make money from it. Definitely less harmful than alcohol. There is so much shit going on and everyone just continues their life in a total daze, believing everything is hunky dorey. The entire financial system is on the verge of collapse yet the lamestream continues to paint a rosey picture. We are headed for serious trouble. Pension funds will be wiped off the map. I’ve already bought my little chunk of gold. I believe they will cause another false flag like 911 and time it with the next, super collapse, to mobilize the masses to a third world war. That is their plan, as laid out by Albert Pike sometime around 1880, the top freemason in the US in a letter to the top dude in Europe, where he said that a succession of three world wars are necessary to finally clamp down on the masses. The first one to stomp out the royalty and set up a nazi state, the second to crush the Nazis and set up communism inRussia, and the last sparked betweenIsraeland the muslims. Hair stands on my neck every time I read that and I can send it to you if you like. So not only am I angry when I see everyone is totally oblivious to what is really going on, while the 1% destroys nature everywhere, the IMF and other organizations a tool to force third world countries to servitude and indebtedness. To pay back these insurmountable debt they have to give up their natural resources. It’s all a very careful and intelligent plan. The people at the top are not simple honest business folks providing a good service. So it angers me more when someone who is asleep and believes the fantasy questions my intelligence. I’ve been trying to wake people up but it has been slow going, but more and more people are shifting to independent media, which is exploding, just as they are trying to pass laws to shut down the internet or websites on the premise of copyright. They are fighting back and they will pull the trigger. They already have an extensive network of underground bunkers they can hide in if they release some contagious bird flue or whatever else they have up their sleeves. Anyway, you can imagine how absurd things start to look when you turn over stones and start seeing things and everyone just goes on ladida like nothing. We are living in truly pivotal times at the moment and something really big is in the making. I’m also concerned for you three and if they will pull a false flag on the Olympics. k


People in the World Will Believe in the System of Humanity Anyway


Hey Liba, I’d say my response wouldn’t be much different than last time. There are a lot more powerful forces at work than Mexicans crossing the border or dole handed out to lazy people. Free trade has opened up things in a way that it is inevitable that labour intensive work is shipped overseas. Technology is automating so many things there will be simply less and less jobs as we move forward, and some sort of crazy revolution will happen. There was the industrial revolution, then information, and now maybe self sufficient. The “economy” which employs people will also crumble, because that economy is based on employing people by consumption, but if robots and computers become the employees, something will have to crack. Because if people don’t have jobs, they don’t have money to buy stuff to employ others. We therefore need to move towards self-sufficiency. The Zeitgeist movement explains it well (the reading is easier than the movie). Some French guy came up with the concept decades ago. Anyway, several scenarios can be played out and I hope for a calm transition, but things just can’t keep going like this. They are printing money like crazy and the system will burst. The next financial crisis could be totally devastating. Anyway, I understand what they guy is whining about, but it’s just more hate mail directed at people and the people are not the problem but the entire system. We are able to live together in harmony, grow our foods, be totally self-sustaining, support one another like Jesus preached. If I had any retirement savings I’d convert a lot of it to hard assets. George Soros and other major investors have half their wealth in gold at the moment, and there is a reason for that. Have a good one. :)

oh yah, and the guy mentioned he doesn’t mind a black president but suggested that Condolesa Rice is a better option. This guy doesn’t know what he’s talking about and he’s just the standard right wing mousepiece which depends on the mainstream media for news. I used to believe in that and religiously watch cnn, but after 911, like many other questions, something seemed odd. When I received an email explaining all sorts of bizarre events surrounding this, it made total sense, and from around that time I started taking greater interest in alternative and independent sources of news. Since then I have read so much it is astounding what is going on. The mainstream media is simply a mouthpiece for the captains of industry. It’s a big advertisement to convince you to go to work and consume your income. 96% of it is owned by 6 companies, and they are increasingly consolidating. The world corporations are slowly approaching a dot and the big whigs at the top design things to manage humanity like cattle. Okay, for example. This is important. You can look up “third tower” or “building 7″ and find all sorts of pictures, documentaries and websites on it. I saw one documentary and I said to myself, “Now THIS I want to verify.” For some things I purposefully make the effort to research and verify myself, and this one seemed warranted. Apparently the BBC filmed some reporter in New York who was reporting how building 7 also collapsed, just like the two towers. Meanwhile, IT WAS STILL STANDING IN THE BACKGROUND!!!! For about 20 minutes or something, simply because they got the time zone thing wrong and made a mistake. When someone at the studio clued in they cut her off and then it went back to the UK anchor man, who said, “Seems like we lost her…” blab blab. Okay, maybe what I saw was fabricated, so I dug further and it eventually lead me to BBC’s explanation. I read this on BBC’s website. They were asked for the footage and they explained that, not because of some crazy conspiracy theory, but only because they are a bit disorganized did they lose that tape. Please, I see BBC documentaries and they must have millions of bits of shots very carefully organized in their computer system. I mean, reading that from BBC’s own website is an official confession of guilt, as far as I’m concerned. And what is the third tower? Amazingly most people don’t even know about it. It also crumbled to the ground, freefall style, when only a corner of the building was on fire. All buildings surrounding the two towers were a bit crushed but remained standing. So if the great free press of the US, the supposed torchlight of freedom and democracy, don’t you find it rather odd that something as utterly BLATANT as this is not all over the news? That in itself is proof that they are puppets of profits, as are the presidents. One is red, one is blue, one stands more for tradition, shit, are we talking about the difference between a can of coca cola and pepsi? I think so.
These things can all be verified, but it seems to me that most people would rather just not concern themselves with these troublesome issues of truth and rather believe that the “economy will keep going” and so on. So I can only hope that more people will be brave enough to start opening up the can of worms, to see what is really happening around us. I truly believe we are in extraordinary times. I felt it my entire life, and one of the big reasons I never settled down. Since an early age I have always felt I should not get married because they may want to torture my family to make me comply. I have always been a shit disturber and it is the core of my being, and I feel it is conviction from God. I grew up believing in God, because it was natural for me, in spite of the fact I was surrounded by aethiests. It was nothing I really considered, cause it was like contemplating on the fact you are breathing. What’s the point? Anyway, I know I may sound like a raving conspiracy theorist, but I must say that whoever has disagreed with me would refuse to research it themselves. It is just more comfortable to believe in the big lie on TV, that the government cares for you and the very profitable wars that are being fought are for your own protection. It is very sad what is happening in the world today in the name of the 1% to maintain its grip over cattle humanity. Did you know that in WW2 the civilian casualty rate was something like 35%, but with advanced technology this has been increasing, such that now 90% of casualties in Afghanistan are civilians. Children, pregnant women, whatever. I mean, they’ll bomb an entire wedding just because they think some terrorists could be there. Who is the greatest terrorist in the world? The US of course, so the captains of industry can get fatter, keep their thumb on humanity, and parcel up the rest of the world in their agenda or one world government, new world order and so on. This “New World Order” is written in many official documents as an agenda, and spoken from the lips of presidents and high officials. Very interesting times we are living in, but if it cracks, like the bible says, “There will be nowhere to run.” My neighbour female friend was driving about 35km/hr on her bike and some thais stepped out and tried to grab her purse, causing her to have an accident and bruise her knee. I’m afraid people everywhere will go berserk if currencies or system crashes. Anyway, sorry for blabbing, but this subject is really close to me and interests me. There is just too much to write about, but the above point I think is blatant enough to hopefully get people to start asking questions and not just prefer to believe in the system, because it is easier. Anyway, that’s my take on it and that email is just more misinformation which does no other good than to foster hatred between people. Nothing good comes out of that than anger and resentment for other groups of people, blaming them. The real blame is somewhere else entirely, and the puppeteers manipulate humanity precisely because they generate hatred. Divide and conquer. I’ve read some articles. It is a specific science and makes sense. If someone is dressed like a local across a border and throws a grenade and is reported on tv, how do you really know it was a local. Humanity can be easily manipulated in this fashion. I see how they are doing it. They are very smart, and ruthless. I know it sounds like conspiracy lunacy, but I have the advantage of once religiously believing in CNN but then exposing myself to independent sources, for years. It’s like arguing against the bible without reading it or giving Jesus a try. In short, the people who do not want to believe any of this always start off with the same logic: “I refuse to believe any of this because then I would be forced to believe that everything I currently believe in is questionable, and that is an uncomfortable feeling.” So they do not even want to peak into the can of worms. They turn a blind eye and refuse to investigate anything, claiming they are busy and so on. But at least I convinced a few people to admit that. Like one guy said, “Yup, I saw a plane fly across the sky, and then it started spewing out a white chemtrail looking thing, for a while, then it stopped. The white chemtrail dispersed slowly, but I don’t believe it!” Holding and pointing up his finger, a proud grin on his face. So I asked him if he at least admitted that he chooses not to believe any of that, and he proudly held up his finger and grinned the same. He just didn’t want to bother himself with these details, like most people, and that is why humanity is managed like cattle.