[These pages concern interesting correspondence between our translators and project managers at KENAX, mostly concerning the famous Jade Dynasty translation project.]

Words Available Spellcheck Translated

Please find here attached my spell-checked files with modifications due to the number of digits limitation for Names. A few comments below.

In the file 2c:
“Exq. Nightglow Recipe(LV120♀)” has been translated “Exq. Recette lueur nocturne(NV120♀)” but it should have been “Rec lueur nocturne exq.(NV120♂)” (respecting the words order as well as the number of digits limitation). Exq. stands for Exquisite.
“Sp.Gdn. Cassock Recipe(LV135♂)” has been translated “Dor. spéc. Recette soutane(NV135♂)” but it should have been “Rec soutane gd d’esprit(NV135♂)” (respecting the words order as well as the number of digits limitation). Sp. Gdn. stands for Spirit Guardian
And same goes for a lot of strings using abreviation (i.e. Exq. Bm. Sp.Gdn. El. Oc. Etc.)
Brim. W. Boots Rec.(LV105♂) should not be Boots, but Shoes, to follow the same male/female association. Please verify

Some spelling errors, a few grammar errors, a few untranslated words/strings, some abbreviation issues (too many in 2c!), the NV/LV/Niv issue, a few tags position issues. But all of this was not so bad, considering the number of lines. More time consuming with the number of digits limitation!

Please remove background colors and any additional column when not needed.

I’ve spent 6 hours 30 min in total.


Thank you for the files.
I took a look, and I don’t see any changes in 18i except for the issues you resolved. Did you spellcheck the file?

The files from section 18 had been proofread, and it seemed that they were consistent with up to date glossary. I can not judge the linguistic quality though.

What was the problem with these files? It is very important for me to know.


Thank you very much.
I am attaching few more, also for spellchecking.

Please confirm or let me know if you are not available.


No problem I’ll do that.


I would appreciate some help now. I am attaching 3 rpoofread files which need to be spellchecked.

Please select only the french column in Excel prior to running the spellcheck.

Please confirm.


Did you apply the changes you proposed above?
I can’t apply them – I don’t know French grammar, so I don’t touch the text.
I am attaching two more files in same style. Please spellcheck them and abbreviate them as before.

Please confirm or let me know if you are unavailable.


Please find attached the spellchecked files.
Total time: 0h25
Sorry I have to go now.


Karel told me you are available to help with spellchecking – and that is just what we need.

I attach 2 proofread and vetted files. They need to be spellchecked, and the terms abbreviated to 31char length. I run on the files a special macro, which marks cells the content of which is longer then 31char yellow.
Please spellcheck and abbreviate the yellow cells.

To make the abbreviation process easier, I pasted in each file in cell C1 another macro, which shows the number of the characters in the cell in column B. You need to drag it or paste it in column C next to the cell you are checking.

And finally, I am attaching the 31char macro file – all you need to do is to have the file open along with the files you are working on, and press Ctrl+Q shortcut. Then it will color all lines which contain more then 31 chars yellow. It is less comfortable to use when working on a particular cell, because you don’t know exactly how many characters do you need to reduce, but it is useful to check the file once your finished that really everything is fine.

Please confirm.


I missed your message that you are not available! So I saw it now and I reassign the files. Sorry for the hustle.


Wow that was fast!

” file uplodaded. “Can you tell me how does this compare to proofing 2a?

More/Less efficient? How much time? Any suggestion for improvement? General comments?



Your last bit of explanation was very helpful. I am just starting with this, so still learning.

I thought the 2 files were equivalent. Maybe more text still in English in 1c. Which shouldn’t be the case from your comment.

It would be much faster if it was just proofing but I end up entering the same words again and again. Mostly celestial and etherial for some reason.

General comment: the capitalization problem is recurrent because that’s how the words are set in the dictionary.” I think we need to skip the capitalisation due to the lack of time and focus more on consistency of terminology, according to the tricks that will tell you. IT should hopefully go quickly, but if something seems wrong, make sure to tell so he can check.

“Fabienne, your comment puzzles me. The new version of 1c has no, I repeat, no English words in it.

Did you by any chance just started proofing 1c from the old 1-5_all.PXF instead of 1_c_FRA_updated_tobe_proofed.PXF?


Yes indeed! Well, to be positive, that’s good news because if everything is in French and only needs proofing, as you said earlier without the “mark as translated”etc. it will be much faster.

Well, thanks for figuring it out!


, if you are free, there’s are 3 files that needs proofing and translating.

We discovered that the translator skipped large sections of text. Gah.

Let me know when you are available.


, I need to steal you from like really really bad.

FR 17 uv has large amount of untranslated text. Can you translate it? If you have time, proof it too, but I’ll settle for a fast translation.

I think we have some 12 hours from the time I send this to work on that. If you are willing to do it, great. Here’s where you can download the files.


17v is the worst one. Scroll down and skip the translated parts. You can go back and check it later.

Let me know whether you can/can’t. I don’t know what timezone you’re at, but if you are in Europe I hope you’re a morning person. Because I estimate that we need the files at about noon GMT so they can go through the treatment.


To answer to your question: “Did you apply the changes you proposed above?”, yes, of course. It was only to give you an idea of the kind of errors I’ve corrected or modifications I’ve done.

The only issue I’d stress relates to the use of abreviations in the English source (see my comments on file 2c in my previous message), which has not been properly translated but also not noticed by the proofreader! So it might be something to look at again, just in case.

I’m going now. I might be available later tonight, if not I’ll be on Monday.


Sorry , not available today, but I’ll be tomorrow.
” That’s great , let me know as soon as you are online to help with these last two straggler files.

I thought I sent you a message yesterday asking to spellcheck files, but it looks like internet betrayed me and it didn’t get sent. I am attaching these files – they are proofread, please just spellcheck them

Please confirm or let me know if you are not available.


I am attaching 2 files for spellchecking.
Please confirm or let me know if you are not available.


Sorry I’m in my family today, I was checking my mail just in case but I’m not able to work today, plus I’m not at home so I don’t have Transit installed here.
But I’ll spellcheck these files for you though, as I can do it in Excel. Sorry but I can’t do more…


Please find attached the spellchecked files.
Total time: 0h25


Sorry to be late on this Sunday, I had something planned this morning. I’ll take care of these files immediately.

Kind Colmant


Please find the file attached.

Kind Colmant


Sorry for not getting back to you earlier.

As Karel said, start with 03_glossary_German.PXF
Start from Segment 1 to 1500.


Thanks for that information. I’ll pass that along. I can’t verify whether it’s the right game or not because I haven’t looked deeply into the files yet.

As for the file itself, we’re going to do a different approach and start with a glossary first. This way the same terms will be translated the same way throughout the game.

Please download 03_glossary_German.PXF
from http://translationstop.com/files/03/German/

The username/password is the same as before. 001/001
Start from segment 1502 to 3100.

Upload the finished work to http://translationstop.com/files/03/German/

We’ll handle the merging.


, training to do this job. If he does not respond to you after a little while, let me know and I’ll assign you something.


Hi, .

First, please download the following file and take a look at it.

Download the file 03_glossary_German.PXF
from http://translationstop.com/files/03/German/

Next, consider how many words you can translate in a day. We want you to work on that many words but from the end. If necessary, copy-paste the bottom segments from the Transit file to Word and get a word count. Then tell me which segment you’ll be starting on.

We are splitting the translation work on this file to 3, maybe even 4 people. Someone else is already doing the beginning part, and you’ll be doing the end part and we’ll find someone else to do the middle part.

Thus it’s important that you tell us where you’ll be starting. For example, there are 5759 segments in the above file. If you think you can handle 2000 segments, tell us you’ll be starting from segment 3760 onward. If you can only do 1000, then say you want 4760 onward.

Hopefully this is clear enough to understand. Let us know.


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