A Simple Explanation How We Are All Getting Screwed by the 1%


The definition of the 1% is that they control some 60% of the world’s wealth. Please note that this 1% is gradually decreasing, while the 60% figure is gradually increasing. This 1% is not sitting on a pile of fiat currency but this wealth is in all forms and manners, such as key property (great insurance), large industries (which benefit from wars), natural resources, patents, the best lawyers and minds, and of course the media. Do you pay for your news? You might think that the advertising pays for it, but who is paying for the advertising? Big companies, who can also control ownership in the media. Or influence them through advertising revenue. And don’t forget that you only need 51% of shares to control a company, which can stretch your 60% by an additional 10%. Then of course most of that investment would go into the biggest companies, certainly not mamma/pappa dime operations, or medium-sized companies left for the bright entrepreneurs. No, the best bang for your buck is to carefully spread out this massive portfolio and collude with the remaining 1% to form monopolies and work together to charge the highest prices and maximum profit. Or possibly work together to bring down any competition which does not concur with their agenda. This is not some fantastical concept or hidden conspiracy, it is simply the product of human nature. Especially those humans who are highly intelligent, smart and ambitious, and who are sly and quick enough to crawl into such seats of power. These are not ordinary people who are content to spend time with their loved ones in the evenings. These people are generally ravenous for power and success, and shrewd in their thinking. They will never stop clambering for more power, and probably despise the 99%, which might consider as cattle happily following their media trance. The big companies have the biggest lobby influence and are quick to lavish politicians with all sorts of smiles and benefits. All these powers are in the same bed together. Each company contributing to a party in the US invests roughly 50% into each. So whoever gets elected will have to answer to the same masters. If a certain event occurs in the world and the media quickly portrays it in a certain light, how do you really know that what is portrayed on the news is the truth? Were there any WMD found in Iraq? No. I had a Bulgarian friend who joined a protest against the government, but then all of a sudden some dark clothed thugs showed up, infiltrated the group and started throwing flaming bottles and causing destruction. This of course portrayed negatively in the press, justifying the government’s brutal crackdown of the protest. There are many ways that the 1% can orchestrate events, then project an image through their media arm. Fox was thrown out of Canada for “not telling the truth”. What kind of democracy allows a lying media company to even exist? The mainstream media is conglomerating at an alarming rate, about 96% of it now controlled by six companies. Everyone at the top is in bed with one another, making money from the general population of people who are content to spend time with their loved ones in the evenings, and who are not driven by lust for fame, power and fortune. It would be na├»ve to expect some small office, government organization somewhere which would overlook all that is happening at the top and actually have the teeth to do something about it. The average politician in the US gets paid about $450,000 a year, receives tons of benefits, and after a few years amasses 7million, mostly because they know how their decisions will affect the market and have free reign to invest where they choose. No conflict of interest. A straight case of gangsters and a system corrupt to its very core. This 1% will never be content with where they are and will always strive to maintain a grip on humanity. The technology and knowledge has arrived where we can have free energy, free healing remedies from nature, grow our own food through efficient permaculture, trade with one another… Now they even have 3D printers, where you throw in a slab of metal, download the open source software and use lasers to produce an exact replica of that part, which up until now you’ve had to order from a massive factory in Germany. Get it from Tech Joe down the street instead of paying for all that transport gas and charges from hands changed in between. The technology is here (more at Zeitgeist Movement) whereby we can all be very self-sufficient, taking care of and feeding ourselves. Everything is becoming automated through the use of computers and robots, so naturally there will be less and less opportunities to “work for the system”. We are now living in very interesting times because something will have to bend. The 1% gets its power source through “the system”. To eat you must work for one of the big companies in the system, perhaps producing some commodity or service, and then you should consume something with your money (buy some product or service) “to keep the economy going”. Pay taxes, pay rent, pay into the system, owe your life to the bank… That is how they are enslaving us. The best approach I feel is to learn about self-sustainability, start growing your own organic food in your backyard (permaculture science can teach you how to greatly increase your yields from very small spaces), buy as few things as possible and be as frugal as possible. I’ve heard of Bank of Favours, whereby a bitcoin is created and people can trade with one another. I make a basket, have so many bitcoin credits (which is just digital money), and use my credits to buy products or services from others. Like a sort of social ebay. No taxes, no required distribution through long and established (by the 1%) chains. And if you build up enough bitcoin credits, I’m sure there will be some suitable exchange rate with paper, fiat currencies. Such a system would entirely pull the carpet from under the 1%’s power base. We would no longer have to work in their big factories and much less would be traded through their system. This of course is something which they very much dislike and will use all their means at their disposal to maintain the present illusion. Or worse, use their band of thugs to dress up as this group or that, cause commotion, manipulate the message through their propaganda media arm, instigate a war, mobilize the idle and unemployed masses, make tons of money on manufacturing bullets and so forth while devastating the population, then follow up after that with some juicy reconstruction projects, all in the name of keeping the system going and maintaining their grip on humanity. It has worked well up until the internet, but people are now starting to educate themselves from sources other than the traditional money mouthpiece. Be it the Coliseum during the gladiator days or the first ink printer, money always has an influence on the distribution of information.

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  1. kenax says:

    To a question of whether I planned to create a separate domain for this type of content, I responded:

    Not enough content to create a separate domain, but for this subject I did once consider creating a domain for it. Something that can be easily remembered and passed on by word of mouth, and which very concisely explains what is happening, starting carefully and simple, leading them by the hand, initially trying hard to stay away from anything which remotely whiffs of conspiracy. The people who wholeheartedly believe the mainstream media are quick to shun away from anything that smells of conspiracy, because the mainstream has purposefully ridiculed such people. I’ve read several articles on how to manipulate the masses by identity. You bombard them with pictures during their upbringing, and they identify themselves with their surroundings. Proud to be an American and all that. They beef it up so much you can get your arse seriously kicked in some parts of America if you say anything against the system. People feel provoked when something close to their identity is challenged, and I believe this indoctrination is by design. Always pointing to “those people over there who look and act differently” with distrust and as potential enemies. Simple part of divide and conquer. Anyway, came to the conclusion that probably not worthwhile to make such a site. Asked a bunch of people and received very little resonance. I think that most of humanity simply does not want to deal with these matters, much of it is probably intellectually lacking to even understand the web that they weave and how they work, and would rather just settle to some feeling of safety and spend time with their families in the evening. The people who ask questions and have a sort of starvation for the truth are most often already looking into it.

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